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Kickboxing Your Way To The Best Beach Body

Last Updated on February 6, 2015.

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Kickboxing can get your beach body ready for summer!


Kickboxing to Your Beach Body


The new year has come and gone, but are you sticking to your resolution?  Will that resolution get you the beach body you have always dreamed of?  I’ll tell you this, my kickboxing workouts help people reach a even better body then they have ever dreamed of.

There are countless fitness and diet programs out there, but why can’t people stick to them?  One huge factor is that it’s to difficult or boring.  Take the gym for instance, why do people quit?  It’s because they go to the gym due to lack of discipline to be in shape, so when they go to the GYM they have to motivate themselves and work on their weaknesses.  In almost all cases the people quit and are back to the pint of their favorite ice cream, or the local fast food restaurant.

unhealthy food
Pre-Packaged food by Jenny Craig doesn’t teach you how to eat right, as you can see from the unhealthy choices pre-packaged to you

Diet programs survive on people’s failures.  Does that make no sense to you?  It makes perfect sense to me, so let me explain.  Jenny Craig  is simple, buy their pre-made food and eat, simple enough right?  Well, what happens when you go out to eat, will you know how to make smart healthy choices?  NO, because they don’t teach you how to eat, thy just put a band aid over the real issue, lack of knowledge for healthy foods and choices.  All of a sudden the cost is to much, plus you can;t bring food with you to restaurant’s when you go out with friends, in the end you get fed up with it and quit.   So you’ll say “when I was on Jenny Craig I lost a lot of weight, but as soon as I got off I gained the weight, let me go back on”.   Then you’re back to eating the expensive pre-packaged foods.

Now, I’m not trying to bash any program out there.  All fitness and weight loss programs work if you work it, you just got to find the one you can stick to for the rest of your life.  Yes that’s right, for the rest of your life!  Because, how long do you want to be in shape for?  One or two years?  No way right, forever!  With Tiger Schulmann’s that still train after 15 years and some 30!  It’s because the workout is empowering and enjoyable.  I mean, who doesn’t want the feeling of security when walking on the streets of NYC?  Or a workout so fun you don’t even realize the hour just flew by?  How about a nutritional program that is easy to stick to where you can eat a lot and lose weight?!  That’s what you get at Tiger Schulmann’s, a healthy and fun way of life, come check out my program and see what I am talking about!

After training in my school you’ll see a big difference in your body.  You will loose inches and the weight will just drip off, class after class.  Before you know it Summer is here and you’ll have the body you’ve only dreamed of!!!