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Kickboxing Classes Will Keep You In Shape All Year Round

Last Updated on November 13, 2014.

Get out of the habit of getting in shape for summer and forgetting about fitness in winter!

Just because bathing suit season has passed, don’t prepare to hibernate and put on your winter weight!!! When the first warm day of the next spring hits, everyone will be packing away their baggy sweatshirts in exchange for shorts and tank tops. And it’s in that moment that people realize they need to get back in shape! Most people will begrudgingly make their way to the gym and sign up for an annual membership that they will only use for a month, two at most. The gym only works for a small percentage of people.

Intermediate/Advanced Kickboxing Class gets people moving with Muay Thai Pad training

Kickboxing will keep you in shape all year round
Kickboxing will keep you fit all year round

The truth is that results don’t come easy at the gym.

Consistency is the key to achieving fitness results. When a work out is one dimensional, such as going to the gym, only to achieve these results it makes it difficult to stay consistent.

If you add in another dimension, having fun, by playing a sport it makes it easier to stick with because you enjoy it and look forward to it. But the results you get can be limited to the type of sport you play and often  sports are dependent upon external factors, such as weather and season. Here at Tiger Schulmann’s we provide you with a three dimensional work out. Not only will you get unbelievable results while having fun, but you will be learning a life skill. Self defense is a skill that will empower you on a daily basis, even after the workout is over. Kickboxing is always in season!

Beginner Kickboxing Classes Teach Authentic Kickboxing Techniques

kickboxing class makes working out fun
kickboxing class will make you sweat


Tiger Schulmann’s 3-dimensional kickboxing workout is easy to stick with because unlike other workouts you get results, enjoyment, and you learn a life skill.

Don’t waste another penny on a gym membership and don’t buy any expensive exercise equipment for your home. Take advantage of our FREE Trial Kickboxing Class and fill out the online form. You can go right ahead and schedule your first free kickboxing class or we will contact you to set up your first class. Once you start with us you can throw away your gym membership and sell off your treadmill, because you’ll never need it again!

Kickboxing class always ends with strength training
Strength Training is part of every kickboxing class

With Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing Program you will be amazed at how easy it is to get in shape and most importantly, stay in shape!

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