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Last Updated on November 15, 2013.

Make This Weight Loss Resolution Your Last

There is no greater cliche than the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Year after year since the dawn of man we have gathered together to countdown the seconds promising everyone who will listen this will be the year we finally stay committed.

We mean well and even stick with it for a few weeks (gym owners will tell you it’s exactly 21 days and they love you for it). Then we fall back into our Halloween through Christmas routine of sitting on the couch and eating unhealthy food. Can it get any worse than the triple threat of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

How about turning over a new leaf this year and forgetting the New Year’s Resolution altogether. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been helping students get in great shape and stay that way for thirty years. Gone are the days of training for 21 days, try training for 21 years without losing steam! Make kickboxing a way of life with our Holiday Special.


Lose Weight, Relieve Stress and Learn to Kick Butt

Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program is a triple threat of a different kind for it’s students. Instead of Halloween candy, Thanksgiving gravy and Christmas cookies, it combines physical conditioning and Real Self-Defense training with the stress relief of an active meditation.

The one hour class lets students learn at their own pace while burning up to 800 calories in one hour.

The energetic instruction helps keep their minds occupied and away from the daily things that cause stress, especially around the holidays.

Students Enjoy Kickboxing Class, Helping Them Actually Achieve Their Goals!
Students Enjoy Kickboxing Class, Helping Them Actually Achieve Their Goals!

Finally, with instructors averaging fifteen years experience, each student will get hands on instruction in the most successful Martial Arts program in the world! The techniques are proven to work against 99.9% of attacks on the street!

Three Aspects Breed Consistency

The combination of results, fun and learning a life skill make students stay with their training for years.

Stan weighed 397 in October 2012. He's under 300 and going strong!
Stan weighed 397 in October 2012. He’s under 300 and going strong!

“I started training before Christmas last year and it saved my life,” says Tiger Schulmann’s student Stan Rynkiewicz. “I have already lost over 100 pounds, but more importantly it’s fun and I know I can keep doing this forever!”

14 Dress Sizes and a Rocking Beach Body!
14 Dress Sizes and a Rocking Beach Body!

“I went from a size 18 to a size 4,” says Julie Levi. “I started training at Tiger Schulmann’s in December of 2010, by May I had already dropped 12 dress sizes.  Now I’ve been training three years and I keep one size 18 dress as a reminder.”

Make this the last year you make a failed New Year’s Resolution. Sign up today for Tiger Schulmann’s FREE, FREE, FREE Holiday Special!

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