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Benefits Of Karate Taught With an MMA twist

Last Updated on August 25, 2014.

It is a scene that has been playing itself out since John Evensen joined Tiger Schulmann’s Karate more than twenty years ago. A young parent brings their child to karate because they don’t know what to do. Sensei John Evensen hears about a lack of concentration and attention span and how it hurts the child in school and causes tension at home.

An hour later after watching his class two bewildered parents come wonder how he has been able to get their child to pay attention for the full length of class.

Evensen creates a very disciplined atmosphere
Evensen creates a very disciplined atmosphere parents remember from traditional karate when they were kids!


“What our curriculum does is really motivate young kids to want to pay attention,” says the Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Red Bank owner. “We have this carrot of learning MMA that helps keep them engaged, but then we also spend a lot of time teaching kids why focus, both concentration and attention span, will help them.”

Evensen says it is no accident that his curriculum is so successful. He spends hours every week training with the nearly 100 world class instructors at TSMMA headquarters. Under the direction of Tiger Schulmann they practice both physical and teaching techniques constantly in an effort to improve their program.

Evensen (2nd row far left) continues to improve his own martial arts and teaching skill through his own training.
Evensen (2nd row far left) continues to improve his own martial arts and teaching skill through his own training.


“We have changed so much over the two decades I’ve been teaching both. We completely overhauled our traditional karate system to teach a much more effective style, MMA. And we continue to implement new and improved teaching techniques. The improvement in both those areas has really helped Tiger Schulmann’s remain at the forefront of martial arts training.”

Evensen says the last vestiges of the Karate training he first started out with are nearly gone. It has been replaced by the much more practical self-defense style of MMA. Red Bank parents don’t see the cages and aggression that used to be associated with the fledgling sport, instead they see a professional, disciplined class that teaches kids the most important techniques to stop bullying and build self-discipline.

Students gain true confidence knowing they are learning effective self-defense.
Students gain true confidence knowing they are learning self-defense more effective than karate.


“Traditional Karate was always about character development and self-defense. Well part of what we have done is have the character to realize there was a better way to teach self-defense. That doesn’t mean the other aspect of our program, personal values, focus, perseverance, those things are still an integral part of what we are teaching.”

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By: Sensei Thad Campbell