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Hyper Activity, ADHD, How Schools are Harming Our Sons and MMA Can Help!

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Help your  child with ADHD by training at Tiger  Schulmann's MMA

Bullying will be a thing of the past when your child enrolls in Tiger Schulmann’s

When My son entered the school system I was broached with the topic that I should have him tested for ADHD.   It was explained to me that he fidgeted, that he hummed, and that while he could complete all of his work and was exceptionally bright he had problems focusing.   As a mother I was distraught  in dismay that I was being told this about my child. 

 I took my personal feelings out of the situation, and began to do my research. I looked at the bigger picture and realized that my son was only 4 years old and in a school that did not allow children to run at recess for fear of lawsuits. The children only had gym once a week and this gym class did not always occur. How was my energetic child supposed to sit for 8 hours a day without a physical release? I spoke with my pediatrician who told me that ADHD should not be diagnosed before the age of 7. 

Help your child with ADHD by giving  your kids the gift of FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, and CONFIDENCE through learning real martial arts.

Put an end to ADHD and bullying with enrolling your child in Tiger Schulmann’s

I also began reading Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain written by John J. Ratey. The book gives specific examples about how exercise correlates to brain function. Studies were done with failing high school students and it became evident that by having children run laps and perform physical exercise before schooling every day their grades improved. 

The Trouble With Boys: A Surprise Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School, and what parents and educators must do by Peg Tyre was another helpful read. It looks at the alarming drop out rate of boys in school as a result of the immense focus on academics and the banning of recess at a time when boys are learning how to sit still.   It talked about failing test scores as a result of the low emphasis of exercise confounded with rising drop out rates. 

I took this information to heart and realized that not only was I not at the right school with my son, but he needed more exercise.   I enrolled him into Mixed Martial Arts class and he was allowed physical release as well as learning discipline and focus.   Mixed Martial Arts helps him redirect and refocus all of that energy into skill, and Sensei Klein works hard with him redirecting his attention span and constantly changing his curriculum to help him focus.   He concentrates on listening skills speaking to the children on the importance of ear focus and eye focus. 

Research done by “live strong”  and “baby center” shows that Mixed Martial Arts and Karate can greatly improve a child’s ability to focus and while some children may still need medication for ADHD and ADD children, they still show improvement with Karate and Martial Arts. 

My son just finished his first year in Kindergarten. He takes 4 hours a week with Sensei Klein and is at a school that values physical activity.  Yes, he is still a ball of energy, but he has done well this year both academically and behaviorally.  His teacher’s embrace who he is.   ADHD, Hyperactivity, and children being children can be very confusing… take some time and do your research.   It can be overwhelming but worth it! 

   Watch this video, to learn about our Children  Program


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See how a Complete Self Defense System works

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A Complete Self Defense System

 Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been around for over 30 years teaching Self Defense. There is nobody else out there like us Period.  We take a lot of pride in teaching “quality” martial arts here at Tiger Schulmann’s. This is why we teach an authentic Self Defense System here.

Self Defense Training at Tiger Schulmann's will get you ready for any situation

Self Defense must be practiced until it becomes second nature

 There are over hundreds of techniques in the Tiger Schulmann’s system but out of all of those techniques we have selected 41 for our beginner program.


These techniques were chosen for a few reasons:

  • Their Effectiveness
  • How easy they are to learn
  • Very safe to practice
  • They do not depend on strength

Our Curriculum is taught in such a way that at the end of our beginner program these techniques will become pure instinct.

Don't be fooled by cardio kickboxing classes that don't teach you anything

Beginner Kickboxing classes teach proper technique and balance


At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Stamford Ct, you will learn how to defend yourself in virtually any situation. Whether you are standing or someone takes you to the ground you will have the confidence to defend yourself and that is because of our compete Self Defense System.

Come and see for yourself why my program here at Tiger Schulmann’s is the best program in Fairfield County. You can sign up for a Free Trial Class on our website or you can simply call and book one now at 203-388-1091.

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Learn Self Discipline Through Karate Classes

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Self Discipline is the Key to Success 

We know that to be successful in today’s day and age you need to be a very disciplined person.  It’s important to instill this life skill into the youth of our generation so that they can apply it to every day needs. However we cannot ask a child to know what self discipline is. We need to teach them what it is and the importance of it. Here at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Stamford we have a full proof plan on how to instill self discipline into each and every child with our karate classes.

Self discipline with karate - bagkick

Learn self discipline and become stronger with karate.

 At Tiger Schulmann’s, we believe that there are two types of individuals in the world. For example, if we have a child that is talented at everything he or she does, many of the activities they do will become very easy for them. Due to their natural talent they expect everything to be smooth sailing. However, as soon as the tide starts to get out of control or as soon as things start to get hard, what happens? They quit, give up and try something else.  Now let’s say that we have another child who is not as talented. It’s a struggle for this child to throw a ball, it isn’t as fast as some of the other teammates, or simply does not have the skill to excel as someone else does. But, this child is the first one to be ready, motivates him or herself saying that they will get it next time, and has what we call non quitting spirit. Who would most likely succeed not just at a sport but succeed at life? The obvious answer is the second child.

Self discipline and karate - defensive stance

Karate and self discipline go together to teach kids how to defend themselves.

A child cannot be born with self discipline. So here at Tiger Schulmann’s Stamford, we break down self discipline from the definition to examples in class.  As time goes on then the student starts to apply it in the karate classes. As they start to incorporate it in class then you will start seeing them use it at home, school and then at everywhere else.

 At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Stamford, we know that self discipline is the key to success.  When your child becomes a part of our karate classes, he or she will grow not just physically but most important mentally, we have the tools to make your child more disciplined. 

Give the most important tool your child life, self discipline. Bring them in for a Free Trial Class here at Tiger Schulmann’s of Stamford, Ct and see for yourself why we change children’s lives every day in Fairfield County. You can set up an appointment on our website or you can call us at 203-388-1091.

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See how Karate helped this girl in school

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Discipline helps Samantha in karate

Samantha Earns High White Belt

Of all the back to school supplies needed this fall, karate may be the most important. With the summer coming to a close you can here both the moaning of kids and the cheers of parents as we all prepare for back to school. I know at my house there are mixed emotions. Sadness that the warm weather and days at the pool are leaving but at the same time excitement about starting the next chapter of education. The stores are packed with back to school supplies like notebooks and pencils. Kids are picking out new school clothes and fresh sneakers. Of all the supplies that Samantha will need as she heads back to school she may have gotten the most important one long ago. That supply is her karate training. Let me explain.

As parents we want to provide our kids with all the tools they will need to succeed. Tools like discipline, focus, a strong work ethic and a non-quitting spirit. All of these tools are available for them to gain through training in karate.

Samantha started training with me at my karate school in Westchester before the summer started. As soon as she stepped on the mat I could see we had something special in this young lady. She always had this look on her face that screamed out how focused she was while never having to actually say it. She lets her actions speak for her and they get the message across loudly. Her discipline and effort have earned her the first promotion on her journey. I can guarantee you it will not be her last. She has learned how to harness her energies into a force to accomplish the task she has in front of her. She has learned how a non-quitting spirit can be used to overcome a challenge that seems impossible to get past. She has learned that is ok to fall down from time to time as long as we have the courage to pull ourselves back up.

karate teaches discipline for back to school

Discipline learned in karate is the best back to school supply a child can have

The lessons that she has learned on the mat will translate into school. That makes her training in karate the most important school supply of all.  Her accomplishments in karate have given her the much needed confidence required for her to be successful in all future endeavors. She will not be afraid to ask for extra help in class if she needs it. She will not succumb to the peer pressure that can lead even the brightest children down the wrong path. She will definitely not let any bullies push her around or tell her what to do. She is ready for all the challenges that the school environment have in store for her. Her karate training has prepared her well.

I am very proud of Samantha. She is really a blessing and pleasure to have in class. She helps me on the mat by demonstrating what focus and discipline can do for a student. The other kids around her already look up to her for this. She is on her way to becoming a leader.  

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Xtreme Kickboxing Championships Results

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Alexander kickboxing

Alexander Kickboxing

Xtreme Kickboxing Championships 1 launches Philadelphia Stand Up promotion. Ryan Kerwin has been promoting MMA shows for a half a decade and has played host to notable TSMMA fighters Julio Arce and Shane Burgos among others.

On Friday night it was two local 2nd Degree Black Belts entering the ring for their home crowd. Joshu Craig Alexander and Sempai Javier Guzman of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Feasterville were both looking to improve on their already impressive records.

Guzman compiled a 2-1 Kickboxing record at the tender age of 17 before taking a hiatus to serve his country in the Army Reserves. The Engineering Specialist spent a year in Kuwait before returning to the states and his place at Tiger Schulmann’s.

Entering the ring for the first time in over two years, he was looking to take down Fight Firm’s Steve Perna. Perna took the fight admirably with only two days notice after Guzman’s original opponent pulled out on Wednesday.

It would be tough going for Perna in the 150 pound bout. Guzman came out blazing with lightning fast combinations and slick head movement. He kept Perna on the end of kicks and punches, never letting his opponent get into a rhythm.

Guzman’s ability to switch up kicks and punches consistently kept his opponent from ever getting into his own offense. All credit to the Fight Firm representative who came ready to wage battle, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to slow down Guzman’s heavy attack.

At the end of three hard fought rounds, Guzman was awarded a 30-27 victory on all three scorecards.

Guzman Kickboxing

Guzman Kickboxing

Alexander was also coming off a prolonged layoff. A neck injury shortly after last April’s XCC MMA title defense left him on the shelf recovering. With his injury in the rear view he looked to get back to his winning ways after a five year undefeated stint.

The layoff sure didn’t seem to slow him down in Round 1 when Alexander came out guns blazing. His steady diet of hard punches found a home throughout the night.

Anthony Losarelli came ready for battle as well, but Alexander kept him backing up for most of the three two minute rounds. After establishing his boxing dominance in the first he began working in an effective low kick that by the third round had Losarelli’s leg buckling with every shot.

In both the second and third rounds hard power punches to the head stunned Losarelli and Alexander kept the pressure on straight through the final bell. It was possibly his finest performance of his 28 amateur Kickboxing and MMA fights.

Unfortunately for Alexander there were two people in the crowd of one thousand who found some way to score the fight in Losarelli’s favor. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if they hadn’t been two of three judges.

After the first score was announced 30-27 in favor of Alexander it appeared clear he would win by the same score as Guzman. Unfortuantely as soon as the announcer declared the second judge had it 29-28 Losarelli it appeared the fix was in. Sure enough the third score was announced in favor of the Blue Corner and everyone in the crowd (admittedly more than half of which came specifically to support Alexander) gasped audibly.

The judge who scored the fight 30-27 was visibly upset and so was the promoter of the show. And with the notable exception of Losarelli and his corner, most of the other participants and coaches in the event made it a point to let Alexander know he was clearly victorious.

Unfortunately it will go down as a loss on the record, but in the hearts of the hundred and fifty students who showed up to support him he was clearly a winner!

Congratulations to both fighters on an amazing display of talent and “non-quitting spirit”!

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Self-Defense is a Back to School supply that is needed this School Year

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Back to School Supplies for Stamford Ct Students to be Successful


I bet you’re going crazy trying to complete your list of back to school supplies for your children.  Notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.

Is Confidence on that list for your child’s supplies?


Students gain Confidence from Training.

TSMMA Students confident from training.

If not then your child’s school year will be missing a very important TOOL (Self-Defense)!


Sending your children to school not having the knowledge and confidence to defend their self is like putting your child in the middle of a pool or ocean not knowing how to swim.  The great thing about knowing how to defend their self is that you RARELY have to.

We always say “the best self defense is the self defense you never have to use”.

The reason why is when you know you can defend yourself you never have to because you walk around with confidence and carry yourself in a very strong manner. Who is likely to get bullied in school, a playground, camp etc? The child who is walking around with confidence looking at everyone as they pass or the one who is walking around hunched over looking down because he is afraid someone (bully) might give them a hard time.  I can tell you not one of my students here at Tiger Schulmann’s in Stamford Ct who has been training with me is afraid for their first day of school because they have a very important tool or supply to succeed in life and that is Self-Confidence. Kids (bullies) will pick up the fact that your son/daughter knows how to fight and will go about their daily business and leave him/her alone.

The way to stop bullying in school or life is “SELF-CONFIDENCE.”

A TSMMA student standing strong and focused in her Defensive Stance during class.

TSMMA student focused in their Defensive Stance.

There is no better way to help your child succeed in school or life then instilling Self-Confidence in their lives, and the way you do that is have them train with me here at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Stamford, Ct.  Come and see for yourself why my program here at Tiger Schulmann’s is the best program in Fairfield County. You can sign up for a Free Trial
Class on our website or you can simply call and book one now at 203-388-1091.



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Karate instills Self-Confidence in children through training

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The Karate Your Child Never Has to Use


If you’re a parent like me you’ll never want your child to ever get hurt, especially in a fight.  The problem is that if your child does not stand up for their selves then they will be mentally abused on a daily basis that can affect them for the rest of their lives. This is what bullies do on a daily basis to millions of children every day.  Studies show 1 in 6 students are regularly bullied.

Do not let your child be another statistic!

 A TSMMA student standing strong and focused in her Defensive Stance during class.

TSMMA student focused in their Defensive Stance.

A bully will not stop bullying someone until that child does something and puts an end to it. Self-Confidence is key to stop bullying. When a child walks around with confidence a bully tends to find a weaker target. It is survival of the fittest. A bully does not want to fight they want to pick on someone weak who will not do anything to defend their selves.  What our students learn here at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Stamford, Ct in every class is how to become Self-Confident! Every class your child will can more confidence that will make each day more successful for them in life.

Nobody wants to fight or be embarrassed, the bullies included.  A bully will think twice before picking on a student from Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts because they will realize that our children are confident and know how to defend their selves. Could you imagine your son or daughter being able to beat up a bully just by the way they walk around? That comes from Self-Confidence that they will get from training here at Tiger Schulmann’s in Stamford Ct.

Tiger Schulmann's Stamford student being focus and sitting strong during his training.

Child sitting strong and focused

When a person trains here at the Stamford Tiger Schulmann’s he or she will know how to defend himself with his hands and legs using his Karate and Kickboxing.  Then our kids grappling class they’ll learn how to defend him or herself on the ground.  True confidence will develop and bullies will pick up on that.  Like we always say, “the best self defense is a self defense your child will never have to use.”

Check out what our Kids Karate program is all about:


Give the most important tool your child life, “SELF-CONFIDENCE.” Bring them in for a Free Trial Class here at Tiger Schulmann’s of Stamford, Ct and see for yourself why we change children’s lives every day in Fairfield County. You can set up an appointment on our website or you can call us at 203-388-1091.

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Would Your Self Defense Skills Hold Up in the Real World

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Mike has a company in New York City.  He lives in Wayne NJ.   He enrolled his entire family at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA of Wayne NJ about 8 years ago.  The boys graduated to other sports which took over most of their time.  His wife had working mother issues which as many of you know can lead to very limited amounts of time.  Mike however, stuck with his training for the past eight years.

self defense at the most basic level is what you need to protect yourself

Tiger Schulmann’s Students Learn Real Life Self Defense Everyday

He has been kickboxing and grappling for most of that time, and learning to apply the realistic aspects of self defense, luckily for him.  A few weeks ago he was driving through the city on his way home from work, when a pedestrian stepped off the curb in front of his car at a busy intersection.  Stopping short to keep from hitting the pedestrian his car was now “blocking the box” and the mob of daily commuters and sidewalkers saw the stopped car and took their opportunity to cross the busy street.


Real life self defense situations can arise without a moment’s notice.

Self Defense Training at Tiger Schulmann's will get you ready for any situation

Self Defense must be practiced until it becomes second nature


Stuck now and unable to move forward surrounded by a sea of pedestrians his attention turned back to the individual who stepped in front of the car.  Mike rolled down his window to let him know he didn’t see him until the last second and to apologize.  The man was not happy with the apology and through Mike’s open window he reached in a grabbed Mike by the neck.  Before Mike could react to this aggressive move the individual actually hit him through the window.


Still being unable to move his car, and fearing a second strike coming through the open window, Mike put the car in park and quickly opened his door with a forceful shove and knocked the individual back.  Upon exiting his car to lessen the disadvantage in the event of more aggressive behavior, as he’s been trained for in self defense class.  The individual then began charging forward toward himself and the parked car.  Before he could think about what to do the charging foe was met with a leaping over hand right cross, also known as a superman punch, a technique which is part of the curriculum in kickboxing and self defense classes at Tiger Schulmann’s. The larger more aggressive individual quickly found himself gathering his wits while on the ground.


Unfortunately for Mike, he was also met with two of NYPD finest introducing him to the hood of his car and dressing him in silver bracelets. After a few minutes of explaining himself and the situation the officers, who actually witnessed the entire altercation, were kind enough to send him on his way and start tending to the aggressor in the situation.


Reflecting back on how Tiger Schulmann’s MMA of Wayne NJ’s self defense and kickboxing program thoroughly provided him with the tools to take care of himself.

So on the ride home Mike was thinking back over the course of recent events and how quickly simply driving home in his car listening to the radio, turned into a real life self defense situation.  As well as the fact, all his years of training, all those hours of sweating and getting into shape taking kickboxing and self defense classes,  had more than adequately prepared him to handle the altercation.

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Please Read These Bullying Statistics

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Almost all kids have either been a victim of bullying them self or have seen it occur to another child

The following are a list of statistics that are both shocking and troubling to read. Parents should be aware of these statistics as we start off a new school year.  Keep these in mind and look for the potential signs of bullying in your child. Keep the line of communication open between you and your child as to what they tell you they see at school and what they experience. Remember that most kids are embarrassed by being bullied and will not speak up on their own.




  • · 30% of U.S. students in grades six through ten are involved in moderate or frequent bullying — as bullies, as victims, or as both.
  • · 56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school.
  • · 43% reportedly feared harassment in the bathroom at school
  • · 30% of children between 8 and 11 reported that bullying is a big problem in school.
  • · 282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month
  • · More bullying occurs on school grounds as opposed to on the way to school.
  • · Bullying generally begins in the elementary grades, peaks in the sixth through eighth grades, and persists into high school.
  • · Playground statistics: Every 7 minutes a child is bullied. Adult intervention (4%), Peer intervention (11%), No intervention (85%)

Symptoms of bullying:

  • · Acts moody, sullen, or withdraws from family interaction
  • · Becomes depressed
  • · Loses interest in school work, or grades drop
  • · Loses appetite or has difficulty getting to sleep
  • · Waits to use the bathroom at home
  • · Arrives home with torn clothes, unexplained bruises
  • · Asks for extra money for school lunch or supplies, extra allowance
  • · Refuses to go to school
  • · Wants to carry an item for  protection

Impact on learning

  • · Bullying affects everyone involved, even bystanders
  • · An estimated 200,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students.
  • · 15% of all school absenteeism is directly related to fears of being bullied at school.
  • Bullying can distract bullies, victims, and witnesses from learning.
  • Bullies who are plotting their next attack or victims who are consumed with anxiety and fear about their next encounter with a bully will have difficulty focusing on the lesson at hand.

Impact on later life

  • · Bullying can lead the targeted children to feel tense, anxious and afraid.
  • · Research shows that those who bully and are bullied appear to be at the greatest risk of experiencing the following: loneliness; trouble making friends; lack of success in school; and involvement in problem behaviors such as smoking and drinking.
  • · Bullying will affect self-esteem; can increase social isolation, causing victims to become withdrawn & depressed, as well as anxious & insecure.
  • · Bullying is increasingly viewed as an important contributor to youth violence, including homicide and suicide. Case studies of the shooting at Colombine High School and other U.S. schools have suggested that bullying was a factor in many of the incidents.

What can I do about bullying to protect my child?

Put an end to bullying with enrolling your child in Tiger Schulmann's MMA program

Give your kids the gift of CONFIDENCE through learning real martial arts.

If you are concerned that your child is involved in some type of bullying or if you just want to make sure that they have the tools necessary to stop it if it occurs, we can help. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts training helps kids to not only have the skills they need to protect them self at school, but the confidence to stand up for them self in the face of bullying. Fill out the form at the top right as soon as possible and we will contact you for a first FREE  class and orientation .

Kids learn how to stand up for them self when confronted with bullying in school, and most importantly how to fight back

Put an end to bullying with real life self defense skills at Tiger Schulmann's

Real Life Self Defense Skills are Taught in Every Tiger Schulmann’s Class!


“Tiger Schulmann’s teaches kids the skills to stop bullying from the first day it occurs”

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)988-1207

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Kids Learn Improved Focus Through Kickboxing

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The Art of Imitation: Discipline and Focus Through Kickboxing

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then the instructors of the Tiger Schulmann’s  MMA of Vails Gate should be delighted that their students emulate their every move. The very precise and calculated techniques that each student learns during kickboxing classes are consistent throughout the organization. Students learn self defense with the proper body mechanics and presentation to ensure efficiency, safety and competence with every move. Sensei- Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos are among the elite instructors in this establishment who take pride in their students achievements as they continue to grow as martial artists.

Imitation in kickboxing class

Brandon mirrors Sensei Montes’ front kick during kickboxing class


Both men have gained both the respect and admiration of their students in both the kids and adult kickboxing classes. But the children’s kickboxing classes are where you can see wonder and amazement ensue. As each child stands at attention, their eyes and ears remain focused on the swiftness of each strike and the sounds of the heavybags when a demonstration commences from either instructor. The pounding of a glove meeting the bag, the slap of a round kick, and each brisk exhalation during  a combination are just a few of the significant noises you can hear when you enter the school to witness a kickboxing class. Naturally, children want to reproduce the quick, seamless appearance of each combo and aim to attack the bags as hard as they can at first.  But as  they progress as martial artists, both instructors teach the kids that power does not come from strength, but from precision and control. This message appears to translate into everyday life and activities that become the hallmark of a successful child. Many parents have attributed improved behaviors at home, school and during play to the structured methods taught during kickboxing classes within the walls of TSMMA.


Standing at attention

Sempai Ryan Burgos remains focused and disciplined during kickboxing class

Sensei and Joshu have been an integral part of helping several children grow and flourish both on and off the mat. To a child, these men are a symbol of strength, power and invincibility that provides an initial spark of fascination, that in time, eventually develops into respect, compliance and dedication. These qualities are among several reputable traits that any parent would be happy to have their child imitate. 


 By Lauren Rose