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November 2013

Mom Finds New Kind Of Stress Relief Kickboxing

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By: Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

Who Knew Kickboxing Could Be Stress Relief

Kate Lodise never expected to take Martial Arts Classes. She only heard about Tiger Schulmann’s in Feasterville through a series of acquaintances. Her daughter’s Godmother was invited to class with a friend, who in turn had come with another friend. Marcie Deising thought class would be great for her Goddaughters ability to defend herself.

Marcie invited Ronnie, and it wasn’t long before Kate was on the mat punching and kicking away as well.

Kate (Nearest in Picture) has her friend Marcie (To Kate’s Left) to thank for her Kickboxing Classes!

 Fast forward a year and the Bensalem woman can’t believe how much she enjoys coming to class.

Following is a letter she wrote to me recently:

Letter From Bensalem Kickboxing Student

Dear Sensei,

Just wanted to take the time to say Thank You!!!

When I came into your school almost a year and a half ago I was a very different person. I first came into your school with Ronnie and joined because it was something important to her.

Over the course of my time at TSMMA not only did Ronnie and I have a wonderful thing to accomplish together, but I found out I really LOVED it!

Clear instructions from Joshu Craig Alexander help Bensalem woman keep her mind focused giving stress relief!

 Ronnie and I not only attended classes but we both got a lot out of your talks after class. At times Ronnie and I would talk about whatever you spoke about and it resonated to both of us.

We would joke that we were going to get t-shirts made us that said, “What would Sensei Say?”

Still think it is a good idea by the way. 🙂

I know that you talk about building confidence and that will transcend into your everyday life by helping you gain success.

I have always felt as though I was confident. I am reasonably successful professionally and very happy overall with my life.

What I have come to realize is that I have achieved an enormous sense of calm. Kind of funny that expending all the energy we do in class would bring calm, as well as exhaustion. 🙂

My life as many people’s lives has challenges and complexities. What I have come to realize is that with all that goes on I have been operating a large portion of my life out of fear.

Something magical happens when you spend time focusing on your instructions and the single mindedness of accomplishing your workout, for that I will be eternally grateful.

Short Breaks in Class give students a chance to recharge while getting motivation from their instructors!

 What you have taught this “old dog” is to embrace the chaos that goes on in life with a sense of purpose and calm.

I really felt that I had to let you know, I sort of had an epiphany on my drive to work the other day and it has been wearing on my mind that I needed to say thank you!

Your forever changed student,

Kate Lodise


P.S. Now I feel better 🙂

Thankful To Provide Stress Relief

Thank you Kate!

It’s students like you that fuel my passion for teaching Martial Arts. It’s awesome for me to realize how the stress relief you get from class has helped you. It’s also amazing to think that you, Marcie and Ronnie all get different things out of class.

At the same time it’s fun and motivating for all of you just as the three of you have been and continue to be a pleasure for Joshu Alexander and I to teach.

TSMMA Hall of Fame Instructor Responds To ‘Knockout Game’ Popularity

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Knockout Artist Not Impressed

Sensei Dave Tirelli used to get his knockouts in the ring. The New Jersey Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame member was a pioneer in the early MMA scene in New Jersey. The Elmwood Park Head Instructor was involved when MMA was first sanctioned in the state and continues in the sport as both Instructor and Judge.

‘Knockout’ Game Has Led To Three Deaths

 For him it is even more reprehensible to see the recent surge in popularity of the game ‘Knockout’.

“People with Self-Confidence challenge themselves through competition, not by preying on unsuspecting people on the street,” says the owner of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Elmwood Park. “It’s the weakest form of person who thinks this kind of activity is cool.”

Tirelli Earned His Knockouts Against Competition In The Ring, Not Unsuspecting Victims On The Street!


Elmwood Park Martial Arts Builds Self-Confidence

Tirelli has spent twenty years teaching students Martial Arts. He pursued his own competitive goals even while teaching Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts every day to his own students. He knows first hand how Self-Confidence helps students avoid becoming involved with activities like the one gaining popularity now.

Students Of All Ages Learn Real Self-Defense

 “My students have enough confidence in themselves to avoid trying to impress someone just to fit in,” says Tirelli. “Instead they build their Confidence by achieving things, whether in school, sports or in Martial Arts.”

Curriculum Has Proven Track Record

Tirelli’s Classes are based on 30 years of progress by Tiger Schulmann’s. His curriculum is proven to teach the most contemporary techniques for self-defense on the street, all while instilling Self-Discipline.

Belt System Helps Build Confidence Through Achievement!

 “No one teaches Self-Discipline and Self-Defense as well as we do at Tiger Schulmann’s,” he says. “It’s this combination that builds Self-Confidence.”

Tirelli is offering students a great incentive to get started this holiday season. Call now or register at the top right to try a FREE Kickboxing Class. You will receive a Free pair of Training Gloves for the class and if you enjoy training you can get a FREE month off tuition.

By: Thad Campbell

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Challenge of Champions Registration Ends Sunday 11/24/13

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Registration for Challenge of Champions 35 ends this Sunday the 24th! Challenge of Champions will be held on 12/15/13 at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison NJ.

The Following Links below are order forms to register for the Kickboxing, Grappling, or both Events.

Before Registering, it is recommended to consult your head instructor on which events you are best suited for.

Click Here to Register For Both Grappling & Kickboxing Events

Click Here to Register For Grappling Only

Click Here to Register for Kickboxing Only

For More information on the Challenge of Champions Event Visit

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TSMMA Garden City Hosts Fund Raiser for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

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New reports from the Philippines indicate Super Typhoon Haiyan displaces 921,200 people and 11.8 million are affected. As many of you have heard the typhoon hit the town Sensei Domingo was born and raised. Sensei is still waiting to hear if his family is ok.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man SmilingIn an effort to help all who are affected by this devastating storm, we will have a fundraiser here at the TSMMA Garden City Location.

The fundraiser will be on Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sensei Domingo will be teaching a close range self defense class for adults and kids.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man Smiling

Kids self defense class will be from 9am till 10am.

Adult self-defense class will be from 10:15am till 11:15am

This class is an open class and will be available for all, friends, families, and neighbors, you do not need to be a student of our school to attend.

A $20 minimum donation is required for attendance, for those who are not already students Sensei will also be giving a free trial program that will include a week of free class.

Space is limited and will be available on a first come first serve basis. Please join Sensei Domingo in not only learning important close range self defense but also in helping those who are struggling from after effects of the storm.

For more details and to reserve your spot in the seminar Call 516-408-5124

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The 4 Winning Entries in the Tiger Schulmann’s Facebook Photo Contest!

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Tiger Schulmann’s launched its first ever Facebook Photo Contest, which ran from 10/30/13 to 11/15/13. The official TSMMA Facebook page hosted the contest and a built-in voting system determined the winners. The criteria of the contest was to enter a photo of yourself representing Tiger Schulmann’s MMA and include a brief description on the benefits you received from training at Tiger Schulmann’s. When the contest began, the rules stated that the top 2 vote-getters, when the contest concluded, would receive a free month of classes! But with over 60 entries and vote totals reaching 5000, Tiger Schulmann’s was proud to award the top 4 vote-getters as the winners of the contest. Tiger Schulmann’s would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest, making the first ever Facebook Photo Contest a success. If you missed the excitement, the contest is still available for viewing purposes on our facebook page. – Click here. More fun and exciting contests, and promotions will be taking place in the near future on our Facebook page.So be sure to visit the page regularly to stay up to date.

Below are the 4 Winning Entries in the Tiger Schulmann’s Facebook Photo Contest! Congratulations!

“Non Quitting Spirit” non-quitting spirit

“Shihan Schulmann with Sempai Rodriguez on this day I reached on of my many goals. With the help & support of my tsmma family I feel the sky’s the limit. I have enjoyed every minute of my journey one step at a time. OSU”

EJ the Beast!!

EJ the Beast

Ej loves to represent TSMMA at all the NAGA’s! He gets to meet new people, show sportsmanship, exercise non-quitting spirit, and best of all he gets to show off what this organization has taught him over the years. Here he is proud of winning 1st place twice in the expert division. He was happy and excited to show his belt to his sensei and friends. (HQ and Sensei D. Tirelli’s student)

Tsmma Is My Life
TSMMA Is My Life

I been a student at tsmma since I was 5years old. Tsmma is not a hobby, after school program nor isn’t a sport, tsmma is my life. I don’t train just for tournament, competition and belt test, I train because I love it!! I’m from spanish harlem and my parents sacrifice to send me to tsmma , so I won’t get bully. Tsmma has taught me many things, like self discipline, confidence, non quitting spirit, and how to defend myself. I have use this qualities in school, sports and my daily life. Tsmma is my other home , where my family lives!!!

Life Changing Loss 100 Pounds… And Promotion to Blue Belt

Life Changing Loss 100 Pounds

On 10/9/12 I called Sensei Campbell at TSMMA Feasterville informing him me I was way now north of 350 pounds pushing 400lbs and telling him how he would have to work with him we set up his first class. I told him I had recently gotten married, but the last year had been tough as I had lost both his father and his beloved dogs who had been his best friend for years. This had led to depression and an increase in his already stunning weight.

He asked me question. “How long are you going to live if you don’t make some changes to your life?”

I replied, “Maybe I’ll make it to forty.”

Sensei told me flatly that if I made it to forty I would be lucky. So on 10/11/12 I started class at TSMMA Feasterville and it has literally saved my life. Sensei said in his blog 10 months later (8/7/13), “Stan was the heaviest student I’ve ever trained and logically it made sense he would be in the worst shape. He didn’t let me down on that one, but more importantly he hasn’t let me down since.

In August 2013 I went to the Doctor and the Doctor told me I was his poster boy for healthy living from his people trying to improve their life I have lost amazingly one hundred pounds in ten months with the assistance of TSMMA Feasterville and Sensei Campbell. Further my blood pressure has dropped precipitously and my motivation has increased in direct proportion.

At the time of this picture was taken I have been training for 10 months and went five weeks in a row training for seven hours or more. On August 26, 2013 my hard work paid off and in this photo I was promoted to my TSMMA Blue Belt.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | TSMA Gift Boxes and Holiday Banner

Beat The New Year’s Resolution Blues With FREE, FREE, FREE Holiday Special!

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Make This Weight Loss Resolution Your Last

There is no greater cliche than the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Year after year since the dawn of man we have gathered together to countdown the seconds promising everyone who will listen this will be the year we finally stay committed.

We mean well and even stick with it for a few weeks (gym owners will tell you it’s exactly 21 days and they love you for it). Then we fall back into our Halloween through Christmas routine of sitting on the couch and eating unhealthy food. Can it get any worse than the triple threat of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

How about turning over a new leaf this year and forgetting the New Year’s Resolution altogether. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been helping students get in great shape and stay that way for thirty years. Gone are the days of training for 21 days, try training for 21 years without losing steam! Make kickboxing a way of life with our Holiday Special.


Lose Weight, Relieve Stress and Learn to Kick Butt

Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program is a triple threat of a different kind for it’s students. Instead of Halloween candy, Thanksgiving gravy and Christmas cookies, it combines physical conditioning and Real Self-Defense training with the stress relief of an active meditation.

The one hour class lets students learn at their own pace while burning up to 800 calories in one hour.

The energetic instruction helps keep their minds occupied and away from the daily things that cause stress, especially around the holidays.

Students Enjoy Kickboxing Class, Helping Them Actually Achieve Their Goals!

Students Enjoy Kickboxing Class, Helping Them Actually Achieve Their Goals!

Finally, with instructors averaging fifteen years experience, each student will get hands on instruction in the most successful Martial Arts program in the world! The techniques are proven to work against 99.9% of attacks on the street!

Three Aspects Breed Consistency

The combination of results, fun and learning a life skill make students stay with their training for years.

Stan weighed 397 in October 2012. He's under 300 and going strong!

Stan weighed 397 in October 2012. He’s under 300 and going strong!

“I started training before Christmas last year and it saved my life,” says Tiger Schulmann’s student Stan Rynkiewicz. “I have already lost over 100 pounds, but more importantly it’s fun and I know I can keep doing this forever!”

14 Dress Sizes and a Rocking Beach Body!

14 Dress Sizes and a Rocking Beach Body!

“I went from a size 18 to a size 4,” says Julie Levi. “I started training at Tiger Schulmann’s in December of 2010, by May I had already dropped 12 dress sizes.  Now I’ve been training three years and I keep one size 18 dress as a reminder.”

Make this the last year you make a failed New Year’s Resolution. Sign up today for Tiger Schulmann’s FREE, FREE, FREE Holiday Special!

 Call 800-52-tiger of visit

Gramercy Mixed Martial Arts Student Thwarts Shoplifter

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Store Manager Stops Shoplifter With Mixed Martial Arts

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA NYC

Enrique Gonzalez always felt he would enjoy Mixed Martial Arts. Little did the Gramercy store manager know how quickly that love would impact his everyday life.

image (2)

Gonzalez Learns Effective Techniques In A Safe Environment!

 Gonzalez walked into Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Gramercy on September 4th feeling like he wanted to give his competitive fire an outlet. He had watched Mixed Martial Arts on tv and wanted to try it himself. Despite loving his day job, he didn’t want to have any regrets.

The 37 year old found out the two passions could go together.

Martinez Has Only Been Training For Two Months!

Gonzalez Has Only Been Training For Two Months!

 On October 30th, Gonzalez was performing his regular duties at work when things changed quickly.

Gramercy MMA Student Has Confidence To Act

“I caught a shoplifter and he was giving me a hard time,” says Gonzalez. “Once I called the police on him, he went crazy.”

For most people this is the time when they panic and either freeze or run away. Not Gonzalez. Instead he relied on the techniques he had been drilling for two months.

His instructors at TSMMA in Manhattan don’t teach him a new move every single class. Instead Gonzalez drills the same few techniques for three weeks.

TSMMA in Gramercy Curriculum Helped Martinez Hold Shop Lifter Until Police Arrived!

TSMMA in Gramercy Curriculum Helped Gonzalez Hold Shop Lifter Until Police Arrived!

 “We know that repetition is the key to learning something,” says Sensei Carlos Brooks, himself a professional Mixed Martial Artist. “With Enrique he works so hard every class he has been able to pick things up very quickly. The combination of our Close Range Defense curriculum and his hard worked proved to be successful.”

Core Mixed Martial Arts Technique Proves Successful On Street

“He was trying to leave the store. I grabbed him by his arm and did the submission (armbar) that I learned in grappling class at TSMMA. I was happy I learned some good moves. The thief was saying hey, you’re gonna break my arm. I said if you move I might,” Gonzalez said while laughing. “I didn’t, but I wanna thank TSMMA Manhattan.”

Martinez' Instructor Carlos Brooks Is Also A Professional MMA Fighter!

Gonzalez’ Instructor Carlos Brooks Is Also A Professional MMA Fighter!

 Who knows what the outcome would have been if Gonzalez’ hadn’t learned techniques proven to work in a street situation. Gonzalez for one is happy he chose TSMMA in Gramercy. Not only are classes focused, challenging him for an hour at a time, but in two months he has already learned enough to help him in real life.

Looking for a different work out, one that teaches a life skill at the same time? Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Manahattan in Gramercy or register at the top right and take your FREE Trial Class. See what Enrique Gonzalez saw, you can get the best workout and learn real self-defense at the same time!



TSMMA Seaford Student’s Life Changing Choice “Tiger Schulmann’s has Truly Helped Me Get My Life Back”

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By:Bobby Price – TSMMA Seaford

Tiger Schulmann’s has truly helped get my life back!! It made me so strong mentally that I was finally able to deal with my terrible adversities with a strong mind.

I want people to hear my story, even though it is a personal one I feel it should be told. So much of what happens to your body can affect it mentally as well as physically. So let me not beat around the bush, I was a guy for years that had his life in complete order and did everything by the books and as far as my training goes I was in out of gyms for years. So I was always in pretty good shape, ate well and never drank or smoked. But this was until back in 2010 when tragedy struck in my life. My Mother died of a sudden heart Attack. This was one if not the hardest experience I have ever went through and had hoped it was the last.

In the following year of 2011 my Marriage of 20 years had come to an end. I had to endure a painful and completely heartbreaking divorce. At this point I was so completely hurt I did not think anything else could get worse, but I was wrong. The year after that my father passed away of a heart Attack. So within 3 years my wife and parents were painfully gone and taken from my life. I have to be honest I wasn’t sure where to go or how to go about handling these life changing of events. They had completely knocked me down and I could not get up. The stress alone was eating away at me and I Iost about 20 lbs in the process (Not healthy weight) and looked like death myself.My DJ Company I had owned for 20 years was falling apart and did not have the energy to try and saved it. I had 3 children who needed me and I just could not get a grip on my own life. What was a solid life up until 2010 had fell apart just like that in an instant.

I can not describe the feeling I got when I got to class other than I felt that this was a place where I was meant to be.

So in April of 2011 a friend had talked me into Meeting Sensei Belluomo the instructor of the TSMMA Massapequa which is now the Seaford school. So I decided to sit and watch a class and even began thinking about taking a free trail class. So I decided I was going to take the plunge and I joined Tiger Schulmann’s. I can not describe the feeling I got when I got to class other than I felt that this was a place where I was meant to be. I felt that I actually belonged here and that my training here really meant something to me and even the people around me. I was started gaining this amazing discipline of being able to control my life. I was starting to put some muscle weight back on.

I was started gaining this amazing discipline of being able to control my life. I was starting to put some muscle weight back on.

Training under Sensei Belluomo made me feel I could do anything. He would constantly talk to me and boost my confidence to never give up every chance he could. I developed a relationship with all my class mates and we would look out for each other. I felt like I had a purpose in life again and even started to smile again and in turn my training regimen began to get better and better. So I am now going on my second year, I am sound mentally as well as physically. I was in shambles when I walked in the office 2 years ago, today at 52 years old I am doing things I thought I never do. I am in tip top shape, I even have my fellow classmates saying to me “Hey Price your looking good out there”. I take 4 classes a week and I’m loving it, My discipline in class as well as on the outside of class is excellent. My DJ Company has made its way back mainly from my huge gain of self confidence. Even on top of that I now landed a new job as Security at a hospital and my relationship with my children is better than ever.

On top of that I am in the best shape of my life, which I thought could never even be possible at the age of 52.

Tiger Schulmann’s has truly helped get my life back!! It made me so strong mentally that I was finally able to deal with my terrible adversities with a strong mind. On top of that I am in the best shape of my life, which I thought could never even be possible at the age of 52. So for those you out there that don’t think it possible to come back from adversity, or to even use something as kickboxing as a way to build strength through the mind as well as body, I am full proof that YES it can be done. Let Tiger Schulmann’s help, this is not about one or two classes, it’s a change in lifestyle and a true path to happiness as it was for myself and this is a path I intend to pursue for the rest of my life.

So for those you out there that don’t think it possible to come back from adversity, or to even use something as kickboxing as a way to build strength through the mind as well as body, I am full proof that YES it can be done.


Bobby Price