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Karate Classes In Hauppauge Have a Modern Twist

Last Updated on September 15, 2014.

Ask yourself, what you are really looking for if you want your son or daughter to take martial arts classes? Chances are there will be more goals than self-defense. If self-defense is in your top ten, karate may not be the best choice.

Hauppauge parents have long sought out martial arts classes for benefits from improved focus, self-discipline, self-confidence and even building personal values. Still the origins of karate and every other martial art are rooted in self-defense.

The system of training you choose for your kids will have impact on many aspects of your childs life. You want to make sure your main goals are met and you get the advantage of many additional as well.

karate classes
Karate classes in Hauppauge get a makeover at TSMM Hauppauge.

This is why Tiger Schulmann’s MMA is the leader in martial arts training and karate classes in Hauppauge. 30 Years ago the organization began by teaching traditional Kyokushin Karate. Sensei William Bonet has been leading the Hauppauge branch for half a decade. He has spent 15 years training directly under Schulmann himself.

“One of the greatest benefits of Karate training was increased self-discipline,” says Bonet. “We would be hypocrites if we did not apply that self-discipline to our own understanding of martial arts and how we teach it to our students.”

Karate’s Benefits Are Alive At Mixed Martial Arts School

For Bonet this meant setting ego aside and choosing to see what was right in front of his face.

“We know that karate training does not apply to most bullying altercations. The crane kick you saw in Karate Kid or even the traditional punching techniques that worked in point fighting, they simply won’t work against a bully.”


Students learn techniques for self-defense in any situation at Karate classes in Hauppauge.
Students learn techniques for self-defense in any situation at Karate classes in Hauppauge.


Tiger Schulmann’s is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and for more than twenty of those years the organization has been updating the traditional karate class curriculum.

Significant benefits of these karate classes include physical conditioning, improved focus, “non-quitting spirit”, better attitude and personal values. Right along side those important goals will be the most effective self-defense for a bullying situation in 2014.

Choose wisely when picking your child’s martial arts training. Even better see it for yourself. Call TSMMA Hauppauge or register online and take advantage of their FREE Trial Program to see how modern day MMA has taken the reins from karate for your child’s self-defense training.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell