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How to Prevent The Holiday Weight Gain

Last Updated on October 21, 2014.

Holiday Weight Gain
Most people fear the holidays for weight gain, but members at Tiger Schulmann’s never fear it


It’s that time of year again, the dreaded HOLIDAYS.  Where the wallets go thin and the belly gets fat.  For most people the average person gains anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds from November to January.  With all the holiday parties and yummy treats how can you resist?  I have a good tip to use, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

By training in the Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program Jen lost over 130 pounds!

Most of my students never have to worry about the “Holiday Weight Gain” problem basically because of the amazing workout they get in my kickboxing classes.  In each of my one hour kickboxing classes you’ll burn over 800 calories in just one hour!  Simply by learning authentic kickboxing.

By teaching my students how to properly throw these authentic kickboxing techniques they get an unequaled cardiovascular workout.  They’ll build the bodies engine, the heart and lungs.  By making the heart and lungs stronger my kickboxing students will have more energy throughout the day.  They won’t wake up tired and just want to crash on the couch as soon as they get home from work.  They’ll have the energy to do the things they want to do!

During my kickboxing classes the students hit my heavy bags which builds lean muscle.  What’s great about my heavy bags is that they are soft and very forgiving, so when you hit them you’ll get a great workout, they’ll results and at the same time not feel like a they’re hitting a brick wall like all the other kickboxing gyms.  I have seen them all and there bags are hard which will results in people holding back because they don’t want to get hurt.  Which will result in a bad workout.  Building lean muscle has many benefits for health and superficial reasons.  When you have lean muscles it makes you stronger and improves your appearance.  It increases your metabolism!   For example, if we are both sitting on the couch watching TV and you have more lean muscle then I do, then you will burn more calories then me just sitting there doing nothing.

These two men are instructors of Tiger Schulmann’s. The man to the right is 52 years old and the other is 30. Goes to show you how Kickboxing can benefit all ages.

Another great benefit of my kickboxing program is flexibility, which is the most neglected part of most physical fitness programs.  As we get older things start to bother us that didn’t before like lower back, shoulders, hamstrings, etc.  Flexibility will keep you youthful and athletic!  It also prevents injury, have you ever pulled a muscle doing something normal that shouldn’t have hurt you?  Well most people have and when you’re flexible that won’t happen!  In all of my kickboxing classes you’ll get a great flexibility workout!

All of my kickboxing students train all year round, so this holiday weight gain won’t even be an issue!  I said earlier that I have a tip with the holiday weight gain so here it is.  If you go to these holiday parties eat something healthy but small before you get to the party.  This way by the time you get to the party you won’t be starving and want to ravage the food.  You’ll eat a tiny amount of food because you already had a snack.  It’s a great way to still eat the yummy treats but not over do it!