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Kickboxing Beats the Holiday Stress in Wayne NJ

Last Updated on November 11, 2014.

Kickboxing is the perfect outlet for a stressful day

Many people, instead of enjoying the holiday season,  get all worked up with stress from shopping, traffic, and general day to day worries this time of year.  The holiday season should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment with family and friends.  To help yourself deal with the worries of each day you need an outlet.  Everyone needs to  decompress from a busy day and help  get that aggression out that has been building up all day long.  Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing Program is just that outlet!

Enjoy complete stress relief from an hour long kickboxing workout!

Kickboxing classes in Wayne and near pequannock
Learn real life self defense in kickboxing classes

Imagine a whole hour where you can forget your worries and sweat out all the anxiety of the day.  Tiger Schulmann’s  10 round beginner kickboxing workout is great for all fitness  levels.  New students learn the techniques from a certified black belt instructor with 20 years martial arts experience.  There is no better fitness program  than the opportunity to learn how to punch and kick properly while getting a great workout.  More advanced students can really push themselves to new limits with increased intensity and adding in some movement and additional techniques.  The first eight rounds of the beginner kickboxing class are on the heavy bags with two rounds of body weight exercises following to make a complete 10 round beginner kickboxing workout.  A  good stretch helps you cool down as well as increase flexibility after an intense workout.

Get stronger and more fit from kickboxing class!

Kickboxing class gets people in shape
Kickboxing class always includes strength training to build a strong core and increase fitness

So whether you want to relieve stress, get a great workout, or learn self-defense Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing is the best activity for people of all ages.  Intense kickboxing classes have helped stockbrokers and traders get rid of that angry scowl they developed over the years on the trading floor.  Not to mention men and women losing over 100 pounds!  Students also develop the self defense they needed to protect themselves and their families.

Always moving and sweating in

Kickboxing class!

Kickboxing class is always challenging
Every kickboxing class keeps you challenged


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