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Why Can’t I Ever Get Into Shape?

Last Updated on February 12, 2013.


By: Sensei Garzillo – TSMMA Abington

So many people find themselves setting the same new years goals every single year. You may accomplish a few, like re-organizing your garage, or re-doing your garden, but what about the one that keeps sitting on the back burner each year. The most important one, the one that has the greatest effect of your personal level of self esteem, energy and quality of life. This is of course the goal of finally getting into the shape that you’ve always wanted to be in.

If you don’t take the time to be healthy…you’re going to have to deal with the problems of being sick

We live in a world where we get too little sleep, don’t have the time to eat right, and are trained to take care of everyone else in our lives first leaving ourselves for last. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t take the time to keep yourself healthy, then you are eventually going to have to deal with the problems of being sick later.

Many people start strong in January…but by March have lost their steam

In many cases it’s not that exercise doesn’t work for you, it’s that you haven’t found the right program that you enjoy enough to stick too. Most people start strong in January going to the gym, running, or following an exercise DVD a few mornings out of the week. However, by February or March they’ve lost their steam and find themselves sedentary yet again.


Most people believe, as we are taught our wholes lives is that exercise can’t be enjoyable. It has to hurt, be tough, or that anything that is good for us has to feel bad. Just like we are taught that anything healthy to eat must be bland and lack taste. Both of these statements are completely false. Healthy food can satisfy your hunger and be enjoyed. Exercise can in fact be fun and enjoyable, in fact it needs to be, otherwise you won’t stick with it long enough to get any results.

If you feel like your just not cut out to be in shape…then you haven’t tried kickboxing

If you haven’t found an exercise program you’ve liked enough to maintain and see results. If you keep telling yourself year after year that next year I will try again next January.If you have been led to believe that your too old, not coordinated enough, or simply not cut out to ever be in shape, then you have most definitely never tried a kickboxing class.


Kickboxing combines cardiovascular conditioning which burns fat and builds stamina, with strength training which tones your muscles so you look and feel lean, and also raises your bodies metabolism which promotes weight loss. Along with building your stamina and strength, you will also work your flexibility which will help you to find lost range of motion, decrease aches and pains, and keep you feeling young!

don’t let yourself wait another year to do what you can do now

A quality kickboxing program will take you through real kickboxing techniques, in a safe, controlled and fun atmosphere. This setting allows you to be able to relax as you work out, as well as learn at a comfortable pace. Every year I help my students not only get into the best shape of their lives, but also build the self discipline to stay in shape! Don’t let yourself wait another year to do what you can now!