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Kickboxing and Imagination – The Best Stress Relief

Woman Kicking practice bag at Tiger Schulmann's

Kickboxing and Imagination – The Best Stress Relief Think back to when you were a kid — when you had limitless energy, an active imagination, and the infinite potential of a lifetime in front of you. Now think about your kickboxing workout and your health. What would the younger version of you think about the […]

Pick The Perfect Kickboxing Instructor

Tiger Schulmann's Adult and kids Fighters on the Beach

Tony Billings is still in his mid-20’s.  You would never realize it while taking one of his Princeton Kickboxing classes. His ability to motivate and teach adults many years his elder recently earned him a promotion from his own instructor. Tiger Schulmann has rarely bestowed the title of Sensei (senior instructor) to anyone as young […]

Kickboxing Into Shape With Mixed Martial Arts Champion

MMA fighter Burgos shouting victoriously

Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts is a guaranteed way to boost your workout’s intensity. Why walk on a boring treadmill for an hour when you can actually enjoy your workout. Learn Self-Defense and get in amazing shape! For Newburgh residents you can not only get a great workout but learn the most effective self-defense on […]

Merrick Man Loses 40 Pounds Kickboxing

Man with Shades and white shirt at Tiger Schulmann's Seaford

Kickboxing was the answer for a Merrick man.  The struggles of weight loss can be hard for the everyday person, if they don’t choose the right place to exercise and workout.  Things came easy for him because he found the right place to workout, the right routine for the goals he wanted, and the right […]

New Jersey Beach Towns Lucky To Have Kickboxing Leader

A Woman Sunbathing in red outfit

When Sensei Bobby Colontino recently moved Tiger Schulmann’s MMA into Brick it made it that much easier for residents of shore towns Point Pleasant and Belmar to choose the leader in Kickboxing training. Tiger Schulmann’s is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and Colontino is a fourth degree Master Instructor under the famed Schulmann. He has earned […]