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Tips To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

Last Updated on December 15, 2014.

Want to beat Stress, Try Kickboxing! 

The Holiday’s are upon us, whether we like it or not. The Season of gift giving, partying with friends and family, and indulgence of all kinds. With all this food and fun, its no wonder that most American gains 3 – 5 lbs. in this short 5 week span. Training here at Tiger Schulmann’s Morris Plains definitely gives you an advantage over the average person, but don’t think that it gives you a free pass to eat and drink anything you want til next year. As the saying goes, you can’t out train your diet, and that is especially important to remember during the holidays. The following are a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays and stay in shape without packing on the holiday weight.Whats-the-plan

1.HAVE A PLAN – Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you should change your normal eating routine. As a rule, the food you make at home will almost always be healthier than the food you buy from a fast food place or a restaurant. Plus, there is always going to be someone at work bringing leftovers or some holiday treats for everyone to eat. If you plan and make your meals in advance, the choice of eating healthier will always be there. Also , starvation will very often lead to excess consumption, so plan your meals, and the times you eat accordingly

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2. DON’T MAKE EVERYDAY A HOLIDAY – Just because its the holiday season, don’t use it as an excuse to eat bad from Thanksgiving till New Years. Enjoy the days that you have holidays, parties, and family get togethers, but on the other days, make it a rule to stick to your diet and training routine.
no alcohol3. LIMIT ALCOHOL – For many people the season of giving is also the season of drinking, but over doing comes with a lot of negatives. Besides the obvious regretful behavior and next hangover, alcohol also has a ton of calories. And because you body treats alcohol as a poison, it works to expel it first, causing the actual food you do eat to be stored as fat instead of turned to energy. Plus, the lack of control will always lead to bad eating choices.
overeating4. DON’T OVEREAT – Who doesn’t over after a good holiday meal? And who doesn’t feel like an over weight sloth when it’s done? Over consumption doesn’t have to be a holiday tradition. when feeling slightly full, just take a step back from that food! Your stomach is on a bit of a delay from your mind. That’s why when you feel stuffed and finish eating, you actually feel even more full 20 minutes later. So when you feel a little, take that step back, drink some water, and give it 10 minutes. Guaranteed you will not want to eat anymore.
hungry5.  NEVER ARRIVE HUNGRY – The ability to make healthy meal choices is always harder when you are starving. To increase your ability to resist temptation and overeating, try to have a small healthy meal or snack about an hour or so before a holiday dinner or party. This will reduce cravings, and allow you to eat slower, so you will know when to stop before you are stuffed.
6. SLEEP – Make sure you get plenty of sleep! With all the holiday craziness, this can be the most neglected part of your well being. Lack of sleep can not only effect your mental clarity and slow your  metabolism, but also make you crave foods high in carbs and sugars as away for your body to boost you  energy throughout the day. 7 – 8 hours is the best for  restful nights sleep. If that is impossible, try napping for 20 – 40 minutes during the day when you can.
                                              Kickboxing will eliminate stress
7. FIND THE TIME TO RELIEVE STRESS – Despite being the most “joyful” time of the year, the holiday’s can also be the most stressful. from running around getting gifts, preparing dinner, and taxiing relatives to and from the airport, stress can build to an intolerable level. Our kickboxing classes are the best way to relieve stress, and it will only take an hour out of your day. Some people feel guilty training when they have holiday duties to get done, but by releasing some stress you will doing them and yourself a huge service!
tsk8. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! – Like I said earlier, don’t neglect yourself or your body! The one hour that you put into your kickboxing and grappling classes will leave you feeling more refreshed and better able to handle the holiday mayhem. Plus, with New Years right around the corner it’ll put you on a running start toward your 2015 goals of a healthier you.
Hope these tips were helpful. Not a student yet? Get started for only $99. Special ends Decmber 31st, so dont hesitate! Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday.