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Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington, Pennsylvania

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Tiger Schulmann's in Abington, PA

When you’re looking for kickboxing, MMA or jiu jitsu in Pennsylvania, look no further than Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington. Located near Willow Grove, we offer various types of martial arts instruction at this location, including private lessons for both children and adults!

For the past 12 years, James Garzillo and his team of martial arts experts have been teaching students of all ages the self-defense techniques needed to excel in any situation. A martial arts guru himself for 20 years, Garzillo also places an emphasis on physical conditioning and nutritional counseling, as both play an important role in this sport.

Community Involvement

At Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington, Pennsylvania, we get involved with the local community by offering free bully prevention seminars to the local schools, boy scout troops, girl scout troops and various other community groups. With back-to-school season already within arms reach, this is definitely something to look out for!

Upcoming Events

This August, we will be holding our annual summer picnic for all of our students and their parents. Furthermore, we’re organizing a Bully Shield seminar in the fall. For more information about each of these events, contact our Abington school directly at (215) 657-4109.

Like our 47 other Tiger Schulmann’s locations, our Abington school stands out from other martial arts organizations due to the way we work with our students. Our staff always goes above and beyond to provide the most comprehensive instruction there is and always puts our students first.

For more information about Tiger Schulmann’s and where you can find a location near you, please give us a call at (800) 528-4437 today. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!

Resolution Comes Early This Year

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Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

It is actually the perfect time to make your resolution to lose weight become a reality. Most American’s put on one pound between Thanksgiving and Christmas and they don’t lose that pound the rest of the year. At Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing classes in Abington you can break the mold. 

No need to join a gym for New Year’s in order to reverse the effects of Holiday eating. That won’t work anyway. Instead join a program with 30 years of proven results and get personal instruction every time you walk through the door.

Act Early And Make Your Resolution Work

Sensei James Garzillo has been Kickboxing for twenty years and teaching in Willow Grove and Abington for nearly 15. He is a professional Kickboxer who doubles as a nutritionist (a side benefit you don’t have to pay extra for) and whose best skill is motivating his students.

Kickboxing resolution

Have the most fun you’ve ever had working out while getting the best workout at the same time.


You won’t be stepping into a ring to lace up gloves for a fight. Instead you will burn 800 calories in a one hour 10 Round Workout that will teach you real Self-Defense one step at a time. 

Classes move at your pace, but motivate you to push yourself to your limit. More than 100,000 adults have seen the benefits of Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing and all you have to do is google Tiger Schulmann’s Weight Loss to see the results for yourself.

Resolution Kickboxing weight loss

You don’t have to be a kid for Martial Arts to get you in the best shape of your life.


Do not wait for New Years to make your resolution, start right now and you won’t gain any weight this Holiday season. Instead you will drop pounds while gaining the sense of confidence that comes from knowing how to defend yourself.

Call TSMMA Abington today or register online for your Free Trial Class and take advantage of their Holiday Special to get the best deal of the year on training!

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Karate For Modern Era On Display At MMA School

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For years parents turned to karate to help build confidence in their children. Building Self-Confidence takes two things, achievement and a sense of security. Achievement helps build confidence. Self-defense provides that sense of security.

Karate was once considered the best way to defend yourself. In the last two decades that has been proven incorrect.

“The fact is modern day bullying incidents look nothing like what Karate teaches,” says Sensei James Garzillo of Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington. “Through our thirty year history, we’ve learned that students need a more well rounded self-defense system.”

Young students learn modern self-defense techniques.

Young students learn modern techniques far more effective than karate to confront bullying.


Tiger Schulmann’s teaches Beginner students 41 techniques proven to work in a modern day bullying situation. The techniques are not specific to karate, but draw from various martial arts.

“Those techniques were chosen because they are safe to practice, easy to learn, and do not require strength to be effective,” he says. “And they provide self-defense in every situation.”

Sensei Garzillo takes the time to teach his students how to identify and handle different bullying situations.

Sensei Garzillo takes the time to teach his students how to identify and handle different bullying situations.


Garzillo was an expert in Karate getting all the way to 2nd Degree Black Belt. That did not stop him from making the transition to a more effective self-defense style.

MMA Stops Bullying Better Than Karate

“I simply could not keep telling parents I was providing the best self-defense training if I knew I was only teaching the techniques of Karate. As a martial artist it is our duty to seek out the very best for ourselves and our students. The bottom line is if you are still teaching Karate you cannot claim it is truly relevant for self-defense.”

Traditional Karate belt system still helps MMA students see build confidence through achievement.

Traditional Karate belt system still helps MMA students see build confidence through achievement.


If you want the very best martial arts training to build your childs self-confidence call TSMMA Abington or register online and try their free trial program. See for yourself a better option than Karate.By: Sensei Thad Campbell

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Kickboxing With A Willow Grove Professional

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James Garzillo has been an institution in teaching kickboxing in Willow Grove. He was hand picked by Tiger Schulmann to become the head instructor at TSMMA Willow Grove in 2003. It’s nearing the 11 year mark and the accolades the 33 year old has amassed are impressive.

When he originally came to Willow Grove the school struggled to have 100 students. For more than a decade Garzillo has trained more than 200 people every single month. Now he is nearing 300 hundred active students.

Dozens of adults come to Garzillo's Kickboxing classes every night for the motivating instruction and fun workout.

Dozens of adults come to Garzillo’s Kickboxing classes every night for the motivating instruction and fun workout.


He has managed to develop such a dedicated student base by pouring his heart and soul into the school. He is there six days a week teaching six classes a day with the same passion he displayed as a fresh faced 22 year old.

What is even more impressive are his accomplishments outside of his Willow Grove school. Garzillo began his competitive career shortly before taking over as instructor at Willow Grove.

That career has seen him amass double digit victories against only one loss in Kickboxing and MMA. You simply will not find a more accomplished Kickboxing instructor anywhere in the area.

Sensei Garzillo is known for his knockout power in the ring, and his quiet persona outside of it!

Sensei Garzillo is known for his knockout power in the ring, and his quiet persona outside of it!


His school moved less than a mile up 911  a couple years ago and now is undergoing a beautiful renovation to make it the most state of the art training facility in the area.

That aesthetic improvement is awesome, but it’s the individual improvement Garzillo has continued to bring to each and every student at his Willow Grove school that distinguishes him as a Kickboxing instructor.

You will know two things the very first time you take class with Garzillo. He knows exactly how to motivate you to achieve your goals, and he is a world class practitioner of Kickboxing!

Call TSMMA today or register online and see why Sensei Garzillo is the instructor to choose in the Willow Grove area.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell