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Does Mixed Martial Arts Have An Impact On The Well Being Of Children

Last Updated on October 28, 2014.

Have you ever wondered if Mixed Martial Arts was more than just a good Cardio workout?   How much of a “Non Quitting Spirit” is really carried over into a students every day life?   Is there improvement on a social emotional level or is Martial Arts more for the body and not the mind?

Kids MArtial Arts teaches real life self defense
Discipline helps Kids Achieve and that Builds CONFIDENCE!

At Tiger Schulmann’s Englewood, it was discovered that the higher the belt was in either adult or child the higher the level of confidence.  Belts represent how long a student has been attending classes and also the progression of the skill.  It was discovered that when a student attends class consistently for two years or more they are more confident not only in their skills, but in their ability to protect themselves.

Martial Arts differs from team and collegiate sports in that conventional sports focus on group efforts, while Martial Arts is designed for each students’s individual progress.  As a students individual skills increase, so does their belief in themselves.

Flexibility Training is essential after every kicboxing class
Every Kickboxing Class ends with a good Stretch

Talking with parents as the children are in class,it was discovered that children with yellow belts or higher seemed to have less incidences of bullying or issues with confidence.  Adults in class speak of their determination an self discipline.

This is in large part to Sensei Klein’s group discussions on the importance of never giving up, standing up for yourself, and in the belief that you are the best for being yourself.

In closing, one must believe that longevity in the martial arts does have a positive impact in the emotional well being of a child.