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Martial arts: the only way to combat bullying!

Last Updated on October 21, 2014.

Martial Arts Builds Confidence

Karate kids with confidence and self-discipline
Confident Kids!

Bullying is a problem that never seems to go away.  As far back as I can remember there were bullies in school and in the neighborhood. My parents and grandparents said the same. Why is it that we can’t get this problem under control?

I believe the reason is that the approach society takes toward bullying is ineffective. If anything it just perpetuates the problem. In New Jersey, anti-bullying programs are mandated by law in every school system. Our kids are taught to ignore the bully or try to make them laugh. Telling the teacher just doesn’t work.  The state even grades the programs in the school systems. One such school district is Sayreville, NJ which received one of the highest marks in the state for there program. Sayreville High School has been in the news for the past few weeks for having one of the worst incidents of bullying that I have ever heard. We also make ridiculous laws that don’t work on anything other than putting money in lawyers pockets. As an accomplished martial artist and expert on anti-bullying, hear is what I say to these programs:

As adults we all know that if you ignore a problem it will more than likely get worse. If you make the bully laugh that doesn’t mean they will stop. Telling the teacher is a short term fix for a situation that will become a major problem when the teacher is not around. There is only one solution to a bullying problem.

Martial Arts Builds Confidence

Self-Confince through Masrtial Arts stops Bullies!

In order to stop a bully, a child must have the self-confidence to stand up for themselves. Confidence must be built in a child. You can’t ask them to just be confident or act confident. What children fear the most is getting hurt by the bullies. Even if the attacks are still verbal. The philosophy here at Tiger Schulmann’s, is to give children the tools they need to defend themselves against a physical confrontation so that they don’t have to. When a child has the ability to defend themself, they feel secure. They won’t be physically intimidated by anyone so they won’t be afraid to stand up to a bully when the attacks are still in the verbal stage.

If we can give our children the confidence they need to stand up to a bully then and only then bullying will be more under control. It is our responsibility as parents to make sure our kids are safe, even when we are not around. We have to make sure they know how to defend themselves.

My advice to you as parents is to bring your children to our BullyShield seminars at your local Tiger Schulmann’s MMA school. There they will learn all they need to know about bullies and how to diffuse the situation before it becomes violent. The seminars are free so you have nothing to lose. Your childs safety may depend on it. Call the school to find out the date of the seminars at your nearest Tiger Schulmanns location.



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