Tiger Schulmann’s

Renee S.

My daughter is 4 and we started Shulmann’s when she was 3. She was being pushed around by another girl in school and had no self-esteem. The sempai for the 3-4-year-olds is amazing. In just a few months I’m seeing a huge difference in our daughter. She’s braver, is engaging more with classmates, and is […]

Marie E.

The senseis are friendly and work well with the kids by encouraging them and teaching them to never give up even if it seems hard. I would definitely recommend this school.

Robyn B.

Jonas is great with the children. My son really admires him. My son has gained so much self esteem and confidence. We are so glad to be a part of Tiger Schulmann of Garden City !

Damien C.

This school is absolutely AMAZING!!!! From the Sensei to the instructors to the students. Everyone is in position to help you achieve whatever goal you set forth and that goal becomes their goal. So positive, so inspirational. It truly is an extended family atmosphere there.

Maria T.

Tiger Schulman Garden City is the best martial arts place, my son has been there a little over 3 years and has gained muscle and confidence. Sensai’s that teach the classes are great with the kids!

Yvonne A.

TSK Garden City is a quality facility. The staff is warm, welcoming & professional. They strive to impart a positive attitude in their students. They believe in self-discipline and hard work. I have three boys who love the staff & truly enjoy going to train.