Tiger Schulmann’s

Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington, Pennsylvania

Sensei standing and talking kids sitting and listening

When you’re looking for kickboxing, MMA or jiu jitsu in Pennsylvania, look no further than Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington. Located near Willow Grove, we offer various types of martial arts instruction at this location, including private lessons for both children and adults! For the past 12 years, James Garzillo and his team of martial arts experts have […]

Resolution Comes Early This Year

Woman kickboxer practicing kicking with other fighters at Tiger Schulmann's gym

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? It is actually the perfect time to make your resolution to lose weight become a reality. Most American’s put on one pound between Thanksgiving and Christmas and they don’t lose that pound the rest of the year. At Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing classes in Abington you […]

Karate For Modern Era On Display At MMA School

Two Girls Punching bags during kids training at Tiger Schulmann's Abington

For years parents turned to karate to help build confidence in their children. Building Self-Confidence takes two things, achievement and a sense of security. Achievement helps build confidence. Self-defense provides that sense of security. Karate was once considered the best way to defend yourself. In the last two decades that has been proven incorrect. “The […]

Kickboxing With A Willow Grove Professional

Kickboxing class for adults with punching bags and instructor monitoring the training

James Garzillo has been an institution in teaching kickboxing in Willow Grove. He was hand picked by Tiger Schulmann to become the head instructor at TSMMA Willow Grove in 2003. It’s nearing the 11 year mark and the accolades the 33 year old has amassed are impressive. When he originally came to Willow Grove the […]