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Last Updated on December 15, 2014.

Kickboxing in Wayne NJ will not only get you in shape, but be the toughest workout you’ve ever loved.  If you go to the right place, and that’s Tiger Schulmann’s MMA.  Wayne Kickboxing burns over 800 calories per hour.

Each class starts with a warm up.  The body must be prepared for the workout, not to mention the mind. Then the kickboxing rounds begin.  At Tiger Schulmann’s Wayne Kickboxing classes follow the same format so students learn, make progress and really feel like they’ve accomplished something in addition to the workout.

wayne kickboxing will get you in great shape
The toughest workout you’ll ever love

Each round challenges your body by increasing your heart rate to a new higher level. Wayne Kickboxing will get your strength and cardio levels up in no time.  So while the heart rate goes up so does your intensity building strength through resistance training using the heavy bags during the rounds and your body weight at the end of class.

Wayne Kickboxing gets the heart rate up
Always keeping the intensity up

The end of class is your opportunity to really leave it all on the mat.  The Wayne Kickboxing format is multiple rounds of heavy bag work with few rounds of intense plyometric body weight exercises to finish up.  Different versions of squats, push-ups and abs will keep the workout exciting and hit all your muscle groups.

Wayne  Kickboxing is fun and exciting
High intensity from round 1 all the way to round 10

So Tiger Schulmann’s 10 Round Wayne Kickboxing Workout will get you in great shape and hit all 3 aspects of physical conditioning.  There is no better, more efficient or effective workout anywhere.  And starting this January the 90 Day Challenge is back!  Call for info!

The Wayne Kickboxing School is conveniently located near Pequannock at 1605 Route 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center, with Party City, Chuck E Cheese and directly next door to Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts for  Wayne Kickboxing at (973)694-3495


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