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My Weight loss Journey with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in North Plainfield

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My Weight loss Journey with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in North Plainfield

BY: TSMMA North Plainfield Blog

My journey began a little over a year and a half ago. I was 208 lbs, 22 years old and 5’3, I was classified as obese. Honestly, when I realized I was so unhealthy that I was retaining water in my legs I knew something had to change. I was at the point where I was willing to do as much work as I had to in order to become healthy again, and that is exactly what I did.

I started making better eating choices along with working out regularly and the results were showing. Not only was I looking thinner but I was feeling great. When I reached about 169 pounds I decided that I wanted to add something to my life that would be beneficial health wise and also career wise because I’m studying to be a federal agent and knew I needed to be physically fit. For a long time I had wanted to start kickboxing and one day I was watching television and came across Tiger Schulmann’s commercial, clearly it was the sign I had been looking for. I gave them a call in September of 2011 and set up my first class.

I was so excited and knew I had made a great decision. My initial goal was to reach 145 pounds, with the support of TSMMA, my family, my boyfriend and his family, and my friends I was able to get there. I now weigh 139 pounds (which is classified as healthy) and have set a new goal of 125 pounds. Having lost 30 pounds thus far with TSMMA is honestly amazing. Everyone at TSMMA is so wonderful, loving, helpful, and have become family to me. I will never be able to thank them enough for helping me in my journey and being there for me whenever I needed them. I am so thankful for all that they have taught me and all that I will continue to learn with them in the future. You guys are the best and such an inspiration!


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TSMMA Princeton Student Gets In Shape

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TSMMA Princeton Student Gets In Shape

By: TSMMA Princeton Blog

The decision to join Tiger Schulmann’s MMA was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Before Tiger Schulmann’s Princeton I used to think I was pretty fit because I would lift weights, do pull ups, and jog for about 40 minutes at least 3 times a week.  I decided to join Tiger Schulmann’s because I wanted to learn martial arts, a sense of self discipline, and I always admired the fire in the eyes of martial artist.  They always looked calm and collective to me even when they are under stress or in a chaotic environment.

After joining Tiger Schulmann’s I realized what having real fitness really meant.  I felt like dying after my first class which was a huge eye opener for me. I considered myself to be in shape but the class showed me that my fitness level was not where I obviously thought it was.  The intensity of the first class made me second guess myself but thanks to Joshu Billings I was given the confidence to push harder because he made it clear that with consistency and determination I would be able to achieve anything I wanted.  His words were more than true because after my first couple of classes I started to feel like I was running on red bull most of the time. I had unusual bursts of energy out of nowhere especially when I woke up in the morning after a hard night of training.  I started to see definition in my muscles that I never knew existed.  I came into Tiger Schulmann’s not expecting to lose weight but to my surprise I had lost about 15 pounds only in a couple of months.

Now that I have experienced the glory inside of training at TSMMA Princeton, I hope to someday compete in amateur Mixed Martial Arts fights after a couple of years of training.

– Isaac G.

For the last year Isaac “Venom” G. has been one of my most dedicated students. He continues to grow exponentially, both with his physical conditioning but also in his martial arts knowledge. He strives to learn more about MMA, every second he spends in class he is training as hard as he can. That is what true success is, when faced with a challenge you confront it and you find a way to overcome that challenge.  It’s not about how you start or how good you are when you start.  It’s about how hard you’re willing to work to make yourself that much better.

-Joshu Billings

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Fighting Back The Bully with TSMMA! How Bullying Almost Destroyed My Life.

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 Fighting Back The Bully with TSMMA! How Bullying Almost Destroyed My Life.

By: TSMMA Glendale Blog

It all started in 5th grade when a group of guys and girls began to bully me. I was supposedly “friends” with these people. I was too nice to realize they weren’t my true friends. Every day they would bully me about my weight, and every day when I got picked up from school I was crying. My dad knew something was up when I didn’t have a smile on my face. Yet each day it was the same thing. “You are so fat. You have too much blubber on you.” It hurt alot. I would feel so embarrassed to even look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t even want to be in school anymore. I forced myself to go.

Then in 6th grade it started again. The first couple of months were fine. Then someone made a rumor; “Ryan is only going out with Gabby to make Diana jealous.” Someone made it up, and said I said it. Everyone ganged up on me. They made me feel like an outcast. Each and every minute of the day I was alone. Not even my good friends stood by me. Even kids in the other class that knew the bullies hated me. They started cyber-bullying me. With texts they said they wanted to fight. With email and instant messages, they were harassing me all the time, calling me names. They talked about me behind my back. I felt alone. Liittle by little my self esteem and self confidence gradually diminished. 6th grade was over.

Then 7th came along. Again the first couple of months were fine, and then it started. They hated me. One girl, (I’ll never forget her) started to write notes using every girl’s name she didn’t like. She wrote the most inappropriate things about me and others. Then she said that I wrote a note when it was her all along forging other people’s handwriting. It got so bad that I decided to talk to teachers. We went through this entire process. Talking to teachers, then to Deans, then the Assistant Principle. Yet the notes, the rumors and the talking still continued. Nothing had changed. I was still an outcast. I didn’t talk to many people. But every other day they would be nice to me and I thought wanted to be my friend. I was just too naive to realize they only wanted to get stuff out of me to talk about me and spill my secrets.

Seventh grade ended miserably, and here comes 8th. Everything seemed fine, but early September the notes started again. At this point I was depressed. I was cutting. I had thoughts of suicide. I planned my death. After all of this, even stuff at home that never bothered me before, started to kill me little by little. So at home and at school I was never safe. I was never happy. Finally I told my guidance counselor what had happened and why my thoughts were as bad as they were. Concerned, she told my father. My family got involved and I had to go to a mental hospital for some counseling. Of course I was in tears. The next day, after the hospital I didn’t go to school. I spent it with my father. We went to lunch and then he took me to sign up for Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts classes. Ever since, I’m more confident. I have more self esteem. I’m more assertive and stronger than I ever was. I’ve lost weight and I’m still losing. Tiger Schulmann’s has changed me for the better. It’s helped me get through so much. Ever since that first day in class, I knew my life was better.

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TSMMA Cherry Hill Students Overcome Bullying and Abuse Through MMA Training

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TSMMA Cherry Hill Students Overcome Bullying and Abuse Through MMA Training

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | cherry-hill-kickboxingBy: TSMMA Cherry Hill Blog

When I signed my son up for MMA, I expected him to learn how to defend himself and gain confidence to face up to the bullies in his life. The reality has fully surpassed all expectations. What started out as a resource for my son has turned into the best thing that could have happened to either of us.

I was never the athletic person. Content to keep my nose in a book and watch from the sidelines, I never felt coordinated enough to participate in team sports. Always 10-30 pounds overweight and with acne scars, I never felt like I fit in or stood a chance in the perpetual beauty contest of Southern California where I grew up. I was smart, but struggled with self-esteem issues most of my life.

Being fairly independent, I found myself at UC Santa Cruz, where women are celebrated and empowered. Heard the horror stories of women who find themselves in abusive relationships and believed that would never be me. Six years later, with just one suitcase, I left my entire life behind and began a new life with my baby boy in Westmont, New Jersey. Those first few years were tough as I struggled to deal with the mental, emotional, physical fall out, work full time, and raise my son.

Those who know him know my son, Chaos, as a gregarious, bright, personable, energetic person. An extrovert if you ever met one. My social butterfly, so opposite of me. Although the youngest in his class, being big for his age meant he looked like the older boys. He faced his share of personality differences in school and had a love/hate relationship with one of the biggest bullies. Chaos stood up to the boy from day one, was suspended in first grade for it, but always claimed there was something good in the boy, and seemed to be one of his few friends. One of the things I am most impressed with my son is how many of his closest friends are the kids who are shunned by others. He doesn’t judge by looks, but by action and character. And he’s adamantly, fiercely held to this.

In third grade, the school principal and counselor opened communication with me because Chaos was saying some disturbing things. Over the years he’d also had conflicts with another boy; a boy who was a lot smaller than him, but who rubbed Chaos the wrong way. Chaos once told the boy his life would be so much better if the boy had never been born. And over time began telling people he wished he was dead. Afraid he would hurt himself, the school and I worked with Chaos and monitored things to be sure he was safe. He didn’t explain a lot about anything in particular that was bothering him though. He appeared to be happy and energetic, get great grades at school, but when he would say he wished he was dead, we knew something wasn’t right. It took through most of fourth grade before I finally understood the extent to which this boy was bullying him, right in front of teachers and classmates. Chaos hadn’t stood up to him and even though he tried to tell the boy to stop, he never used more than words to defend himself. The boy was small, so I couldn’t understand why Chaos wouldn’t do more, except that he was terrified of getting suspended or expelled from school. The bullying had happened for so long, Chaos felt paralyzed whenever the boy was near him.

By the end of the year the teacher cried and apologized for not paying closer attention and protecting Chaos from the situation. The boy would harass Chaos every day, usually some form of verbal taunting, but also throwing things at him, threatening him, kicking him under the desk. The school suggested fifth grade would be better, but only because the boy was going to a different school. I asked how they would resolve the situation for middle school, and they didn’t have an answer.

A few weeks into the start of 5th grade, we attended the Township block party. Tiger Schulmann’s had a table set up, with a costumed tiger and students in their uniforms. I had seen commercials for TSK and had wanted to move Chaos from gymnastics to martial arts for awhile. Joshu Shane Baker explained about their program and offered us a trial class. Two days later he called and scheduled a time for us to come in. Joshu Alexander was the instructor at the time, and Chaos went into the kid’s class with an open mind. His introduction to the world of mma was through the loud game, the focus game, and a class ranging from black belts to beginners where he felt included. After class Joshu asked Chaos if he liked it, if he could give 100%, focus, and become one of his students, and Chaos answered with a resounding YES. He was hooked instantly.

On the way home I knew I had to let him sign up. But I had to tell him we’d have to make some sacrifices to pay for it. He knew what that meant but begged me to figure out how to make it work. I sat and watched every class Chaos attended. He didn’t participate in team sports, so I wasn’t a Soccer mom. But, evenings and Saturdays, juggling work, school, and guitar lessons, I was an MMA mom. I watched, listened, and learned along with him. I was immediately impressed with the holistic sense of the school. Although they were being taught how to punch and kick, it felt like self defense was just a piece of many things they were being taught. Instead they were learning discipline: focus, to not give up even when things get hard, to have a positive attitude, to try, to work through pain, to be tough and strong, and to have fun. They were given instructions on how to face bullies; on nutrition; on applying discipline to all aspects of their lives. And my favorite observation was the positive atmosphere, positive attitude of the instructors. Everything began with a positive statement, “that kick was great! Try it this way now and it will be even stronger.” The children were treated with respect. They were not belittled. I listened to this and thought about how I could apply this communication tactic in my own life as a manager at work.

During this time of focusing on Chaos and encouraging him to stand up to the bullies in his life, I found I had to stand up to the bullies in my own life and took the final step of filing for divorce. I felt like I couldn’t promote everything to Chaos if I wasn’t following my own advice. And watching him at MMA gave me a sense of empowerment and courage to do what I had to do. Chaos started middle school and the bullying started again along with it. Together we immediately approached the school administration and teachers. Within a day, their schedules had been rearranged so they no longer had any classes together. Chaos flourished through the next two years and is looking forward to even more fun in 8th grade. Chaos knows he has a support team through MMA who will help him through if any tough situations arise again.

After a few months of watching his classes, some of the adult students started asking me when they were going to see me on the mat. Initially I was hesitant. It was sweaty and smelly and looked hard, but over time, the beginner class began to look like fun. I could punch and kick a pad. I didn’t have to grapple and roll around in the sweat. So I decided if I could re-arrange my budget, I’d sign up too. It started with parent night, when students were invited to bring their parents in for a class. I was hooked. It took a little while, but a year after Chaos started, put on a uniform. It was so much fun. Such a hard work out. I was hugely impressed with my son. By then he was in the advanced kickboxing and grappling classes too.

I spent a year going two nights a week. I told Joshu Baker I didn’t intend to do anything more than core class. He said, “ok”, didn’t push me, but hinted eventually I might change my mind. Sure enough I asked to add a night, and by the end of the first year, I wasn’t squeamish about the sweaty mat any more. So after all my ranting about how I wouldn’t do it, I started grappling warm-ups. I felt ridiculous in my first few grappling sessions, tied up like a pretzel. But, being taught step-by-step, I knew with practice, over time, I could learn. It was a whole new level of work out, as much mental as physical. Typically the smallest person on the mat, I had to learn to breathe, not panic, move myself not them. From there it didn’t take long to start kickboxing. I was afraid of that more than anything. Afraid of how I would react the first time I got hit. What kind of memories would it bring back, would I panic, would I ever get over it? Boy did I get to test all of those questions quickly. One of my first classes, my partner had especially powerful round kicks, and great flexibility (although I’m only 5’2 so it’s not that hard to kick up to my head). I didn’t quite understand how to hold the muay thai pads, so when she threw the kick, I absorbed it with my face. I was stunned. Embarrassed. It hurt a little, but I’d been hurt worse so I knew I’d be ok. The real problem was the rush of emotion, the sensation I felt brought an onslaught of memory how I’d felt that before. I didn’t know whether to be mad or sad or how exactly to shake it off. People thought I was just hurt, and didn’t know half of my reaction was from the memories, not my throbbing jaw. I didn’t quite feel myself the rest of the day, and we still talk sometimes about that kick. But I learned a valuable lesson that day. I’m strong. I didn’t break. The whole point of this class is to learn how to protect myself. Rather than cower down and take a beating, I’m learning how to defend, protect, and fight back. I had a choice. I could get stuck and let the memories keep me down or I could listen, learn, and figure out how to get past the fear.

Today I still don’t like when I take a hit to the head, but that’s because it means I didn’t block or duck and I need to work on something. I no longer have that onslaught of emotional reaction. I’ve worked past it, and it is just that – the past. I am who I am now – a strong woman, getting stronger everyday – I have a yellow belt in MMA. It makes me smile with disbelief sometimes. I think of where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, the people in my life I cowered to, and wonder what my highschool classmates would think if they could see me now. I turned 40 this year, and am in the best shape of my life. Toned, fit, strong, I almost have 6-pack abs. Unbelievable. I’ve learned how to throw combinations in kickboxing; how to use tiny openings to create more space in grappling; how to breathe and re-gain composure quickly. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

In the first 10 years that I lived in NJ, my only social life was through work. I didn’t have friends to socialize with, I didn’t date, and aside from my sister, entire family is on the west coast. I had some friends at work, but only saw them at work events. Similarly, Chaos had friends at school, but didn’t attend sleepovers, talk on the phone, or spend much time with them outside of school. In the past two years, all of that has changed. We have an MMA family who opened their arms to us, made us feel welcomed, and gave us a sense of belonging. Chaos has friends at school, camp, and mma that he spends time with in social settings. I’ve been to parties, movies, fights, and picnics. I’ve watched coaches help build confidence in my son to compete and win or lose give him a hug after. This winter, for the first time, I plan to compete. Every step along the way where I’ve said I’ll do this, but not the step after, I’ve decided I want to push harder to the next step and beyond. If my 12 year old can do it, so can I. The men ask me sometimes how it feels to be the only girl on the mat. I tell them after my initial embarrassment, I don’t mind. The whole point is for me to learn to defend myself against a much largerman. The only way I’ll ever be able to do that is to train with men. So I end up a little bruised or sore, I earned these bruises and wear them proudly. I got better because of them, the pain is a welcome reminder of how strong I’m getting. We both have goals to achieve our black belts. However long it takes, we know we can do it. It’s hard to put into words how proud I am of my son. He is not an aggressive person. For years he refused to watch mma on tv with me because it’s too violent. He’ll train in it, but not watch it. That was until he watched Sensei Louis Gaudinot compete in UFC. Now he’ll watch on occasion. It makes me smile every time because we know what the moves are. He still gets nervous when we go cheer on the fight teams.

He was moved into adult classes early because of his size and faith that he could keep up. It’s hard as a mom to encourage your child to push themselves and want to protect them at the same time. So here I was telling him to push as he’s facing men punch and kick him. He and the other boy in class with him were both in tears by the end of the night. But everyone in the room was so proud of them for facing their fears and sticking with it. My son’s father hasn’t been in his life to teach him how to be a man. But he has a whole team of people stepping in to help.

We are happy. We have friends, we have a family who includes us, invites us, encourages us. We are in a place where we can include, invite, and encourage others. Joshu Baker has become a mentor to an entire class of young men who need a safe place to be; either an outlet; or a place to gain confidence. In turn, the rest of us take on similar roles and watch them blossom, open up, grow. TSMMA is far more than a martial arts school. It is far more than I dreamed it could possibly be. Completely unexpected. It is a way of life.

– Tracie and Chaos Burruel

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | cherry-hill-kickboxing

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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Girl Punching

MMA Helps Children with ADHD Become More Focused!

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MMA Helps Children with ADHD Become More Focused!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Girl Punching


I signed my family up at Tiger Schulmann’s since martial arts were recommended by an Occupational Therapist for my daughter who has ADD and I wanted her to go to the best. She was so young when she started that on her first day she nervously asked which door the tiger was going to come out of. As I would have expected, Mixed Martial Arts was a great choice to help develop her muscle tone which has always been low.  She also learned self defense skills and attended a bully awareness seminar Sensei Montes gave for the kids which was a big plus since I know first-hand what a huge problem bullying is in schools. I was pleasantly surprised at how attending MMA classes at Tiger Schulmann’s a few times a week significantly improved ability to focus on tasks.

A few years later, I started attending classes myself to slim down and tone up as well as out of concern for my heart health- it turns out MMA is a great cardio workout. I was surprised by how much mental power it took to follow the movements and how two years later I am still learning and improving. Sensei Jose Montes keeps it interesting not only by varying the physical challenges but also with the mental challenges. I particularly enjoy his words of wisdom at the end of class. He is very good at motivating me to want to improve and take care of myself. I like going because I get results that I can not manage to get on my own and it’s empowering when you do things you originally thought you were incapable of. I think clearer and feel stronger and more confident when conducting myself in all areas of my life.

I would highly recommend Tiger Schulmann’s!

-Lisa Grover-Woodbury, NY

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Exclusive Interview with Munah Holland

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Exclusive Interview with Munah Holland


 Munah Holland is one of the best fighters in the most underrated division in MMA: women’s flyweight. Lots of people overlook this division, as they believe it is sparse of great talent.

That’s a mistake.

Women’s 125-pound division holds great fighters such as Sheila Gaff, Tara LaRosa, Cat Zingano, Jessica Eye, Barb Honchak, and WMMA legend, Rosi Sexton. That’s a lot of talent and it only scratches the surface. Among these world-class fighters, Munah Holland is almost unanimously ranked as number 6 in the world and looks to continue up the ranks with a win over Michelle Ould at Bellator 74.

Before her big fight on September 28, Munah Holland sat down for an interview with us. Check it out:

Championship Rounds: Talk about your fight with Michelle. How has training camp been going?

Munah Holland: I am extremely excited about this fight with Michelle at Bellator 74.  I think it will be exciting to have an opponent whose skills fall under wrestling and grappling. This will be a great fight and the fans will not be disappointed.

My training camp is incredible. I have the most amazing teammates to work with in all the styles necessary to be my best and the most well rounded I can be for this fight.  I am also very grateful for the coaches I have at Tiger Schulmann’s.  Having Tiger Schulmann himself, Master Ron Schulmann, Boxing Coach Ray Velez, Jujitsu coaches Sensei Jason Lopez and Sensei Robert Villafane, and Wrestling Coach Rusty Reade. They all bring the best out of me for my stand-up and ground games and I am very happy with the torturous training I receive.  It’s so tough and so rewarding.

CR: What do you believe are her strength and weaknesses?

MH: I never assume anything, so I am only going off of footage I have studied with my coaches. I feel her stand-up game is a weakness and her wrestling game her strength.

CR: If you win this fight, do you believe you will fight for the 125-pound belt in Bellator?

MH: As long as there is a 125 lb Tournament for Bellator, I will fight for the 125 lb belt.  I know how hard I work with my team and I know what I am capable of, I am hungry for this and would love to have the opportunity to hold that belt.

CR: Do you ever see yourself moving to Invicta FC to fight there?

MH: In this game you never know what can happen.  I have an agreement with Bellator for 2 years so unless they felt it was best to release me to fight [in Invicta FC], it would be unlikely.  I am keeping my focus on Bellator right now.

CR: What is it like training out of a place filled mostly with men?

MH: Have you ever seen Lyman Good, Jimmy Rivera, Julio Arce, Shane Burgos, Nick Pace, or Louis Gaudinot? And the list goes on and on and on; you will not catch me complaining. I am so fortunate to have great men to help train with me and they do not “baby” me, they know I get pissed off if they do.  They make me work hard and it pays off!

CR: How is the atmosphere at Team Tiger Schulmann?

MH: Morale is always high at Team Tiger Schulmann. We train ridiculously hard and smart every day and we laugh a lot, a whole lot.  We have a great balance of hardcore training and a whole lot of fun, too.  Tiger Schulmann does not tolerate distracting nonsense or disrespectful behavior so there is always a great deal of discipline in our training, that’s why we get so much done in the time we train. But, Tiger Schulmann also knows when we all need to let go and just have fun too.

CR: Are there any fighters from your gym that we should keep an eye on that we might not already know about?

MH: Jimmy Rivera, Julio Arce, Michael Murray, Rachel Kendall, Shane Burgos, Brandon Cuttino, Stephen Regman, Jenna Serio, and Mike Trizano.

Thanks again to Munah Holland for being our first Women’s MMA fighter that we have interviewed and we wish you the best of luck!

Please follow Munah on Twitter @Munah_Holland

Train with Munah Holland @ TSMMA North Plainfield

TSMMA Stamford Student’s Success Story

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TSMMA Stamford Student’s Success Story

My Son Matthew Egan was born with Down’s syndrome. With several holes in his heart breathing was a marathon in itself. At just six months old he fought through hours of extensive heart surgeries. Doctors told us Matthew would not be able to walk, but boy were they wrong. When he was just three years old he had fallen and his kneecap had popped out and without a thought he popped it back in himself. While he was in his cast, Matthew stood up and started walking and was running just shortly after.

Along with a mental slow processing issue, Matthew suffered severe vision depth perceptions issues, continuous heart problems and conductive hearing loss. But at a young age he learned not to use his disabilities as an excuse.  When we would talk to him he would sometimes grab our face and say, “look at me.”  Shortly after I realized he was doing that because he had taught himself to read our lips, developing his own solutions to his hard of hearing issues.

When he was six years old we moved to Stamford, Ct where we joined the Special Olympics. We always encouraged Matt to be active in sports such as track and field and swimming. I thought it would be a good idea for him to try gymnastics. I figured that this would not only help him interact with other kids his age, but potentially help improve his balance and flexibility.

With his struggles came some very tough social issues. Matthew is strong willed; he always had a ‘whatever you can do I can do’ mentality with his older brother Jon. But he was also very aware of his disability, and this would cause him to become very shy and have limited words if any in public. He was fearful of saying the wrong thing. In 2001 Matthew lost his buddy, his role model, his father. Matthew’s father, Michael was a victim in the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers.  This was a traumatic experience for all of us, but took a real toll on Matt.  Michael was someone Matthew could always count on, someone who made him feel normal, someone he never had to be shy in front of.

His struggles were far from over; in 2005 he collapsed in the men’s room of a restaurant. Because of this he was forced to have a Pace Maker, which he is not fully dependent on.  However, this was just one more hurdle in an ongoing fight to survive, and Matthew wasn’t going to let it stop him from continuing his life.

I knew I had to get him involved in some activities. Looking at many different opportunities everywhere shut their doors on us due to his illness until I came across Tiger Schulmann’s Stamford, Ct.  They welcomed Matthew in with open arms. They allowed Matthew to participate in martial arts classes.

This is where he was considered an equal, a feeling that he had been longing for. His peers were great at making him feel a part of the group; pairing with him and helping him learn. Treating him with the same respect they would give anyone else.

He’s overcome so much that he has developed the will to never give up on anything he starts.  He has a hunger to belong, and achieves that hunger without asking for any sympathy along the way. The last thing he wants is to be treated differently.  Tiger Schulmann’s has given him a chance to feed that hunger, and I can’t express enough gratitude for that. I am proud of everything he has achieved. His ability to follow multiple directions, increased when he doesn’t quite get it he looks at his peers to follow [conductive hearing loss] not an issue.  His progression from no belt to belt has made him proud of himself, and as a mother I couldn’t ask for more.  Martial arts have given him a visual tool with these belts; a reminder that he is no different than anyone else, an equal, and nothing can change that!

Thank you to everyone from peers to Sensei Demetrius. Thank you Sensei for helping Matthew feel good about who he is and teaching him some pretty good self defense moves!

Matthew’s Mom

Forever grateful,

Ann Egan

Testimonial by TSMMA Rego Park Student

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Testimonial by TSMMA Rego Park Student


“Martial arts was something that I had thought about for years.  I never got the opportunity to take classes when I was younger, and I didn’t know which art would suit me best.  One of my friends suggested karate, but MMA grabbed my eye when Brock Lesnar went over to the UFC.  As a lifelong WWE fan, I was interested in seeing what the man dubbed as “The Next Big Thing” was doing since his very public fallout from WWE.  When I heard that he won their title, it made me start watching.

My college roommate, who had followed for years, schooled me as to some of the greats of the game:  Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre, and the incomparable Randy Couture, who I compared to the Undertaker due to his timeless contributions and ability to perform at the highest level at any age.

When 2009 came around, there were a number of changes going on in my life.  I had just left my job after being accepted into grad school, and was dealing with the end of a multi-year relationship, one that had left me feeling very confused and angry.

It was around that time that I first walked past Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts school.

I saw people striking pads, doing mitt work, venting aggression.  At the same time, I saw people rolling on the ground, testing different submission holds, and I was frozen in place.  I found myself watching for over an hour before I decided to step inside the doors and make a decision that changed my life forever.

It’s been over three years since I made that decision, and it has been, without question, one of the greatest decisions of my life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to never have had to defend myself against a random attacker on the street, but the possibility of having to do so left a question in my mind:  if someone came up to me and attacked me, could I handle myself?  I’d always seen myself as someone who could withstand quite a bit, but the fear of the unknown can be another animal entirely.  On the same vein, as a person who does not tend to “lose it” often, the concern of what my anger could do is something that terrified me.  Was it something that I could harness and control, while not letting it control me?

Tiger Schulmann’s helped me answer those questions with a resounding “yes”.

Since I have been at that school, I have had the pleasure of being trained by Bellator World Champions, Ring of Combat World Champions, US Muay Thai Champions, US MMA Champions, Ultimate Fighter Competitors, full-time UFC fighters, and of course, Shihan Ron Schulmann, the chief instructor of the organization.

I have learned how to defend myself on the floor, on my feet, and against as many as three different opponents.  I have gotten into the absolute best shape of my life from a cardiovascular, aesthetic, strength, flexibility, and endurance perspective.

Nowhere has this been more evident than at my training at the Rego Park school.  Under the teachings of Sensei Dashan DuBose, Sensei Mike Stine, Joshu Michael Sinaviev, and Joshu Joe Corbisiero, I’ve grown in more ways than I though possible.  I’ve had the opportunity to compete in MMA tournaments, securing first place victories just this past June, not 2 weeks after receiving my Global MBA.  I can say, without hesitation, that while I do not seek to fight someone on the street, I can certainly ensure my victory if it comes to that, while protecting those close to me.  Their approach of mastering technique while ensuring control, of training hard while guaranteeing safety, has been integral in my growth as a mixed martial artist.  The lessons that I have learned have carried over into my academic and business life, as well as personal.  I would highly recommend the school for anyone at any age.  It’s changed my life for the better, and would do the same for anyone reading this.”

-Myron A. – TSMMA Student since 2009

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Munah Holland vs Michelle Ould Targeted For Bellator 74

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Munah Holland vs Michelle Ould Targeted For Bellator 74

By Robert Sargent- MMARISING.COM

Top flyweight prospect Munah Holland will make her return to the Bellator cage on September 28th at Bellator Fighting Championships 74 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The hard-hitting boxer is expected to face off against grappling specialist Michelle Ould on the event’s preliminary card. confirmed plans for the matchup with a source close to the promotion today following an announcement from Ould this week. Holland and Ould were first set to face off at Ring of Combat 37 one year ago, but the bout was scrapped when Ould suffered a last-minute injury backstage.

Holland (5-1-0) is currently riding an impressive four-fight winning streak that includes back-to-back one-punch knockout wins over fellow prospect Marianna “The Crushen Russian” Kheyfets and perennial contender Carina “Beauty But The Beast” Damm. The former Golden Gloves amateur boxing champion has enjoyed a quick rise up the 125-pound rankings and she sent a message to the rest of the division with her win over the much more experienced Damm. The short-notice bout with Damm was contested at a catchweight of 130 pounds. Holland is expected to return to flyweight for the featured preliminary card fight against Ould and she signed a long-term deal with Bellator earlier this month.

Ould (6-4-0, 1 NC) has battled through a number of injuries in recent years that have limited her time in the cage, but the talented wrestler has tasted defeat just once in more than three years. The setback came in a May 2010 bout with future Bellator champion Zoila “The Warrior Princess” Gurgel, in which an ankle injury forced Ould to withdraw midway through round two. Ould posted a third-round submission victory over Christina Marks in August 2011 and had been set to face Holland on the Ring of Combat 37 card, but reaggravated a back injury while warming up backstage. She most recently earned a quick and dominant submission win in January and is now set to make her Bellator debut.

With Bellator officials still hoping to stage a women’s flyweight tournament in early 2013, the bout between Holland and Ould could potentially propel the winner into the opening round of the tentative tournament next year.

Bellator Fighting Championships 74 takes place on September 28th at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Train with Munah Holland @ TSMMA North Plainfield

Louis Gaudinot Ranked The Hungriest Up-and-Coming Flyweight MMA Fighter

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Louis Gaudinot Ranked The Hungriest Up-and-Coming Flyweight MMA Fighter

By: Riley Kontek – bleacher

Louis Gaudinot has always been a flyweight, but when he entered The Ultimate Fighter, he had to fight at bantamweight, automatically making him one of the smallest fighters on the show.

On the show and in the finale, he would lose to two fighters, who are considered large bantamweights, Dustin Pague and Johnny Bedford, solidifying his case to return to 125.

Since then, he has faced off with John Lineker, who missed weight in his first fight at flyweight. Fighting against a much larger opponent on fight night, Gaudinot went out and submitted Lineker in a tough fight.

With a chip on his shoulder and an irritation for fighting much larger men, Gaudinot is hellbent on reaching the top. With his experience fighting larger men fueling him, he looks to have a bright future.

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