Tiger Schulmann’s

Guardian Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics

A woman and a man grappling on the floor as a part of the Law Enforcement tactics training at Tiger Schulmann's Martial arts

Retired NYPD Sergeant, Sensei Will Hamilton, and The New York Police Academy recently hosted the founders of Tiger Schulmann’s Guardian Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics training program to speak with new recruits about the program and its many benefits. The team is scheduled to be back in May to run it’s first seminar for the recruits.   […]

Adults: Training and Lifestyle

Two MMA fighters in a punching pose at Tiger Schulmann's Garden City

Training and Lifestyle   Sempai Inoshima & Anthony Chouloute Intense cardio can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your workout can be an hour long, fully focused, relentless, get away to red and black matted paradise. Or, your workout can be an hour long session where you plead for mercy every minute. Your […]

Kickboxing is the best way to get in shape, I will prove it

Adults kickboxing Training with punching bags at Tiger Schulmann's gym

Everyone is looking for the “Magic Pill” to being in shape and losing weight. I’m telling you that it exists in Westchester New York. It’s Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing. Kickboxing burns at least 800 calories an hour. Just one reason of many it’s a better option than the gym. Imagine everything accomplished in one hour.Kickboxing should […]