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A New Years Resolution With A Kick

Last Updated on November 11, 2014.

New Year Resolution
Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s is the best way to keep your “New Years Resolution”


A New Years Resolution With A Kick


For most people when the new year comes around they have great intentions on getting in great shape, to be in the best shape of their lives.  They set that “NEW YEARS RESOLUTION“, but fail at keeping it.  Below this paragraph is how people live their lives.  Just like a roller coaster, you go up then down and with weight loss.  It’s because all diets and most work out routines are way to difficult sustain.  So if it’s way to difficult to stick to a diet or workout routine, then what will be the solution to being fit for the rest of our lives?

Weight loss
This is how people live their lives with weight loss, up and down.

In Tiger Schulmann’s through my kickboxing program the students get into amazing shape while learning authentic self defense.  “I don’t believe in diets, but I do believe in nutritional programs”.  The difference of a diet and nutritional program is a change of daily habits, it’s a life style change.  In my program I teach my students how to make smart choices in their daily eating habits.  With diets there are crazy ways to lose weight.  For example, a lot of diets ask for fasting.  That’s the worst thing you can do for your body.  In order to lose weight you MUST eat!!!

In-proper diet
Without the proper fuel (food), your body will gain weight and you’ll have no energy.


Proper diet
With the proper fuel (food) eating throughout the day you’ll lose weight and have plenty of energy.


These two pictures represent your metabolism.  If you don’t eat you’ll burn out throughout the day and gain weight.  If you eat consistently you’ll have energy all day and lose a lot of weight.


The way we lose weight is when we have a healthy metabolism.  Your  metabolism is what gives you energy and helps you lose weight.  Think of it as a camp fire, if you add fuel to the fire it burns strong.  On the other hand, if you rarely add fuel to the fire it dies out as you see in the pictures above.  There are so many DIETS out there that call for fasting but that’s just terrible.  Would you drive a car with no gas?  Well, there’s your answer, you MUST EAT in order to lose weight.

Eating healthy is a huge part of weight loss, but there needs to be one other main ingredient involved for weight loss and success in fitness and that is a fun and exciting workout routine that somebody can stick to.  Most people join gyms with great intentions but quit shortly after enrolling.  This is the problem, people go to the gyms to get results but they don’t know how to workout, they get frustrated, bored and then eventually give up.  There is no motivation at the gym, unless you want to purchase a personal trainer which can be VERY EXPENSIVE .  To get a proper workout there you need at least 45 minutes to an hour of each cardio and weight training.  Plus, you need time to stretch.  That could take up to two hours, and you need to do this at least three times a week to get a full body workout.  If you live in the Tri-State area I know for sure most people don’t have so many extra hours in their lives to spare, so who wants to have to spend most of their day at the gym because it’s not just two hours.  It’s more like 4 hours, between getting ready and going to the gym, when you’re at the gym a half hour to an hour extra gets spent just talking and hanging out, then you do your workout, go home and shower.  You’re talking about 3 to 4 hours out of your day three times a week.  That’s crazy if you ask me!

Weight loss
Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Jen lost over 130 pounds in one year!


Weight loss
The man to the right is a member of Tiger Schulmann’s and is 52 years old!!!


What I love about my kickboxing program is that you’re in and out within one hour.  In each of my classes the instructor motivates you the entire time.  There is discipline on the mat which allows us to get our cardio, stength training and stretching all within one hour.  The kickboxing classes are authentic self defense.  While you’re getting an amazing workout you’re becoming empowered through my self defense program.  Like I said in this paragraph, the way the class is set up with the music going and my curriculum we get our workout in within one hour and the students go home, not wasting their entire day at the school.  The classes are also so much fun, the hour will just fly by!  I know from my own training, I have been in Tiger Schulmann’s for 23 years now!


Members of Tiger Schulmann’s Keep to Their New Years Resolution and Train For Years

If being in shape is your goal then come to the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s.  People stick to Tiger Schulmann’s for years for good reason.  They get in shape and become empowered through my self defense program!