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Kickboxing is the best way to get in shape, I will prove it

Last Updated on September 9, 2014.

Everyone is looking for the “Magic Pill” to being in shape and losing weight. I’m telling you that it exists in Westchester New York. It’s Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing.

Adults in Westchester get in shape with kickboxing

Kickboxing burns at least 800 calories an hour. Just one reason of many it’s a better option than the gym. Imagine everything accomplished in one hour.Kickboxing should be your first and last choice for fitness. With all the options available when it comes to getting in shape I’m going to explain why Kickboxing is the best.I’ve been a member of more gyms than I can count. I’ve done numerous classes from spin to aerobics to Zumba. None of them gave me the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction through hard work like Kickboxing has. Plus none gave the same results.

Kickboxing in Westchester gets results better than any other fitness program
Joshu Byrnes is the Head Instructor of the TSMMA Mount Kisco location. Kickboxing Got him in great shape and he will make sure you get in great shape.

Anyone who knows about exercise will tell you that any effective workout should cover three different areas of conditioning. Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility. Kickboxing covers all three in a timely manner while making it fun. The worst part of exercise is that it seems to take too long and can be very boring to the uninitiated. If you need proof look at the zombies on the treadmills next time you’re at the gym. This boredom factor can be very discouraging leading a person to quit. Kickboxing classes are so fun and mind engaging that the time passes very fast. You are always learning and trying to master each punch, each kick that nothing else enters your mind. Your thoughts are so focused on improving that any stresses that had been previously eating away at positive energy just disappear. It’s a very zen like feeling. An inner peace through the path of Kickboxing.

The way our Kickboxing classes are structured your heart rate gets jacked up and then has a chance to come back down. This is called Interval Training and it’s proven to be most effective when it comes to losing weight. Plus it will increase your stamina levels which is part of your Cardiovascular training. When professional Kickboxing or MMA fighters train they must prepare their bodies to be back to 100% during the minute rest they receive in between rounds. Their heart rate gets up around 180 bpm, then must return to a resting heart rate ( mine is usually between 50 and 60 bpm ) quickly. This is the best way to gauge ones conditioning levels. With this new found stamina gained from training you will have more energy through the day to get done all the things you need to get done. Now who couldn’t use more energy?

“Cardiovascular Exercise boosts your energy levels making it possible to accomplish all the things you want to get done everyday. Kickboxing is amazing for increasing your stamina.”

I often see my members smiling while hitting the heavy bags during Kickboxing classes at my gym. When I ask them why the smile the answer is almost always the same. “I feel like I’m hitting harder today.” Of course they are. We gain strength through Resistance Training. Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. Punching and kicking is a great way to strengthen and tone your body without adding a lot of weight. Muscle weighs more than fat so if we want to lose weight, adding to much muscle is counter productive. Toning on the other hand makes us look good while getting stronger, and that is always a huge confidence boost.

Kickboxing helps you lose weight and get in shape
Daniel Dunn is just one of thousands that changed their lives for the better through Kickboxing at TSMMA.

Something you will never hear a person say is “I feel too flexible. My muscles don’t hurt enough.” On the other hand the opposite is something you will hear every single day from more than one person. The reason here is because nobody stretches enough. Flexibility is the most neglected part of almost every exercise regimen. I believe the reason is because people lack the discipline to stretch at the end of exercising. I mentioned earlier that most people who go to the gym are bored there. If they make it through their routine, and that is a big if they rarely want to stay another ten minutes to stretch. Even if it may be the most important part of an effective program. My Kickboxing class has stretching in it throughout the class. While punching and kicking we are engaged in Dynamic Stretching, which is stretching through movement. At the end of our class during our cool down period we do Static Stretching. The three T’s of stretching are time, temperature and tension and all three apply here. This will lessen the soreness felt the following day and prevent injury. Both of these wonderful results will allow you to train in the next Kickboxing class. How awesome is that?

Kickboxing helps you lose weight and get in shape
Christine Oringer is an example of what hard work and kickboxing can do for you.

So listen, if you gave me a week I wouldn’t be able to list all the reasons my Kickboxing classes are your #1 option to get in shape. The best way for you to realize it and appreciate it is to come in and try it yourself. The only warning I’ll offer is that if you try it you will love it. Kickboxing will open your eyes to a new improved life with more energy and more smiling. You may even need to replace your wardrobe with new clothes that fit better and show off your new body. Remember that I did warn you.