Tiger Schulmann’s

Bob W.

My son has been attending TSK since he was three years old. My wife and I have since also joined the TSK family. The environment is of a school (as it is referred to) and imparts a sense of family and belonging. The training is top-notch (although I can not prove it and hope to […]

David C.

Been coming for just shy of 5 years. Just turned 67. It is without a doubt the best workout ever. Shihan, Sensei Arce, and the other teachers are all great. Aside from being in the best shape in years, they have all helped elevate my self esteem and confidence to new heights. Thanks Tiger Schulmann.

Christian T.

Hey, I’m a student and I actually thought I wasn’t going to fit in or that kids will laugh at me because of my size but the first time I went there I made myself friends and the teachers are nice, I love the students and the teacher, they even gave me a nice nickname, […]

Vic D.

In Tiger Schulmann’s Bayside, aside from the excellent kickboxing and grappling training you get, they also encourage and instill the practice of self control and self discipline. I’ve been training here for 9 years and all those years I’ve learned to balance proper diet and exercise in order to live a healthy lifestyle. They not […]

Colleen H.

I cannot say enough about TSMA Bayside. Our daughters have been training here since January and love it! They always look forward to the days they have class. They are learning discipline, responsibility, gaining self-confidence and self-defense. Shihan, Sensei, Sempai, and Mikey make TSMA our second family. The moment you walk through the door, you […]

David C.

You start off trying to get in shape and before you realize you’ve not only succeeded in getting in shape but you are learning different martial arts styles as well as making friendships that last beyond the mat. It is a wonderful experience to do things that you’ve never believed you can do and still […]