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Running for Life

Last Updated on May 20, 2022.


To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the opening of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Smithtown, owner Sensei James Leonelli and a group of his students and staff participated in the “5k to End Addiction” which sponsors a charity called Hope House Ministries. Hope House is leading the fight against addiction on Long Island, NY. 

“I have a few different loved ones who have struggled with addiction throughout their lives”, said Sensei Leonelli. “ With our 90-Day Challenge finishing for 2022, I wanted to have one last bit of team building, so a 5k seemed like the perfect thing“.


Tiger Schulmann’s Smithtown at The 5k to End Addiction


The race took place in a beautiful location on the water near Shore Front Park.


When asked why he wanted to support Hope House, Sensei Leonelli said “Hope House has been around for 40 years, helping those in crisis all over Long Island. Not only do they help those battling addiction, but they also help the poor and homeless. Their annual backpack event and their Christmas Magic event have helped thousands from across Long Island throughout the years.  My Wife’s Late Uncle used to do tons of work with them before he passed away a few years ago. Ever since he passed, I’d been looking for an opportunity to work with them, and when I found this 5k, supporting them, on my school’s birthday, it felt like kismet!”

Giving back to the community is an important part of Tiger Schulmann’s and it is an extension of the martial arts tradition.


“Martial Artists don’t simply take the journey up the mountain by themselves, they turn and lend a hand to the next person. It’s why I do what I do” says Leonelli “I want to positively influence the lives of others so that they create positive influence wherever they go. My school is very involved in charitable giving. We do annual food drives for Long Island Cares, the Harry Chapin Food Bank, and an annual toy drive for the Lighthouse Mission”.

Tiger Schulmann’s Smithtown at The 5k to End Addiction

Congratulations to Sensei Leonelli and his team. We are very proud of the positive way they have decided to recognize the school’s 15th anniversary. Looking forward to the next 15 and the abundance of good that will result.  

If you want to support Hope House, go to https://www.hhm.org/donate-online/