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Weight Loss Industry Counting On Yo-Yo Diets

Last Updated on September 9, 2014.

According to a 20/20 News Internet report more than 100 million Americans are becoming addicted to weight loss. In fact the report estimated they spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 billion dollars every year on the habit.

How can weight loss be a habit? It’s the endless procession of Yo-Yo dieting some nutritionist feel is spurred by the easy access to a new weight loss pill, new workout routine, new diet, or new piece of equipment.

In reality their is nothing new about weight loss.

“Losing weight is a simple formula actually,” says TSMMA Ramsey Kickboxing Instructor and Owner Shawn Rapoport. “It is the theory of thermodynamics. If your body burns more calories in a day than it consumes you will lose weight.”

Kickboxing weight loss.
Weight Loss is accelerated by the cardio and muscle toning of Kickboxing.


Rapoport says busy lifestyles that are heavy on sedentary activities and high on caloric intake are to blame. The increase in fast food options, even the seated variety, are making unhealthy eating the norm. Meanwhile what is not routine is a steady exercise routine.

Weight Loss Option For Long Term

“Most exercise options are boring,” says the Ramsey Instructor. “What Kickboxing does is interject fun into a great workout.”

Ramsey members burn 800 calories in a one hour workout. That alone switches the laws of thermodynamics in their favor. Still the fitness saying goes, “you can’t out train a bad diet.” That is why Rapoport shares his knowledge of proper nutrition with members as well.

Weight Loss for the long term.
Weight Loss becomes long term reality for Sensei Rapaport’s students!


By enjoying a great workout and learning simple tricks to lower caloric intake, Ramsey students learn how to attack weight loss from both sides of the equation, increasing calories burned, while lowering calories ingested.

Even better Kickboxing is fun and Ramsey members keep training long after boring workouts have been set to the side. That means you can break the weight loss habit by getting in shape and staying that way once and for all.

Call Sensei Rapoport and his expert staff or register online today to try a FREE Trial Kickboxing Program to see why he has been so successful helping adults get in shape for good.

By: Sensei Thad Campbel