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Women Turn To Self Defense Expert for Tips on Holiday Shopping

Last Updated on November 11, 2014.


Do you shop alone at night? Where do you park?  Do you notice the color of the car next to you? Are you fumbling for keys with too many bags weighing you down upon returning to your car?  Do you check the back seat before you get in?  Are you aware of your surroundings?

self defense will give you added confidence
Learn self defense and feel more confident

These are just a few of the points touched upon at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts WomenSafe Seminar.  A two part lecture and hand’s on self defense class.

Women’s Self Defense has taken a forefront in today’s society, with hoodlum “knockout” games being played by delinquent teenagers, and the ever present assailant on the loose.  Women who know how to defend themselves are 80% more likely to fend off an attack and recover quicker from injuries sustained, emotionally and physically.

self defense will give you confidence and get you in shape
Real life self defense training at Tiger Schulmann’s


Women who attend the seminar receive important tips on awareness and self defense, and get themselves started with a free Trial of Women’s Kickboxing classes.

Not only will these classes teach realistic self defense techniques, but also help to get everyone involved into amazing physical shape.

Don’t miss this ever important seminar on Women’s Personal Safety and  get started with Women’s Kickboxing call the Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne School at (973)694-3495.

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