Kickboxing is a great activity for the entire family

Mr and Mrs McCord with their son and daughter all in Tiger Schulmann's gear in Princeton gym

Last Updated on November 13, 2014. These families have added Princeton kickboxing to their daily routines and are happier because of it. When most people talk about doing a family activity, it’s usually referring to a trip to the park or a dinner. Some families will do bicycle rides together, or take an art class. […]

Kickboxing Classes Will Keep You In Shape All Year Round

Woman exercising Kicking with coach with other fighters in the back at Tiger Schulmann's gym

Last Updated on November 13, 2014. Get out of the habit of getting in shape for summer and forgetting about fitness in winter! Just because bathing suit season has passed, don’t prepare to hibernate and put on your winter weight!!! When the first warm day of the next spring hits, everyone will be packing away […]

Kids Martial Arts Builds CONFIDENCE which Prevents Bullying

Boy Kicking with other kids training in the gym at Tiger Schulmann's

Last Updated on November 13, 2014. Training in a Kids Martial Arts program has more than just the obvious benefits, such as self-defense, self-discipline and physical fitness.  The need to stand up for yourself can not only be frightening to a young child, it can create intense stress and worry.  The best way to deal […]