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October 2011

TSMMA Eatontown Student Discovers Fountain of Youth Through Self Defense Program

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“Since joining Tiger Schulmann’s I have had people remark that I looked younger then my age and asked if I had done something with myself because I looked better.” – Bob Grandcolas

BY: TSMMA Eatontown

My job occasionally takes me to some rather unsavory neighborhoods but I have been lucky to have had very few incidents over a 34 year career. Two years ago I was in one of those bad neighborhoods – behind the Port authority bus terminal in NYC when a strange man began to yell crazily and wildly took a swing at me. I ducked but he clipped my ear and then he took off up the street. This incident really bothered me and I told a friend about it. My friend knew someone who had joined Tiger Schulmann’s who loved it. I had been thinking of joining a Tiger Schulmann’s that had recently opened near my home. I decided right then to join and am very glad I did.

I am a person who normally gets very bored by exercise which I usually find to be very repetitive and mind numbing. Tiger is the only exercise program that I have ever tried that holds my interest and I’m never bored. Tigers’ program requires you to use your physical body along with developing good memorization and mental strategies. There is also a good atmosphere of safety, respect and comradeship that develops between the students. I found that the students all push each other to do better in a friendly way. The training is combination of group exercise, while developing defensive and kickboxing skills along with personal attention from a highly experienced professional trainer.

“Tiger Schulmann’s is the only exercise program that I have ever tried that holds my interest and I’m never bored.”

When I first began at tiger – I was stiff, short of breath and the workouts seemed tough – I realized right away that I had gradually gotten out of shape. But I was interested and determined and always felt better after each class. Two years later I am keeping up with students who are many years younger than myself, I’m far less stiff and seldom lose my breath. For me the changes were barely noticeable because they were gradual but allot of other folks began to notice and have commented on the changes. Since joining Tiger I have had people remark that I looked younger then my age and asked if I had done something with myself because I looked better. I tell them that I have done nothing different in my life but kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s of Eatontown.

“My guess is that I will never need to use my new defensive skills because I doubt that I put out “the easy target” vibe anymore.

Working out at Tiger has given me numerous benefits besides being stronger and learning how to properly defend myself. I stand straighter and am no longer slump shouldered. I am not easily winded. I feel more confidence and life seems a little more valuable. My guess is that I will never need to use my new defensive skills because I doubt that I put out “the easy target” vibe anymore. Tiger Schulmann’s suits my life style, I’m in better condition than I have been in years, I feel more confident and now have some very good kickboxing skills. Instructors James Tresca & Jose  Villanueva are great guys always push me to train hard and stay consistent and if miss class witch seldom do because of my work schedule I will always get that phone call from them motivating me to get back saying I know were you live Sensei Tresca tells me I will come pick you up if you forgot how to get hear pal. Then when I do Sensei V always gives me a great class and says nice to see you Bob. Thanks guys I am really enjoying myself.

– Bob Grandcolas

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“It’s Hard to Beat a Person Who Never Gives Up.”

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“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

My grandson, Kyle, is a student of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts. The skills Kyle has learned are manifold. He is more self-controlled, self-disciplined, patient, and attentive. He has learned to take orders and criticism. One big step for Kyle is that he works in a group setting and has contact with other students in the class of various backgrounds and personalities. Perhaps this does not sound extraordinary, except that Kyle is autistic.

Autistic traits are vastly different in each afflicted person. No eye contact, impaired social interactions, lack of communication, low attention span, body rocking, compulsive behavior, high stress levels, and poor body tone are some of them. Kyle has had most of these.

Kyle realizes he is different, and has made tremendous gains in his life at home and in school However, he wanted more. Kyle is an 18 year old young man “who never gives up.” Kyle asked if he could take karate and made the decision that Tiger Schulmann’s was the place he wanted to go for his martial arts training. He certainly picked the perfect setting.

Sensei sees each student as unique and sometimes must be harder on some than others. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people. Kyle with all his special needs has without a doubt become triumphant.

Throughout the professional leadership of Sensei Peter Tirelli, Joshu Nicole Kumar, and Sempai Joel Bekker, Kyle has improved his social skills, his strength, overcame fear of communicating with other people and has even had the opportunity to lead the class. Kyle takes great pride in his accomplishments. He is learning leadership skills and is setting goals for himself. His self-esteem has skyrocketed. Kyle has gained a sense of pride. For a young adult with autistic disorder, these accomplishments are considered nearly impossible tasks.

The teaching, understanding, and praise Kyle receives at Tiger Schulmann’s from not only Sensei, but the entire class, has shown that it is possible to accomplish the nearly impossible.

I read that a Sensei does not ask for rewards. A Sensei’s reward is when his students improve and excel. Sensei Tirelli’s skill in teaching Kyle is something for which I will be forever grateful. I started with a quote from Babe Ruth because it reminds me of my grandson. I will end with a quote from Henry Brook Adams because it reminds me of what Kyle has been awarded at Tiger Schulmann’s by all of those involved.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

With Heartfelt Gratitude,


Kyle’s Gramma

The Amazing Transformation of TSMMA Abington Student Anton Werner!

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Almost 1 year ago Anton walked into TSMMA Abington to begin his training. At age 46, he felt horrible all the time, had no energy. His life consisted of work and then sitting at home. He was 335lbs and knew he had to do something because he was headed in the wrong direction. “I was done, they saved me” He says about his state of health prior to starting. He began Tiger Schulmann’s program of kickboxing for exercise and followed their nutritional program. In less then a year he lost a total of almost 100lbs, he looks great and feels great now! “Anton is proof that amazing transformations are possible with proper nutrition, regular exercise, and the right coach” says his instructor Sensei James Garzillo. “Anton is a great student, and I am extremely proud of what he is accomplished in the last year. Its been really fun watching him have a great time in class while losing all the weight. The first step is the hardest, but your health is the most important asset you own, a year from now you can be in a better place like Anton, or you can be still where you are saying you need to get in shape!”


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TSMMA Success Story

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Dear Sensei David Tirelli,

I want to acknowledge the positive experience that I have encountered over the last decade with my son, Andrew.

At the age of 5, Andrew enrolled in Tiger Schulmann’s in 1999. At first, my family discouraged me from enrolling Andrew in such a contact sport at such a young age. Even Andrew himself was unsure if he wanted to do it. After quitting 3 times on his own at ages 8, 11 and 13, Sensei Holland of the Watchung, New Jersey location advised me to just let go, if it is meant to be Andrew will come back on his own. I took her advice. After Andrew tried out for freshman football and getting discouraged about “team effort”, he quit. Sophomore year he was cut from basketball due to politics. This is when Andrew began to realize how unfair the world can be.

One morning Andrew was being bullied and racially discriminated by an ignorant classmate and his followers. The bully assaulted him with a lacrosse stick and Andrew reacted fast by grabbing it out of his hand and threw it to the ground. The bully charged toward Andrew and his instincts stepped in. Andrew slide left and gained control of the fight with one defensive hit before a teacher broke it up. Both Andrew and the other student were suspended for 8 days and Andrew was convinced he’d be in even more trouble with me but he was wrong. I personally told the principal that every action Andrew took towards the bully was self defense that he learned under the supervision of Sensei Paul Querido also of Watchung, New Jersey Tiger Schulmann’s. I also told the principal that I’m glad my hard earned money paid off.

Andrew went back to Tiger Schulmann’s of Watchung in late 2008 and he has made it his second home since. In July of 2010 Andrew began training at the Elmwood Park location with the TSMMA Fight Team. Now the only abuse he gets is Sensei Lyman Good picking him up and placing him back in the circle on the mat. Sensei Paul Querido noticed Andrew’s potential and his sending him to the Black Belt Test in November of 2011. Andrew remains focused in school and is finishing his junior year with a 97 percent average, with plans on applying to local universities and pursuing an education in Criminal Justice.  In conclusion, Tiger Schulmann’s has changed Andrew’s life in a positive way, you’ve done your job!

Gaudinot Earns Respect in Ultimate Fighter Showdown

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By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Louis Gaudinot came out guns blazing as he made his first appearance since winning his way into the The Ultimate Fighter House. It was the fourth fight of the season, second in the Bantamweight Division and it would be an uphill battle for Gaudinot. Fighting for Team Bisping, the green coiffed wonder would face off with Dustin Pague. Unfortunately for Gaudinot, team morale was down as Team Mayhem had taken the first three fights from his teammates in dominating fashion. He didn’t let that stop him from running into the cage with his trademark smile.

Gaudinot would know ahead of time that he would be facing Pague as one of Pague’s teammates was giving fight matchup information to Team Bisping ahead of time. That gave the Hoboken Sensei extra time to prepare for what Pague brought to the table. Pague had fought previously at Featherweight, ten pounds above the Bantamweight limit of 135, while Gaudinot has all his pro experience at 125, the Flyweight division that has yet to be included in the UFC.

That weight differential would play itself out mostly in height as Pague stood 5’9″ to Gaudinot’s more weight appropriate 5’3″. The six inch difference in height would be reflected in an even crazier, 11.5″ inch reach advantage. Gaudinot was still confident going into the cage however, “I came out here to chew bubble gum and kick #$&, and I’m all out of bubble gum!”

Early in the fight Gaudinot did a great job of closing the distance against Pague and ripping shots under and around the taller mans guard. He would land a series of hooks and uppercuts that had Pague retreating. Pague was an astute opponent, though, and began countering Gaudinot’s interior work with some great knee kicks. It also seemed as though Pague was able to deal with Gaudinot’s power as some solid shots that rocked Gaudinot’s opponents at 125, did little to take Pague off his game.

Both fighters were remarkable in standing in the pocket and blasting away at each other. Pague would land a knee and Gaudinot would blast right back with an overhand right. Then Gaudinot would come in with shots of his own and Pague would counter with a clinch and knees. Many of Pague’s knees were deflected by Gaudinot but the cumulative effect started to take a toll as Round 1 came to an end. Gaudinot would shoot for a double and get deep before Pague established underhooks and pressed him against the cage. He would throw a couple more strong knees before Gaudinot spun out and landed an uppercut and hook of his own to close the round. Clearly impressed by each other’s efforts, the two shared a quick pound at the end of the round.

Round 2 would start much the same as Round 1 with both fighters blasting away at each other. About 30 seconds in things would change for the worse as Pague landed a big overhand right that dropped Gaudinot to his knees and found Pague on top pressing him to the cage. Gaudinot battled back to his feet and tried to turn to his own single leg, but Pague stuffed it and reversed to press Louis against the fence where he would land a plumb clinch and finally shot a knee through Gaudinot’s guard. The shot would drop Gaudinot and Pague deftly took his back and finished in back mount. He would lock in a short choke against the still stunned Gaudinot and eventually force the tap.

“First of all Louis is a tough kid who just kept coming forward,” said UFC President Dana White of Gaudinot’s effort in the fight.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry about Louis, I’m proud of you I really am,” said his coach Michael Bisping. “I’m just heartbroken for Louis, he’s one of the nicest young men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, just a standup guy.”

The loss left Gaudinot visibly upset as he felt like he let people down. He certainly didn’t let down his legion of fans in TSMMA as the fight was a war from start to finish and earned the respect of everyone involved even in defeat. We are looking forward to seeing his entrance into the much talked about Flyweight division which may be added to the UFC as early as the end of this year.

Gaudinot has been back in training ever since he returned from his time on The Ultimate fighter and we know he is motivated to come back better than ever. You can follow Louis at @goodnight_green on twitter and send him your thoughts on last nights fight!

We are proud of you Sensei Gaudinot, and know you will make us even prouder when you return!

Louis Gaudinot and Nick Pace Take Part in “Stay Fit Day For Bronx Children Event”

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To Fight Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Mixed Martial Artists and Celebrity Trainer Travel to The Bronx on Monday


Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera Holds Community Event to Combat Growing Epidemic of Childhood Obesity, Warn of Critical Impact on Health Care System,

Early Deaths for Next Generation


ALBANY, NEW YORK – (10/07/2011)  —  With national childhood obesity rates soaring and with even higher rates of overweight children in New York State, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, member of the Assembly Standing Committee on Health and the Assembly Committee on Children and Families, today announced events she is using to raise public awareness and reverse a trend that has 1 in 3 children under 18 either overweight or obese.

On Monday, October 10, 2011, at 1:30 PM, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera will be joined by professional Mixed Martial Arts athletes Louis Gaudinot and Nick Pace, Donovan Green, a physical fitness and martial arts expert, and Gloria Brent, a registered dietitian and nutritionist from Jacobi Medical Center, for an event for children and their parents titled, “Fight the Bulge, A Get Fit, Stay Fit Day For Bronx Children” at the Bronx House, 900 Pelham Parkway South. The event will feature demonstrations, nutrition tips, and children attending will have their Body Mass Index (BMI) measured.

According to Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, “With nearly a third of children and adolescents either overweight or obese in this country, more than 23 million young people are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other serious chronic diseases. The toll on an already overburdened health care system is increasing exponentially.” She added, “Studies estimate that the obesity epidemic is already costing the nation more than $170 billion annually in direct medical expenses and over $75 billion in lost productivity.”

“We now have a situation where children as young as 7 years-of-age are on cholesterol lowering medication and teenagers are being prescribed medicines to control their high blood pressure.  For minority communities, this childhood obesity epidemic is an immediate crisis, with over 38% of Hispanic children either overweight or obese and over 18% of minority teenage girls being classified as overweight,” declared Rivera.

According to Rivera, not enough is being done by government to prevent obesity. “We have communities all over New York that lack safe neighborhoods and parks for recreation and exercise. More communities lack access to supermarkets and places to buy healthy foods, fruits and vegetables and our schools are places were our children have access to many unhealthy foods.”

On Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 1:30 PM, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera hosted, and was joined on a nation-wide web cast, by State Senator Andrew J. Lanza, Dr. Elena Rios of the National Hispanic Medical Association, and Donovan Green, the personal trainer to Dr. Oz, to discuss the childhood obesity epidemic and the challenges and opportunities to remedy this national health crisis.  The free web cast can be viewed by logging-in at anytime over the next 12 months at:

TSMMA Success Story

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Dear Master Tiger Schulmann,

My name is Great Helmke, I started training at Tiger Schulmann’s in Islandia, NY last June. My two children, Garrett and Amelia also train in Islandia. We are all very proud to have recently earned our high blue belts. I am the widow of PO Robert B. Helmke NYPD who lost his life in the line of duty in July 2007 after he lost his battle with cancer, which he got as a result of working endless hours at Ground Zero. My husband was honored posthumously with the Distinguished Service Medal, NY State Shields Medal of Honor and his name on The Empire State Plaza, Battery Park and NYPD Police Headquarters Memorial Wall. I am also the Vice President of The 9/11 Responders Remembered Park Committee. We are very happy to announce the opening of the first park honoring all of the first responders that have died since 9/11 in Nesconset, NY in September 2011.

The reason that I started training at Tiger Schulmann’s is because I was inspired by my friend and also a 9/11 NYPD first responder’s widow, Tracy Zane. The reason I continued to train there was self motivation and hands down the amazing instructor Joshu George Heurtelou. Joshu Heurtelou is a gifted instructor, motivator and supporter for me, my children and anyone who is lucky enough to train with him. I was very disappointed when he was moved to the Nanuet, NY Tiger Schulmann’s, but understood the need for him to be moved there. A great teacher is someone who leaves you with great skills and Joshu did that. I told Joshu every time I am on the mat, I remember his words of motivation and push to always do my best. I do hope that he is moved back to Long Island someday, so that he can continue to inspire and motivate students like myself and be closer to his family and support system.

I have the pleasure of notifying you that I created an Annual Scholarship Fund for the next 5 years to a well deserving Islandia student in honor of mine and Tracy’s husbands. Sensei Bonet was a great help in working with me to carefully select the student to receive the 1st annual unlimited program scholarship. The scholarship will always go to a student who trains hard and who we want to motivate to stand tall and proud in spite of any hardships in their personal lives. I would like the tragedy that has touched mine and Tracy’s lives turn into a gift to others in their memories and because of two great teachers, Sensei Bonet and Joshu Heurtelou.


Greta Helmke