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Don’t torture yourself. Try KICKBOXING Instead!

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Our Kickboxing Classes are not torture!

Why not train in the real thing at Tiger schulmann's Kickboxing

Only one out of ten people in America exercise regularly. Are one out of ten? Many people don’t exercise because they believe that in order to make “real” gains, the exercise has to be torture. The truth is, you can have an amazing, athletic body and have a great time getting there.

I agree that spending endless hours on a treadmill is torture! I also agree that being under a stack of weights that outweighs me is also torture. Then there are aerobic kickboxing classes. Flailing your arms and legs about without proper technque and instruction will only get you injured. It is not a question of if but when will it happen. The same can be said for cardio kickboxing gyms that use heavy bags. Hitting something with resistance improperly over time  can cause permanent damage to your joints and tendons. overcoming injuries from exercise only leads you to believe you have to torture yourself to get rersults.

Tiger Schulmann’s is Real Kickboxing!

Quality Kickboxing instruction relieves torture!

If you could find a place that had a trainer to keep you motivated, were able to get cardiovascular exercise, strenghth training and even flexibility would you do it? How about if it only took an hour, a day a few times a week? What if each class were so much fun that you couldn’t think about anything else and after only a short time you felt youthful and athletic? These are all attributes of the Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program. In addition to all this, Instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s have an average of 15 years of martial arts experience and are school owners. We care about our students. I never want to see any of my members get hurt so I make sure to teach them properly. Since you learn how to kick and punch with proper technique, our kickboxing program also teaches you an effective self-defense art.

If you want to become one of the ten people who dare to get themselves in better physical condition and want to have fun doing it, come in and try a Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxingg class. I promise you it isn’t torture and you will love it!

If you are looking for the best quality instruction from instructors that care about their members than Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program is the place for you.

Tiger Schulmann’s in East Brunswick services the following areas: East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Jamesburg, Milltown, Monroe, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Brunswick, South River, Somerset and Spotswood.

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Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing teams up with NutraBio for a 3-month challenge

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kickboxing 90 day challenge

Tiger Schulmann’s MMA has exciting news! For the 90 Day Challenge, we’ve partnered with NutraBio for supplements to help you during your three-month journey. When you pair your already extensive exercise from Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing with the proper nutrition and supplements, you’ll be sure to reach your goals in no time.

As you may know, every workout from TSK burns about 800 calories. TSK offers a number of programs featuring trained instructors to help you with your fitness goals. You’ll learn to become dedicated and to push yourself to get in shape. Implementing a fitness regimen from TSK at the beginning of the year, as well as eating according to your goals will help you achieve the results you’re looking for!

Beginning a fitness transformation can be challenging, but incorporating nutritional supplements into your routine can make it a bit easier. Our bodies can’t get all the proper nutrients through eating whole foods alone. Utilizing NutraBio’s protein supplements and other pre- and post-workout formulas will allow your body to enhance its strength and reach your maximum fitness potential.

Beginning in January 2015, NutraBio is the exclusive supplement partner for TSK’s 90 Day Challenge. Get in the best shape of your life and reach your fitness goals for the chance to win $20,000 in prizes. Re-dedicate yourself to eat clean, get healthy, and increase the consistency and frequency of working out. You’ll have the chance to participate in the following categories:

  • Best body male
  • Best body female
  • Most improved male
  • Most improved female

In addition to TSMMA Prizes, NutraBio prizes will also include:

  • Four grand prizes:  1 year of NutraBio Supplements                                      $1200 value
  • Four 2nd place prizes: 6 months of NutraBio Supplements                            $600 value
  • Four 3rd place prices: $150 Gift Certificate NutraBio Supplement               $150 value

Get a friend to join you and you can earn referral credits!  Re-vamp your healthy lifestyle with the assistance of NutraBio supplements and Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing. Learn the importance of nutrition supplementation for your fitness journey, and gain the necessary tools to reach your goals!

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A Simple Proven Method To Prevent Bullying

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Bully Prevention



Bully Prevention


There are countless BULLY PREVENTION programs out there and probably 99 percent of them are all counter productive.  You see, almost every single bully prevention program out there only empowers bullies and incubates it to the point where children that get bullied take their own lives, or as it’s called Bullycide“.

Let’s break down what a bully really is, one word COWARD.  Yes, that’s what I said, a bully is a coward.  To the uneducated person a bully is a powerful person, but in reality they are the weakest people with less confidence then the ones they pick on.  Bullies need to have social acceptance, when a bully searches for a victim they only pick on them in front of others.  Otherwise if they were alone nothing would happen.  The first level of bullying is the testing stage.  In front of a group of people the victim gets made fun of, and if he/she doesn’t respond back in a strong confident manner then the bullying will continue and then eventually escalate to a physical situation.

All schools and anti-bullying programs teach kids to IGNORE or WALK AWAY from a bully.   That is the worst thing a kid can do, or these programs encourage the victim to say “you’re hurting my feelings” “please” or any other words to indicate the fact that the bully is hurting them.  All of this only proves to the bully that the victim won’t fight back, either verbally or physically.  What a shame, how these schools and anti-bullying program is only hurting these kids and not helping.



Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has a 30 year success rate on ending bullying, bully prevention and of course the best anti-bullying program around!


It’s pretty simple.  We teach kids to stand up for themselves no matter what.  First being physically and if need be the physically!  This is the only way to end bullying.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my students to take a chair and crack a bully over the head if they make fun of them., that’s not what I teach.  I teach my kids to equal the aggression when they stand up for themselves.  If a bully uses words to hurt the person then the victim needs to use his/her words to fight back.  If the bully uses their hands or feet to hurt the victim then the bullied kid has all the right to hit back.  If a person does this just once with conviction then bullying will end, it’s that simple, but one question, how can we get the courage to stand up to the bully?  It’s simple, train in Mixed Martial Arts like we teach here at Tiger Schulmann’s.  My self defense program consists of a close range self defense (Jiu-Jitsu) and kickboxing with the discipline of Karate.

With MMA like we teach here at Tiger Schulmann’s, Students of all ages become empowered which is the greatest weapon against bullying.  Tiger Schulmann’s, the greatest Bully Prevention Program Around!


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Free Womansafe Seminar On Friday March 20th 2015

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I bet that woman never thought she would ever be attacked, especially in the safety of her own home.  One out of three woman are at one time in their attacked or sexually assaulted.  That’s insane!

When I speak to potential students about training their response is “oh I don’t need to know how to defend myself, I’m a nice person I won’t get in a fight”.  After seeing that video do you think it could possibly happen to you?  OF COURSE IT CAN!

self defense

Woman learn how to defend themselves and prevent any type of attack

Why do you have life, car or health insurance?  Just in case something happens right, well, knowing how to defend yourself is like life insurance, because one day you never know if someone will break down your door or just randomly attack you.  If that happens then you can use your self defense to protect yourself.

One of the Cherry Hill Tiger Schulmann’s students did that very thing.  At the point when she was attacked she was training with us for about a year.  It was late at night and she was walking to her car from the mall.   A man came out and asked if he could help her.  Her gut told her no, but she excepted the help.  She turned her back to him to grab her bags.  At that point he grabbed her and threw her in her car.  The man got on top of her to potentially rape her, luckily for her she trained on how to defend from the ground if someone is on top of you.  So she readability kicked him and because of the struggle and kicks to his face the man ran away, and never being able to rape her.  You never know hen something like that will happen, but thank God she was training in Tiger Schulmann’s and she was able to defend herself and literally save her own life.

On Friday March 20th starting at 7 pm here at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s we are having a two part womansafe seminar.  The first part that night will be with leigh Ann weil who is a certified womansafe instructor, no men are allowed in this seminar.  Then, the second part will be taught by Mike Trizano for kickboxing and then the last part I will teach all the woman how to defend a wrist grab, two hand choke from the front and if a man chokes them with their one arm from behind.  Don’t miss it!  If you would like more information on it please email me Jared at or call me at 845-501-4035.

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We Teach Real Kickboxing at TSMMA!

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If You Are Kickboxing, Make it REAL!

Why not train in the real thing at Tiger schulmann's Kickboxing

All of the sudden there are many gyms out there that are offering kickboxing classes. or so they say!

Most of these gyms are doing what we call cardiokickboxing. The instructors are people that take a weekend course and then say they are certified to teach kickboxing. There are a few problems here to consider. The first problem is the instruction. Kickboxing is an art form. Learning with proper technique makes you stronger, gets you in better shape and will keep you from injuring yourself during training. An instructor that didn’t learn properly themselves will not be able to teach you properly and will put you at risk for serious injury.

The next problem is that of product integrity. Kickboxing gyms are not inexpensive. I don’t know about anyone else but when I am paying for something, I want it to be the product I am paying for. Just throwing your hands and feet at a heavybag and doing calesthentics is not kickboxing. It is exercise but if you are paying for kickboxing then that is what you should be getting.

Lastly, these gyms give their clients false confidence. If a member were to get into an altercation, they will believe that they can use what they are learning to defend themselves. I can’t emphasize enough that kickboxing is an art that takes time, repetition and proper instruction to learn. Learning in the wrong way will just get you a beating if you were attacked.

Real Kickboxing is Fun and Effective!

Tiger Schulmanns’ offers the most exciting and effective Kickboxing program in the industry!

At TSMMA our kickboxing program is the real thing. We teach authentic Kickboxing. An instructor in a Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing gym has been trained for many years as a student as well as being trained as an instructor. Each instructor is required to train directly under “Tiger” Schulmann himself on a weekly basis. This ensures the integrity of our product. Instructor classes focus on exercise physiology, nutrition and the latest teaching techniques. You can be sure that you will have someone training you that will get you in great shape, teach you proper technique and keep you less prone to injury. If you were to get into an altercation, you can also be sure that what you are learning will work in a street situation.

Tiger Schulmann’s techniques have been time tested in and out of the ring. Our professional fight team learns the same techniques that they use in venues like the CFFC, Bellator, Ring of Combat and even the UFC that our members learn  in their kickboxing classes but without actually getting into the ring. If the techniques work there, you can be sure they would work for you if you needed them to defend yourself or a loved one.

If you are looking for the best quality instruction from instructors that care about their members than Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program is the place for you.

Tiger Schulmann’s in East Brunswick services the following areas: East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Jamesburg, Milltown, Monroe, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Brunswick, South River, Somerset and Spotswood.

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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | 90 Day Challenge

Kickboxing alone can’t beat a bad diet!

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 90 Day Kickboxing Challenge

 Tiger Schulmann’s teaches an authentic kickboxing program that will get you in the best shape of your life. Not only are you getting an unequalled exercise program, you are learning a real self-defense system while you are exercising.

Unfortunately, most people believe that if you exercise a couple of times per week that will do it. At Tiger Schulmann’s we know that not to be true. I always say, ” You can’t out kickbox a bad diet.”. If getting in shape is your goal then you need to learn how to eat properly as well.

Included with an unparalleled kickboxing program, is our life changing nutrition program . Our members learn to change their lifestyle. We don’t diet, we eat properly. Your body is a complex machine. It knows what nutrients it needs and it knows when it doesn’t get enough. Starving yourself is not the answer. Your body needs food to convert to energy. It’s what you eat that makes the difference and how often you eat as well. If you keep the machine tuned and well oiled it will run more efficiently. You will have much more energy to get you through each and every day. Our kickboxing classes burn an average of 800 calories in an hour. That is a reality not an exaggerated claim like some other fitness gyms make.

Weight Loss

Men and woman of Tiger Schulmann’s get amazing weight loss results doing kickboxing

We want our members to be healthy and live healthy! That’s what we do. Our instructors care about the members. Everyone gets individual attention on and off the mat. If you want to learn how to exercise and eat properly in order to live a more healthy lifestyle then this is the place for you.

Jump in with both feet. The first class is always free. Feeling it is the best way to make a decision that will change your life forever. Call us to schedule a trial class at 732-613-1206 or sign up right here on the website.

Tiger Schulmann’s in East Brunswick services the following areas: East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Jamesburg, Milltown, Monroe, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Brunswick, South River, Somerset and Spotswood.

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Visit our other Central Jersey locations: Brick, North Plainfield, Old Bridge, Princeton, Red Bank and South Plainfield

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Kickboxing Your Way To The Best Beach Body

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kickboxing classes

Kickboxing can get your beach body ready for summer!


Kickboxing to Your Beach Body


The new year has come and gone, but are you sticking to your resolution?  Will that resolution get you the beach body you have always dreamed of?  I’ll tell you this, my kickboxing workouts help people reach a even better body then they have ever dreamed of.

There are countless fitness and diet programs out there, but why can’t people stick to them?  One huge factor is that it’s to difficult or boring.  Take the gym for instance, why do people quit?  It’s because they go to the gym due to lack of discipline to be in shape, so when they go to the GYM they have to motivate themselves and work on their weaknesses.  In almost all cases the people quit and are back to the pint of their favorite ice cream, or the local fast food restaurant.

unhealthy food

Pre-Packaged food by Jenny Craig doesn’t teach you how to eat right, as you can see from the unhealthy choices pre-packaged to you

Diet programs survive on people’s failures.  Does that make no sense to you?  It makes perfect sense to me, so let me explain.  Jenny Craig  is simple, buy their pre-made food and eat, simple enough right?  Well, what happens when you go out to eat, will you know how to make smart healthy choices?  NO, because they don’t teach you how to eat, thy just put a band aid over the real issue, lack of knowledge for healthy foods and choices.  All of a sudden the cost is to much, plus you can;t bring food with you to restaurant’s when you go out with friends, in the end you get fed up with it and quit.   So you’ll say “when I was on Jenny Craig I lost a lot of weight, but as soon as I got off I gained the weight, let me go back on”.   Then you’re back to eating the expensive pre-packaged foods.

Now, I’m not trying to bash any program out there.  All fitness and weight loss programs work if you work it, you just got to find the one you can stick to for the rest of your life.  Yes that’s right, for the rest of your life!  Because, how long do you want to be in shape for?  One or two years?  No way right, forever!  With Tiger Schulmann’s that still train after 15 years and some 30!  It’s because the workout is empowering and enjoyable.  I mean, who doesn’t want the feeling of security when walking on the streets of NYC?  Or a workout so fun you don’t even realize the hour just flew by?  How about a nutritional program that is easy to stick to where you can eat a lot and lose weight?!  That’s what you get at Tiger Schulmann’s, a healthy and fun way of life, come check out my program and see what I am talking about!

After training in my school you’ll see a big difference in your body.  You will loose inches and the weight will just drip off, class after class.  Before you know it Summer is here and you’ll have the body you’ve only dreamed of!!!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Junk Food vs Healthy Food

Learn Proper Health and Fitness Through Martial Arts – Part 1

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Proper Health = What You Eat, What You Drink, What You Do, and What You Think

When the New Year comes around, most people have the same New Year’s Resolution, which is to “lose weight and get in shape.” The first thing they do is either join a gym, start some fad diet, or look for some kind of weight loss pill. The motivation to start is there, the desire to be healthy and look good is there, but the results never come, or they come and then go away fast. Why is that? Is it them? Is it the diet or workout? Is it some misalignment with the stars that is changing our body’s biology?

1/3 of all Women and ¼ of all Men in the US are on a diet. – Colorado University

The answer is that most people look at health either from the wrong perspective or not completely. True health isn’t just diet, isn’t just exercise, isn’t just mindset, it’s ALL of it. Proper health derives from what you Eat, Drink, Do, and Think!

We are going to break down each of these 4 parts to get a proper understanding of how each affects our body for better or worse and a game plan to make sure this year’s resolution of getting IN shape will be the last one.

healthy vs junk food

Understanding what healthy food and junk food can do to your body

Part 1 – What You Eat

Before we can focus on what to put into the body, we must first understand what the body wants to do. For thousands of years, our ancestors searched out foods with fats and sugars as a survival tactic since they never knew when their next meal was coming. This way a defense mechanism against famine and starvation. Hamburgers, milkshakes, etc. send signals to the brain to get that and store it for safety. Our bodies are biologically adapted to search out fats and sugars to store up for winter, but nowadays, the “winter” never comes. We have a lot of FEAST, but no FAMINE.

In order to “satisfy” the body to a point that it won’t need to store up so much fat is to give your cells the right nutrients to survive and perform. If your cells aren’t getting nourished, then your body will stay hungry and want more food. Sugars and breads trick your body to think it’s getting nourished, but it’s not. As a result, people will keep eating more to get satisfied, but it will never come from those bad foods. People are OVERFED, but STARVING to death.

68% of US Adults are Overweight or Obese – Journal of the American Medical Association

The biggest reason for obesity is addiction. If I say the words to you “Nicotine, Alcohol, and Cocaine” I’m sure you immediately think addictive and dangerous. Almost everyone would agree that alcohol and cigarettes are addicting and can lead to health problems and possibly death. The way that cigarettes are addictive is the same way as food, we just haven’t accepted that as a society yet.

MSG is an ingredient in most foods and can be hidden behind over 50 different names. MSG not only makes your want to eat more, but it also activates the fat programs in your brain to produce more fat. In fact, when scientists want to study the effects of obesity on the body, they make mice fat by feeding them MSG. It is a well-known and accepted practice in the industry and everyone knows MSG will make you obese. But then why is it in 80% of ours foods?

MSG and free glutamates are used to enhance flavor in about 80% of all processed foods. – Raymond Francis M.Sc. MIT

Another ingredient that leads to food addiction is sugar. Sugar does more than just make you like certain foods, it does numerous chemical changes to the brain. Sugar induces beta endorphins in the brain and that’s a “feel good” natural opiate, morphine-like substance. That is why when we are depressed, we want to eat “comfort food”.

Also, when too much sugar is eaten, it sends your sugar levels sky high. That causes your pancreas to raise insulin so you won’t die. The insulin is a fat producing hormone, and whatever isn’t burned off as energy is stored as fat cells to use later. The problem is there is no later. It’s not fat that makes people fat, it’s sugar.

In the US, the average person consumes 150 lbs of sugar per year, which is 22 teaspoons per day

So now that the problem is identified, how do you solve it? First thing is getting the correct mindset. Having the thought process of “I want that but I CANT have it” will only make you desire it more because people want what they can’t have. Instead, change your thought process to “I CAN have it but I don’t want it.” This will empower you that you have full control over your body and actions.

Second is actually implementing those thoughts. Rather than trying to just eliminate the bad foods, focus on adding in the good foods to your daily diet. This will eventually push out the bad foods since you will be full from the good foods that you won’t need to eat the bad. Over time your body will become accustomed to the good foods that it will not crave the bad.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Remember that it is a process. It will not be changed overnight. There will be ups and downs during the journey, but you will be able to reach your goals as long as you don’t give up.

Before and after from nutrition

Before and After results from proper nutrition and exercise

Here are some quick examples of some foods to eat:

Egg Whites
Chicken – White meat, skinless and boneless
Fish – Contains good fats
Chia Seeds

Oatmeal – Slow cooked or “old fashioned”
Brown Rice
Whole Grain Bread
Sweet Potatoes/Yams

If you want full nutritional counselling on your diet then call Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Cherry Hill, NJ (856-320-4597) or register online to talk about a FREE Introductory class.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – What to Drink

**Some information and statistics from the documentary “Hungry Can Change”**

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Gym

Kickboxing in Hoboken that gets results and is fun at the same time !

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We all know the yo-yo diet and exercise routine many people go through. You may have a high school reunion or vacation at the beach to attend and so you make the unexciting trip to the gym, throw a magazine on the treadmill so you don’t see the timer and get to work.

Very spacious mat in the TSMMA Hoboken location for Kickboxing classes

Large workout area for Hoboken Kickboxing classes

The magnitude of the event means you stay running even when you look under the magazine to find the half hour you thought had already gone by has really only been five minutes. The problem with this dull workout is that many of us don’t have the self discipline to keep this workout going once the event we were getting ready for has ended. So we fall back into our unhealthy eating habits and stop working out.

Head instructor sets example to his kickboxing students.

Sensei Louis Gaudinot’s own sculpted physique is inspiration to his adult students.

This is where Sensei Louis Gaudinot helps so many Hoboken, NJ students find real weight loss results. His students love the kickboxing workout and actually look forward to coming to class as opposed to going to the dull workout at the gym.

Weight Loss For Long Term With Hoboken, NJ Kickboxing

Instead the stress relieving class helps students have a secondary goal to fall back on when the first goal has already been passed. Even better Gaudinot is a lifelong martial artist who teaches real street wise self defense in his cardio kickboxing class. In a one hour class students will burn anywhere from 800- 1000 calories.  Not only are his students having fun but they are getting results.

Sensei Gaudinot knows what it is to have a weight goal and reach it. He is a professional fighter that has to make weight for each of his fights. He uses his expert knowledge of nutrition with his knowledge of kickboxing to help his students. By teaching them to make healthy lifestyle choices he helps them make tremendous weight loss and keep it off long term.

Try your first kickboxing class FREE

If your looking to finally get off the diet roller coaster and see weight loss results then last call Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Hoboken,NJ or register online and talk to Sensei Gaudinot about a FREE Introductory kickboxing class.