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Gaudinot Earns Respect in Ultimate Fighter Showdown

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By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Louis Gaudinot came out guns blazing as he made his first appearance since winning his way into the The Ultimate Fighter House. It was the fourth fight of the season, second in the Bantamweight Division and it would be an uphill battle for Gaudinot. Fighting for Team Bisping, the green coiffed wonder would face off with Dustin Pague. Unfortunately for Gaudinot, team morale was down as Team Mayhem had taken the first three fights from his teammates in dominating fashion. He didn’t let that stop him from running into the cage with his trademark smile.

Gaudinot would know ahead of time that he would be facing Pague as one of Pague’s teammates was giving fight matchup information to Team Bisping ahead of time. That gave the Hoboken Sensei extra time to prepare for what Pague brought to the table. Pague had fought previously at Featherweight, ten pounds above the Bantamweight limit of 135, while Gaudinot has all his pro experience at 125, the Flyweight division that has yet to be included in the UFC.

That weight differential would play itself out mostly in height as Pague stood 5’9″ to Gaudinot’s more weight appropriate 5’3″. The six inch difference in height would be reflected in an even crazier, 11.5″ inch reach advantage. Gaudinot was still confident going into the cage however, “I came out here to chew bubble gum and kick #$&, and I’m all out of bubble gum!”

Early in the fight Gaudinot did a great job of closing the distance against Pague and ripping shots under and around the taller mans guard. He would land a series of hooks and uppercuts that had Pague retreating. Pague was an astute opponent, though, and began countering Gaudinot’s interior work with some great knee kicks. It also seemed as though Pague was able to deal with Gaudinot’s power as some solid shots that rocked Gaudinot’s opponents at 125, did little to take Pague off his game.

Both fighters were remarkable in standing in the pocket and blasting away at each other. Pague would land a knee and Gaudinot would blast right back with an overhand right. Then Gaudinot would come in with shots of his own and Pague would counter with a clinch and knees. Many of Pague’s knees were deflected by Gaudinot but the cumulative effect started to take a toll as Round 1 came to an end. Gaudinot would shoot for a double and get deep before Pague established underhooks and pressed him against the cage. He would throw a couple more strong knees before Gaudinot spun out and landed an uppercut and hook of his own to close the round. Clearly impressed by each other’s efforts, the two shared a quick pound at the end of the round.

Round 2 would start much the same as Round 1 with both fighters blasting away at each other. About 30 seconds in things would change for the worse as Pague landed a big overhand right that dropped Gaudinot to his knees and found Pague on top pressing him to the cage. Gaudinot battled back to his feet and tried to turn to his own single leg, but Pague stuffed it and reversed to press Louis against the fence where he would land a plumb clinch and finally shot a knee through Gaudinot’s guard. The shot would drop Gaudinot and Pague deftly took his back and finished in back mount. He would lock in a short choke against the still stunned Gaudinot and eventually force the tap.

“First of all Louis is a tough kid who just kept coming forward,” said UFC President Dana White of Gaudinot’s effort in the fight.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry about Louis, I’m proud of you I really am,” said his coach Michael Bisping. “I’m just heartbroken for Louis, he’s one of the nicest young men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, just a standup guy.”

The loss left Gaudinot visibly upset as he felt like he let people down. He certainly didn’t let down his legion of fans in TSMMA as the fight was a war from start to finish and earned the respect of everyone involved even in defeat. We are looking forward to seeing his entrance into the much talked about Flyweight division which may be added to the UFC as early as the end of this year.

Gaudinot has been back in training ever since he returned from his time on The Ultimate fighter and we know he is motivated to come back better than ever. You can follow Louis at @goodnight_green on twitter and send him your thoughts on last nights fight!

We are proud of you Sensei Gaudinot, and know you will make us even prouder when you return!

Louis Gaudinot and Nick Pace Take Part in “Stay Fit Day For Bronx Children Event”

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To Fight Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Mixed Martial Artists and Celebrity Trainer Travel to The Bronx on Monday


Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera Holds Community Event to Combat Growing Epidemic of Childhood Obesity, Warn of Critical Impact on Health Care System,

Early Deaths for Next Generation


ALBANY, NEW YORK – (10/07/2011)  —  With national childhood obesity rates soaring and with even higher rates of overweight children in New York State, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, member of the Assembly Standing Committee on Health and the Assembly Committee on Children and Families, today announced events she is using to raise public awareness and reverse a trend that has 1 in 3 children under 18 either overweight or obese.

On Monday, October 10, 2011, at 1:30 PM, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera will be joined by professional Mixed Martial Arts athletes Louis Gaudinot and Nick Pace, Donovan Green, a physical fitness and martial arts expert, and Gloria Brent, a registered dietitian and nutritionist from Jacobi Medical Center, for an event for children and their parents titled, “Fight the Bulge, A Get Fit, Stay Fit Day For Bronx Children” at the Bronx House, 900 Pelham Parkway South. The event will feature demonstrations, nutrition tips, and children attending will have their Body Mass Index (BMI) measured.

According to Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, “With nearly a third of children and adolescents either overweight or obese in this country, more than 23 million young people are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other serious chronic diseases. The toll on an already overburdened health care system is increasing exponentially.” She added, “Studies estimate that the obesity epidemic is already costing the nation more than $170 billion annually in direct medical expenses and over $75 billion in lost productivity.”

“We now have a situation where children as young as 7 years-of-age are on cholesterol lowering medication and teenagers are being prescribed medicines to control their high blood pressure.  For minority communities, this childhood obesity epidemic is an immediate crisis, with over 38% of Hispanic children either overweight or obese and over 18% of minority teenage girls being classified as overweight,” declared Rivera.

According to Rivera, not enough is being done by government to prevent obesity. “We have communities all over New York that lack safe neighborhoods and parks for recreation and exercise. More communities lack access to supermarkets and places to buy healthy foods, fruits and vegetables and our schools are places were our children have access to many unhealthy foods.”

On Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 1:30 PM, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera hosted, and was joined on a nation-wide web cast, by State Senator Andrew J. Lanza, Dr. Elena Rios of the National Hispanic Medical Association, and Donovan Green, the personal trainer to Dr. Oz, to discuss the childhood obesity epidemic and the challenges and opportunities to remedy this national health crisis.  The free web cast can be viewed by logging-in at anytime over the next 12 months at:

TSMMA Success Story

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Dear Master Tiger Schulmann,

My name is Great Helmke, I started training at Tiger Schulmann’s in Islandia, NY last June. My two children, Garrett and Amelia also train in Islandia. We are all very proud to have recently earned our high blue belts. I am the widow of PO Robert B. Helmke NYPD who lost his life in the line of duty in July 2007 after he lost his battle with cancer, which he got as a result of working endless hours at Ground Zero. My husband was honored posthumously with the Distinguished Service Medal, NY State Shields Medal of Honor and his name on The Empire State Plaza, Battery Park and NYPD Police Headquarters Memorial Wall. I am also the Vice President of The 9/11 Responders Remembered Park Committee. We are very happy to announce the opening of the first park honoring all of the first responders that have died since 9/11 in Nesconset, NY in September 2011.

The reason that I started training at Tiger Schulmann’s is because I was inspired by my friend and also a 9/11 NYPD first responder’s widow, Tracy Zane. The reason I continued to train there was self motivation and hands down the amazing instructor Joshu George Heurtelou. Joshu Heurtelou is a gifted instructor, motivator and supporter for me, my children and anyone who is lucky enough to train with him. I was very disappointed when he was moved to the Nanuet, NY Tiger Schulmann’s, but understood the need for him to be moved there. A great teacher is someone who leaves you with great skills and Joshu did that. I told Joshu every time I am on the mat, I remember his words of motivation and push to always do my best. I do hope that he is moved back to Long Island someday, so that he can continue to inspire and motivate students like myself and be closer to his family and support system.

I have the pleasure of notifying you that I created an Annual Scholarship Fund for the next 5 years to a well deserving Islandia student in honor of mine and Tracy’s husbands. Sensei Bonet was a great help in working with me to carefully select the student to receive the 1st annual unlimited program scholarship. The scholarship will always go to a student who trains hard and who we want to motivate to stand tall and proud in spite of any hardships in their personal lives. I would like the tragedy that has touched mine and Tracy’s lives turn into a gift to others in their memories and because of two great teachers, Sensei Bonet and Joshu Heurtelou.


Greta Helmke

Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Episode 2 Recap

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“A Little Tired” By Elliot Olshansky –

Last week, thirty-two fighters descended on the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, ready to fight for an opportunity to win a six-figure UFC contract. Sixteen went home, sixteen are left standing, and it’s time for Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller to choose up sides so we can get to the business of seeing these guys scrap.

But first, it’s move-in day at the TUF house, and it would appear that the mansion from season 12 is back in use. Louis Gaudinot is concerned that the house will start to feel small quickly, because of all the other fighters around. But the more immediate issue is that the fighters are going to get bigger, because their first official act upon moving in is to raid the fridge and have a big ol’ barbecue. Concerns about making weight are voiced, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere, because they keep on eating.

Once everyone’s digested, it’s time to pick teams, and both Bisping and Miller spend some time developing a strategy. When Dana White finally flips the coin, it takes a long roll, but it eventually lands in Bisping’s favor. The Count chooses to have the first pick in each weight class, giving Mayhem control over fight selection.

Your teams, in order of selection, are as follows.

Team Bisping Bantamweight: Louis Gaudinot, TJ Dillashaw, John Albert, Josh Ferguson

Team Miller Bantamweight: John Dodson, Johnny Bedford, Dustin Pague, Roland Delorme

Team Bisping Featherweight: Diego Brandao, Akira Corassani, Marcus Brimage, Stephen Bass

Team Miller Featherweight: Dennis Bermudez, Bryan Caraway, Dustin Neace, Steve Siler

Bisping is thrilled with the way the featherweight picks worked out, as he got the top four fighters on his list. He knocks Mayhem’s intelligence, but Miller is thrilled with his team, and hints that some of Bisping’s fighters would rather be on his team. Bisping thinks it’s a stupid statement, given that he’s actually won the show himself.

It’s training time, and Miller is pumped up from working out with his guys. He’s really impressed by the energy, and Johnny Bedford is psyched to be working with such great guys. Steven Siler gets busted open and has to have it taped up in a goofy sort of fashion, but it’s all looking good for the boys in orange. Well, except maybe for Mayhem’s kip-up attempt.

Over at Team Bisping practice, things get off to a pretty solid start. Marcus Brimage is thrilled with the instruction, especially on the jiu-jitsu end of things. The tractor tires factor into the workout – despite Bisping’s disaster with those on season 9 – and the guys get their sweat on.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Mayhem brings some state-of-the-art technology home to his guys: compression suits to help his team recover after practice. Apparently, they’re big with Lance Armstrong, among others. The team is impressed by the advanced equipment, and Miller advises them not to share with the other team.

It’s time to announce the first fight, and Miller matches his second featherweight pick, Bryan Caraway against Bisping’s third pick, Marcus Brimage. Miller is confident in Caraway’s grappling prowess, and doesn’t think that Brimage will be able to handle it.

As Team Bisping gets set for another practice, Marcus Brimage lets us in on his big influences: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Dragon Ball Z. Because his stand-up is so nasty – and because Caraway’s strategy is likely to center on taking the fight to the ground – Bisping and the coaching staff go over takedown defense with him. The bigger issue, however (at least to Marcus) is that he weighs 157 pounds, well above the 145 pound weight limit. Fortunately, he gets a visit at the house from Bisping and the other coaches, who put him through a weight-cutting regimen that involves running in a sweatsuit and bouncing back and forth between a bath in salt water and laying in bed covered in blankets.

Over on the other end, Caraway is battling nerves, and is described as a “headcase” by a man known professionally as “Mayhem”. Caraway has seen a sports psychologist to help him battle his issues, and is working on putting the plan in action. Fortunately, Mayhem has a way to help break the tension: the season’s first prank. Miller leads his team in rolling all the tires into the Team Bisping dressing room, setting the last tire up so that it falls right in the path of the door when it closes, preventing the boys in blue from getting into the room.

Weigh-in time, and the scale centers on 145. Marcus makes the weight limit with ease, and Caraway does the same. Dana is impressed by Brimage’s stand-up, and considers it a ballsy move to go after him right away. As the fighters square off, Team Bisping sings a little marching song about how “Darkness” is going to knock Caraway out. Miller is amused, but Bisping is less so when the team gets back to the dressing room and can’t get in, thanks to the tires. Bisping becomes the latest TUF coach to break down a door, joining the likes of Forrest Griffin, Josh Koscheck and Tito Ortiz.

Bryan Caraway is also not thrilled, since he found the song insulting. Who could blame a guy for getting angry at being called a “f—ing bitch” in song? Brimage is envisioning his striking, pausing only to acknowledge the fact that he farted on camera. Caraway didn’t have a good night of sleep, but he’s ready to go. He’s planning on working level changes to get the takedown and looking for the submission. Brimage, on the other hand, considers himself physically superior, and expects that advantage to translate into victory. The Tale of the Tape shows an eight-inch reach advantage for the much more experienced Caraway, Steve Mazzagatti is your ref and we are underway.

Round One: We get some tentative punches to start, but Caraway rushes in and gets the takedown right off the bat. Brimage tries to scramble to his feet, but Caraway closes the distance effectively, and works some punches from the top. He takes the back and starts looking for the rear naked choke, but Brimage fights the hands effectively and even throws some more of those punches over the shoulder that he used so effectively in his elimination fight last week. Caraway keeps going for it, though, and uses a body triangle to keep Brimage in place. Sly little insult from Miller in the course of his coaching: “He’s got Bisping coaching him on grappling right now!” Caraway appears to have his arm in deep with about a minute left, but Brimage fights it off. Marcus gets back to his base, but he can’t stand up or shake Caraway off, and Bryan continues to throw punches from the top and look for the choke until time expires.

Round Two: Marcus comes out more aggressive with his strikes, and even stops Caraway’s first takedown attempt. The second one gets him down, though, and Caraway takes the back quickly and looks for the choke. Miller lets some of his old Bully Beatdown taunting slip into his coaching – “Say goodnight-night, Darkness!” – but Marcus gets out of the choke and gets back to his feet. Caraway gets the fight to the ground again, briefly, but Marcus gets back to his feet and Mazzagatti tells Caraway to do the same. Bryan gets one more takedown when the fight is restarted, takes the back, and slips his hooks in. This time, he puts the choke in while Marcus is prone, which stops him from throwing any defensive punches, and with the choke slipped in and locked on, Brimage taps out.

In the fight recap, Dana notes that Caraway’s eye was swelled up by Brimage’s backwards punches. Bisping thinks that Brimage was on the verge of winning the fight on the feet, but turned it into too much of a brawl. Marcus himself is embarrassed to have let everyone down, while Caraway gets a rousing ovation in the Team Miller locker room. Amid a subdued Team Bisping, the Count tells his team that they’ll win the next one, and that they need to let the bad energy go. Will they? That’s where we’re leaving it for this week.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you surprised at the order of team selections? Where would you rank the tire prank among TUF’s best practical jokes? Leave your thoughts below and keep coming back to as we follow these teams all the way to the six-figure contract!

Nick Pace Has Major Chance To Jump Bantamweight Ladder

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By: Sensei Thad CampbellElmwood Park, NJTeam TSMMA’s Nick Pace got some very good news over the weekend. Despite coming off a decision loss to Ivan Menjivar at UFC 133 in Philadelphia back in August, he will actually move up the UFC’s roster to fight a man once considered the pound for pound best fighter in the sport. Miguel Torres reigned as the WEC’s Bantamweight king for nearly two years before a couple losses sent him back down the ladder a couple steps. Now he will face off with Pace in a 135 pound fight in November.

Many people who watched UFC 133 found it hard to believe that Pace could have lost a decision to Menjivar after clearly dominating Round 1 while gaining Menjivars back in the process then nearly ending the fight in the Round 3 with a knee kick that had Menjivar running for the last minute of the fight. Apparently none of the three judges have ever been kneed in the face because all three scored the fight for Menjivar. While Menjivar was a great opponent for Pace, he is not the caliber of his training partner at Tri-Star Gym in Montreal, Torres.

Torres lost a stunning fight to Brian Bowles back in 2009 that cost him his WEC crown and in a comeback fight against Joseph Benividez the noted grappler was shocked to find himself caugh in a guillotine choke. Those two losses would prompt him to find a new direction in his training and he would land in Montreal with the noted coach for George Saint Pierre. Faras Zahabi helped lead Torres to two straight victorious. He would face off with Demetrious Johnson in May for a shot at title holder Dominick Cruz. Johnson was the man who welcomed Pace to the WEC in a hard fought decision victory and he would similarly end Torres shot at facing Cruz. While Johnson and Cruz will face off in September for the 135 title, Pace will be living at TSMMA headquarters in Elmwood Park, New Jersey training every day with the likes of The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 participants Jimmie Rivera and Louis Gaudinot.

The shot at Torres is somewhat of a shocker for Pace as it is not typical to climb up the ladder after a loss. However, one of the greatest traits of UFC President Dana White and matchmaker Joe Silva is that they are students of the game. Just because the referees make a terrible decision doesn’t mean they have to hold it against the fighter. This fight is a clear indication that White and Silva believe Pace won the fight with Menjivar and is primed for a huge leap up the Bantamweight leaderboard.

Torres is a supremely skilled opponent. Long and lean he possesses huge range standing with a solid jab and great low kicks. He is noted most for his abilites on the ground where he has finished 23 of his 39 fights by submission and of his 9 ko victories many came from the ground and pound variety. It is no easy street for Pace, but one thing we can be sure of is that Team TSMMA will have him well prepared to take this huge step towards his ultimate goal of being the UFC Bantamweight World Champion!