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See how Karate helped this girl in school

Last Updated on August 25, 2014.

Discipline helps Samantha in karate
Samantha Earns High White Belt

Of all the back to school supplies needed this fall, karate may be the most important. With the summer coming to a close you can here both the moaning of kids and the cheers of parents as we all prepare for back to school. I know at my house there are mixed emotions. Sadness that the warm weather and days at the pool are leaving but at the same time excitement about starting the next chapter of education. The stores are packed with back to school supplies like notebooks and pencils. Kids are picking out new school clothes and fresh sneakers. Of all the supplies that Samantha will need as she heads back to school she may have gotten the most important one long ago. That supply is her karate training. Let me explain.

As parents we want to provide our kids with all the tools they will need to succeed. Tools like discipline, focus, a strong work ethic and a non-quitting spirit. All of these tools are available for them to gain through training in karate.

Samantha started training with me at my karate school in Westchester before the summer started. As soon as she stepped on the mat I could see we had something special in this young lady. She always had this look on her face that screamed out how focused she was while never having to actually say it. She lets her actions speak for her and they get the message across loudly. Her discipline and effort have earned her the first promotion on her journey. I can guarantee you it will not be her last. She has learned how to harness her energies into a force to accomplish the task she has in front of her. She has learned how a non-quitting spirit can be used to overcome a challenge that seems impossible to get past. She has learned that is ok to fall down from time to time as long as we have the courage to pull ourselves back up.

karate teaches discipline for back to school
Discipline learned in karate is the best back to school supply a child can have

The lessons that she has learned on the mat will translate into school. That makes her training in karate the most important school supply of all.  Her accomplishments in karate have given her the much needed confidence required for her to be successful in all future endeavors. She will not be afraid to ask for extra help in class if she needs it. She will not succumb to the peer pressure that can lead even the brightest children down the wrong path. She will definitely not let any bullies push her around or tell her what to do. She is ready for all the challenges that the school environment have in store for her. Her karate training has prepared her well.

I am very proud of Samantha. She is really a blessing and pleasure to have in class. She helps me on the mat by demonstrating what focus and discipline can do for a student. The other kids around her already look up to her for this. She is on her way to becoming a leader.