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Weight Loss: Losing Weight is Easy

Last Updated on December 15, 2014.

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80 pound loss


Let me be the first to say that this is not a success story. Sure I’ve lost some weight but I haven’t reached my goal. I have this image of myself in my head that I aspire to look like. And at this current moment I look more like him, but not like him exactly. I resemble the squishy version of him. Not too long ago I looked like two of him, arm wrestling over whether or not to have a slice of cheese cake. One side would win, then I’d still eat the cake. And all of me would lose.


Weight loss is all about diet, discipline, and vision. You have to eat how this new you eats. Close your eyes and see what they look like. Imagine what they eat at dinner. Then open your eyes and see what’s on your plate and make the corrections. I messed up more times than I care to share because I never fully committed. I would kind’ve commit. I won’t take all the blame and say that I “knew” all the right choices to make and that I “knew” when I was eating something wrong. Thats bs. We’re all human. Every single one of us has habits. If you’ve been out of shape for most of your life, then I’m going to safely assume that you’ve never truly known how to eat properly. I was one of those people that knew to eat more vegetables then would douse them in dressing. I was one of those chubby kids that would order a deli sandwich on a roll with mayo and cheese because it was healthier than McDonalds. You lose weight when you recognize what it is that got you fat or kept you fat in the first place.


 Weight Loss: Train With Someone Better Than You 1

My tip: I like to train with people who rank higher than I do. It’s a natural challenge.

Becoming overweight is linked to bad eating habits and stress. I put myself in a happier space and lost weight. I identified the poor habits that I practiced, changed them and lost weight. The actual process of burning weight is connected to your metabolic rate AND digestion. A lot of the junk that we eat clogs our intestine, slows down our digestion and turns our potential garden of eden insides into a junk yard. I don’t care how nice the car looks, in a junk yard: it’s junk. You’ll lose so much weight the minute you remove extra sweets. Your belt buckle will have to poke through the next hole as you learn to cut your plates in half. Don’t get me started on the benefits of regulating carbs.


Weight Loss: Train With Someone Better Than You 2

My tip: I like to train with someone who is just as passionate or more passionate than I am. This makes the training intense.


It’s not hard to lose weight. It’s hard to break bad habits. These bad habits sabotage our progress. We;ll drag ourselves to the gym, put forth a lot of effort, then erase all that progress within the next few hours, by eating poor meal A. You can workout 5 days a week, drink 2 beers a day, and make no progress. Slight commitment to a diet will result in minimal progress and the lingering frustration of a weight plateau. I lost weight by making small changes. My coffee went from creamy goodness to black. My salads went from ranch sunday’s to healthier blends of spinach, other veggies and meat (trust the meat for most of your flavor). I was never a big soda drinker, but I discovered that my favorite soda (root bear) had 74 mg of sugar in 1 BOTTLE. I was drinking carbonated cake. Know exactly what you are eating. Know exactly how it will affect your progress. Food should be looked at more as fuel and nothing more. What are you trying to do and how can you eat to get there? Identify your emotional state. When all of these areas are in sync, you will become confident and your body will shrink. You’ll poop a lot (I’ve literally finished reading a book that I assigned just for bathroom reading). You’ll sweat more than you know. And as you stay on the correct path your body will shrink into this hidden version of you that was there all along. He/she was hiding in your stomach under that one leaf of spinach you ate. He/she (lets call it Alex) used that spinach leaf as a shield as your insides had a forecast of hail tostitos and mild oreos hurricanes. Alex broke off the stem of that spinach leaf and wielded it as a sword against the ferocious hagen daz snowmen that didn’t have much stamina but were deadly. Ok I’m getting carried away. I apologize.


Your weight loss is up to you. Your journey starts right now. And before some voice comes into your head giving you a hard time let these phrases be the internal bouncer to your healthy night club: You will do it. It’s not hard.


After Weight Loss: Training With Senpai

My tip: I envision success. I am extremely competitive with Senpai Foote, mostly because he bests me in every category. After this training he was sweating. For me that was a small victory.



We always have a choice. This choice is our power. Choose to eat healthy. I mean it. Do whatever you have to do to make the healthy choice over the unhealthy choice. I have literally stood in 7 Eleven, at midnight, with a sugar craving and a Reese’s in my hand, as I (in a low tone) shared some less than favorable words with the Reese’s. Did I curse? Maybe. But did I eat the Reese’s? No. We all have a choice. Make the one’s necessary to fulfill the goal.