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Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts helps kids Build Confidence

Last Updated on October 6, 2014.

Training in Kids Martial Arts has more than just the obvious benefits, such as self-defense, self-discipline and physical fitness.  The ability to stand up for yourself can not only be frightening to a young child or kid it can create intense stress and worry.  Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts helps the kids become physically stronger, increase coordination, learn self defense techniques and how to apply them.  This, along with the positive motivation from the Sensei will help children become more confident in dealing with the day to day worries of going back to school.


Kids Martial Arts builds confidence
Real Kickboxing Actually Build Cnfidence

“Every class is very physical, but most importantly, the kids are being taught life lessons,” said Sensei Scott Zapfel, the head instructor of TS MMA in Wayne. “These lessons include; standing up to bullies; not giving in to peer pressure; making the right decisions when given a choice between right and wrong; and most importantly, finish whatever you start.”


Kids MArtial Arts teaches real life self defense
Discipline helps Kids Achieve and that Builds CONFIDENCE!

“We put a lot of focus on teaching self-discipline. Every class I am always talking about using your non-quitting spirit, and how it will help you in school, sports and at home.  At first it’s just words that kids hear and say out loud over and over again, but through discussions and practice of this exact thing, they start to understand it and see it really applies to everything they do”.  The kids martial arts program at TS MMA has been developed over 30 years!


The program at Tiger Schulmann’s is complete in all that it offers.  The initial class most students enroll into is called a Core class which teaches basic martial arts skills but also the discipline and focus required to improve.  The next step in the kids martial arts program is Grappling, which teach the concepts of self defense on the ground, followed by Kickboxing, where the basic skills are now used in a more realistic manner where the students wear protective gear and actually practice self-defense one on one. 

“Everything we teach at Tiger Schulmann’s is done so with safety as our main concern.  Putting kids in a one on one situation allows them to not only get better at their martial arts techniques but learn a lot about character, heart, commitment, and toughness, and what parent doesn’t want to see their child improve in all of those qualities.” 

Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts has open enrollment.  You can try out the program by enrolling for a free class trial.  Make your appointment by calling direct to the school at 973-988-1207, or other locations at 1-800-52-TIGER.  The Wayne school is located at 1605 Rt. 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)988-1207


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