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Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington, Pennsylvania

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Tiger Schulmann's in Abington, PA

When you’re looking for kickboxing, MMA or jiu jitsu in Pennsylvania, look no further than Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington. Located near Willow Grove, we offer various types of martial arts instruction at this location, including private lessons for both children and adults!

For the past 12 years, James Garzillo and his team of martial arts experts have been teaching students of all ages the self-defense techniques needed to excel in any situation. A martial arts guru himself for 20 years, Garzillo also places an emphasis on physical conditioning and nutritional counseling, as both play an important role in this sport.

Community Involvement

At Tiger Schulmann’s in Abington, Pennsylvania, we get involved with the local community by offering free bully prevention seminars to the local schools, boy scout troops, girl scout troops and various other community groups. With back-to-school season already within arms reach, this is definitely something to look out for!

Upcoming Events

This August, we will be holding our annual summer picnic for all of our students and their parents. Furthermore, we’re organizing a Bully Shield seminar in the fall. For more information about each of these events, contact our Abington school directly at (215) 657-4109.

Like our 47 other Tiger Schulmann’s locations, our Abington school stands out from other martial arts organizations due to the way we work with our students. Our staff always goes above and beyond to provide the most comprehensive instruction there is and always puts our students first.

For more information about Tiger Schulmann’s and where you can find a location near you, please give us a call at (800) 528-4437 today. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!

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Tiger Schulmann’s vs. the Other Guys

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What sets Tiger Schulmann’s apart from its competitors? Ask any one of our students, and they’ll tell you it’s the quality and level of instruction.


The owners and instructors of Tiger Schulmann’s are always learning. Through continuous training and certification, we remain experts in our field. That’s why Tiger Schulmann’s is the most professional martial arts organization in the world.

Tiger Schulmann’s also holds its students to a high standard. We keep a structured, high-discipline, and motivational atmosphere in all of our schools, allowing our students to flourish in a positive environment. We expect and receive the best each person has to offer.

Each Tiger Schulmann’s school is a family within itself, but in a larger sense the entire organization is one big family. From the students to the staff and instructors, there is such a big sense of community. It’s a thing of beauty to watch the family come together. A member of one Tiger Schulmann’s school is a member of all.

Sure, the Other Guys offer calorie-burning classes. Tiger Schulmann’s is not just a place to workout, but rather a true martial arts school, where learning self-defense is the main focus. Through concentrating on this task, our students achieve an incredible workout as an ancillary benefit.

At the end of the day, there simply is no comparison. No one else trains the way Tiger Schulmann’s instructors train, and no other martial arts organization cares about its students the way we do. We set the bar high.

For more information about the Mixed Martial Arts classes offered at Tiger Schulmann’s, please click here. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!