Gabriel M.

Both my sons train at TSMA Bayside and love every moment of it. Always coming home full of energy after a lesson of fun and fitness. In addition to the important self-defense skills they learn, the lessons of respect for yourself and others, and the discipline to apply to other aspects of life are undeniably […]

Rania G.

Excellent martial arts school! Taught me self-defense techniques and discipline while having a great fun cardio workout! Left all my stress and tension from the day on the mat! Special thanks to Sensei Arce and Joshu Jon! Great instructors and amazing personalities!!

Magnus W.

Tiger Schulman has helped my son feel empowered and made him more confident! He looks forward to going and loves his class.

Chadean C.

My son has so much more confidence and respect as he looks forward to his classes every week and is eager to advance in ranking. The mothers day program was very touching as I was able to share a special moment with my son. The workout definitely kicked my butt..I’m looking forward to burning even […]

Latchmee S.

Tiger Schulmann’s Bayside helped my son transition from a kid who was going to get left back a grade, who was bullied to high school Valedictorian. Jonathan was very shy and had no self-esteem. Now he is a very confident young man and he is aiming high. Thank You Tiger Schulmann’s Bayside Team.

Bella J.

Have been trained here for 4 years, still love it as same as I just started.