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Michael Hess after beating diabetes posing with Sensei Baker at Tiger Schulmann's Cherry Hill
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How I Beat Diabetes and Cholesterol Through Kickboxing

How I Beat Diabetes and Cholesterol Through Kickboxing in Cherry Hill NJ By: Michael Hess –  TSMA Cherry Hill My name is Michael Hess and I am a 44 year old Diesel Technician from New Jersey. I am in remission from cancer and have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and high cholesterol. I was

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Girl kickboxer kicking a punching bag at Tiger Schulmann's gym
TSMMA North Plainfield

Fitness Instruction Not Found At Typical Gym

Sensei Paul Querido is an institution in North Plainfield. He has been teaching Kickboxing and more importantly helping adults to a lifestyle of fitness for more than two decades. As American’s get more obese and the byproducts of an unhealthy lifestyle become more common, Querido’s students stand out as a beacon to what Kickboxing classes

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Girl smiling in fighting stance at Tiger Schulmann's martial arts gym

Why Are You Still Out of Shape And What To Do About It 

How many times have you noticed that you’re out of shape and that things have hit the rock bottom? Perhaps you set the New Year’s goal of getting into shape – only to fail and end up with guilty conscience and self-resentment by March? Some of our goals are easier to achieve than others. It seems

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A boy practices kicking with his martial arts instructor at Tiger Schulmann's

Why Martial Arts Is the Best After School Activity for Kids

A common concern for many great parents is finding the best after school activity that will have a positive impact on their kids and help them grow into thriving adults.  This is especially tricky when your child is a preschooler. Kids at that age are usually full of energy, always jumping around and asking different

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Kid's Martial Arts

How Karate for Kids Helps Reduce Anxiety

     Did you know that anxiety in children and teens is on the rise? In fact, nearly 52% of American children between the ages of 3-17 have received treatment or counseling for depression, anxiety, or behavioral problems according to the 2021 National Survey of Children’s Health.   Despite advances in technology, living in the

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