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Star Lord Building His Focus In Martial Arts

Last Updated on November 1, 2014.

Getting a nickname is a privilege at TSMMA Feasterville. First you have to train hard. You have to demonstrate focus in every class. Then you have to do it for a long time.  And finally you have to do something that makes a nickname appropriate. For Aidan Judge it was his combination of athletic ability, focus and numerous hilarious moments that earned him a most coveted one.

Star Lord was the leader of the summer’s biggest blockbuster, and just like the Chris Pratt character in the movie, Aidan provides moments of awe inspiring martial arts while at the same time making his instructors crack a smile for all the right reasons.

Mary and John first brought the Holland native to Tiger Schulmann’s to help build his focus. Dad is a Philadelphia police officer and both parents also valued the self-defense he would learn. They hoped the combination would help to build his self-confidence.

Focus earns belt promotion
A combination of focus, positive attitude and success in class earned Aiden his first belt promotion.


The training has succeeded. Aidan just earned his Hi-White Belt for the amazing improvements he has shown. At only four years old he is able to maintain his concentration and attention span throughout a 45 minute class. Also he consistently has the answer to every question his instructor asks at the end of class.

It is a rare combination for a four year old.  Joshu Craig Alexander knows it gives him the ability to take his martial arts training all the way to the highest level.

“It’s awesome as an instructor to have those kids in class who pick up the little things you teach them,” says the Feasterville Instructor. “At the same time he is able to bring some humor to the class each and every day without breaking the discipline. He is just a naturally positive kid that knows how to say something funny at the perfect time.”

There is nothing funny about his improvements in martial arts. The four year old has been making his instructors proud with his improvements in every aspect of his training. Whether it’s kicks, punches, strength training, flexibility or even the discipline to sit still during end of class discussions. “Star Lord” is showing the characteristics that earned him such an awesome nickname!

Congratulations to Aidan on his promotion. We know it is the first of many!

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