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Merrick Man Loses 40 Pounds Kickboxing

Last Updated on September 4, 2014.

Kickboxing was the answer for a Merrick man.  The struggles of weight loss can be hard for the everyday person, if they don’t choose the right place to exercise and workout.  Things came easy for him because he found the right place to workout, the right routine for the goals he wanted, and the right instructor to motivate and encourage him everytime he trained.      

As Dave Skulnik, once 40lbs heavier, went throughout the course of his day, and not once did he think of kickboxing as the workout for him.  There was one thing for certain though, he wasn’t going to go to a gym and see quick results from his own workout.  He also wasn’t going to hire a personal trainer only to be emptying his pockets each session for crazy costs of personal one on one sessions.  Dave stumbled across a facility on Merrick road that advertised “Free Kickboxing Class” and jumped in with two feet to see if it would lead him to his goal of losing weight and looking good.  

 One year ago, this was Dave before kickboxing…. 

Before and After from Kickboxing
Dave Before Kickboxing


And this is Dave now!

Before and After Kickboxing
Dave After Kickboxing

In 1 year kickboxing  at Tiger Schulmann’s helped Dave reach his fitness goals quickly due to the type of full body workout he receives, and maintain the body he wants.  He is trained 1-on-1 in a group class by an expert instructor with over 15 years of experience and undefeated competition credentials in both Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.   The help he receives by the school with fitness and nutrition and exercise physiology combined with the most up to date teaching methods by our head instructor has helped Dave stay on track and stay consistent.  And consistency is the key to being in shape all year round!