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Any Effective Physical Conditioning Program Must Have…

Last Updated on October 6, 2014.

Physical Conditioning Part 2: Cardiovascular Conditioning

Any effective physical conditioning program must include three parts. strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. Cardiovascular Conditioning builds your body’s engine, your heart and lungs.  By increasing your heart and lungs you will increase your energy levels and burn lots of calories.

The type of cardiovascular conditioning done in Tiger Schulmann’s is known as interval training.  It is high intensity bursts of energy alternated with periods of rest. 

hpysical conditioning must include cardio
Kickboxing provides the best workout you’ve ever gotten in one hour.

Each time you begin a training interval it is important to push yourself to the fullest.  This will allow your heart rate to achieve higher and higher levels with each maximum reaching a new level. For instance your first interval may get your heart rate to 130 beats per minute, then 140 on the next interval, 150, back down to 140, then way back up to 170bpm.  Each rest period is designed to allow your heart rate to come down between intervals. This is the smartest and  most efficient form of physical conditioning.

This type of training will burn more calories during the workout and also help to build more muscle.

Kickboxing will improve your physical conditioning with the best cardio workout ever
Real Life Self Defense Training in Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing Class. Not to mention the best cardio workout.

You are also conditioning your heart to deal with unforeseen stresses that cause your heart to race.  Interval training is just that, intense training for a specified interval, with short rests in between.  The alternative is your basic aerobic workout which is a few minute warm up at a light cardio pace, a 30-45 minute conditioning bout at a moderate intensity level, then a few minute cool down.  Your body really needs that high intensity burst of energy alternated with periods of rest to give it maximum results.

When you really push yourself, you will feel your heart pumping and your respiration rate elevated. Deep breaths will help you relax.  Two breaths in and hold, then one slow breath out.  Breathe in deep to fill your lungs with as much air as possible, hold it in to allow your body to absorb all the oxygen that it can, then slowly let it out before you take another deep breath. An effective physical conditioning program will get in shape quickly.

If you are in shape and got your heart rate up close to it’s maximum and your breathing rate was also peaked, you will get back to a normal breathing rate after three deep breaths.

Nutrition is very important for you be able to push yourself to the fullest during your workout.  Eat something light at least an hour before working out.  Make sure it has plenty of complex carbohydrates to allow for maximum energy levels, and also studies have shown, sandwiching protein before and after a workout helps with muscle gains.  So make sure your meal before any workout session is balanced and in correct portion size to allow you to give it your all during the session.

Best of all, Tiger Schulmann’s Physical Conditioning program will have you burning over 800 calories per class!

Stay tuned for Part 3: Flexibility coming soon!

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