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Kickboxing to Stay in Shape this Holiday Season

Last Updated on December 1, 2014.

The Holidays are right around the corner. Fa
mily , gifts Holiday cheer, and of course FOOD! Lots and lots of food! It might be the most cheerful time of the the year, but its also the time when people gain most of their excess weight. The average American gains between 3 – 5 pounds over the short 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. If the weight is not lost that can lead to 20 lbs of excess weight in just 4 years!!! Not to mention that between family Get togethers and office parties and gift shopping, how can anyone find the time to workout?


 Simple. Our Beginner Kickboxing Class! Here at Tiger Schulmann’s Morris Plains, you will get a COMPLETE workout. That means you will not only build muscle strength, stamina and toning, work your heart and lungs  with cardio, but also become more flexible! ALL this in one class and ALL this in one just one hour! You will burn over 800 calories and have fun the whole time you do it. Not to mention that kickboxing is a great way to relieve the stress of holiday shopping!


So while most people sit around waiting to the New Year to start working towards  why not get a jump start on 2015! Plus, with our holiday special yo can get started for only $99. Call us at 973-998-8742, or fill out the form above to set up your first free lesson. Class size is limited, so don’t hesitate. Use kickboxing to stay in shape this holiday season, and get a jump start o n your New Years goals now!