Tiara S.

This place feels like home and everyone is one big family. I used to get therapy because I’ve been through a lot in my life. The day I started here garden city tiger Shulmann’s it has completely changed my life and I stopped needing therapy. I would never stop going here no matter what because […]

Whitney H.

My kids love it. Very Motivating, knowledgeable. Friendly staff always greet you by name and make you feel welcome and like part of a family. Clean equipment that’s in great condition – very sanitary.Great place!!!

Rafael L.

Great school. The staff and the material they teach is second to none. I highly recommend it for children and adults as well.

Germaine S.

Tiger Schulmans has been a great experience for my son. The employees really take pride in what they do and they are extremely influential and positive role models. They have fostered healthy discipline and self confidence for my son.

James D.

I enjoy training at Tiger Schulman. Classes are well-organized and taught efficiently. The atmosphere is supportive and encouraging, while letting us know that there is always a higher level we can reach in our development. No matter how much I struggle with certain exercises that are part of the training, I always appreciate the chance […]

Angela P.

This place is very welcoming and each student is treated with a sense of respect and made to feel at home. I am happy with the amount of instructors and high-level students that teach and point out mistakes as well as pushing students to do their best through positive feedback. I am very happy with […]