Women’s Kickboxing Prepares Ladies for Holiday Shopping

By December 1, 2014 TSMMA Wayne

Women’s kickboxing classes not only teach self defense and get ladies prepared for late night shopping but also gets kickboxers in amazing shape.  Everyone knows that kickboxing is a great workout.  The way kickboxing classes are taught at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, however, it also teaches real self defense.

Women's Kickboxing will teach self defense and get you in shape

Understand Awareness and Practice Self Defense

Every class, in addition to women’s kickboxing burning over 800 calories per hour, also teaches the proper techniques and breaks down the concepts of authentic kickboxing and self defense.  This is especially important this time of year with more and more people out late shopping and carrying multiple packages back to their cars.  Women should always be aware of their surroundings and be able to defend themselves.  The holiday season is one of those times of the year when it is even more important.

Women's Kickboxing classes

Women’s Safety is the topic

So to combat light night shopping and to arm women with the ability to be more aware and learn a little self defense Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts is holding it’s annual WomanSafe, Personal Safety and Self Defense Seminar on Wednesday December 10, 2014 at 7:00pm.  The first part of his two part seminar will educate women on motives of assault, statistics of violent crimes against women and domestic violence. The second part is a hands on self defense class breaking down a few important concepts and techniques. Not to mention a fun women’s kickboxing class getting the heart rate up!

women's kickboxing teaches real life self defense

Real Life Women’s Kicboxing

When a woman learns the vulnerable areas of her body and how to protect them, and understands the best natural weapons she possesses to use for self defense she becomes empowered.  One women’s kickboxing class won’t turn anyone into an unbeatable warrior, but it will point out what needs to be protected and how to do it.

Don’t miss this once a year seminar that also can introduce you to the best workout you’ve ever tried, Women’s Kickboxing!

Self Defense and Personal Safety Seminar

Self Defense and Personal Safety Seminar


Reservations are Required and Space is Limited.

Women's kickboxing is just the tip of the iceberg

Self Defense and Personal Safety Seminar

The Wayne Tiger Schulmann’s School is conveniently located near Pequannock at 1605 Route 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center, with Party City, Chuck E Cheese and directly next door to Modell’s Sporting Goods.

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