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Personal Training: The Risky Investment

Adult kickboxers exercising at Tiger Schulmann's Elmwood Park

TSMMA Elmwood Park Blog 5 In terms of fitness and exercise, people generally seek personal trainers in order to both educate and motivate them about working out. The average person might know how to do a proper pushup, but that average person probably does not know how to eat properly.  When most people think of […]

Successful Martial Arts Gyms Cater to all People

The key to a successful martial arts gym is being able to decipher between two groups of people, the fighters and the common people.  Now the strong majority of people who inquire or sign up at a martial arts gym (nowadays usually boxing or mixed martial arts gym) are not looking to compete in any […]

Progression is the Key to Success in the Martial Arts World

A Woman gets Blue Belt promotion from instructor with others watching

  Whether you are looking to work out your basic gym or you decide to venture into a dojo of some kind for your workout there is one key element which keeps people consistent. Everybody has different schedules and different goals when they decide to start a fitness regiment, and each school has a different […]

Healthy Eating in Clear Terms

Olive oil kiwi eggs fish almond with healthy fats sign

Many people have a misconception on what is means to eat healthy or have a healthy lifestyle. Some would assume eating very little would be the way to go, while exercise enthusiasts might say a strictly protein diet would be eating healthy. The truth is though there are countless methods of dieting and countless food […]

Self Defense teaches boy to stand up to bully

Kids sitting on the gym floor with their instructor standing and talking at Tiger Schulmann's

Teaching a child or young adult self defense has much more importance than simply toughening them up. At a young age most kids do not have the necessary tools to become confident or stand up to bullies, mainly because parents overlook the importance of these tools. When a parent enrolls his/her child into school for […]