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Martial Arts Classes Help Young Students Excel

Last Updated on August 25, 2014.

The proof is in the pudding. If you are going to look for martial arts classes for your kids, you want to see what they will look like after a few months training. Even better if you can get a glimpse of what the results might be like a few years later.

It’s the same reason kids looking to go to college look at Harvard. The results speak for themselves. Simply look at the successful graduates (or Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg who didn’t even graduate) and you know you are going to be in the right place.

Well if you are looking for martial arts classes in Newburgh you might just want to check out Tiger Schulmann’s. The school is newly opened a quick trip down the road in New Windsor. You will pass a few martial arts classes on the way, but you will do it happily once you see the level of students Sensei Jose Montes is continually turning out.

TSMMA Vails Gate student Ryan Burgos one of the stars of new TSMMA Commercial

Whether your child is a natural athlete or if athletics has never been their thing, Montes will teach them the fundamentals of martial arts and help them know exactly how to defend themselves.

The process he uses for teaching Mixed Martial Arts to his students helps build self-discipline. By concentrating on lessons of focus, perseverance and positive attitude, Montes does not simply help your child get physically stronger, but mentally as well.


Martial Arts Classes Improve Confidence For Vails Gate Students


Whether your child is the most talented or least is totally irrelevant to their overall success. It is self-discipline that will ultimately separate them from the pack. Academics, sports, the arts, social interaction, all these areas will benefit from your childs training.

Combination of disicpline and effective self-defense makes for perfect martial arts classes.
Combination of disicpline and effective self-defense makes for perfect martial arts classes.


Martial arts classes can be a great way to build self-confidence, but make sure you make the informed choice. As you can see in the video, Montes school teaches realistic self-defense. Students learn the techniques to confront a bullying situation while also mastering the skills to succeed in everything else they set their mind to!

Call TSMMA Vails Gate today and see how your Newburgh child can benefit from Jose Montes and Tiger Schulmann’s 30 years of experience teaching martial arts classes!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell