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Cooking With Sensei – Grilled Salmon with Broccoli and Brown Rice


Here we go again with a power packed meal plan for all you 90 Day Challenge folks!  If you’re anything […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Filet Mignon & Grilled Vegetables


Who’s still pumped for the 90 Day Challenge?! We are! On this week’s episode, we’re going to take a regular […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Chicken & Gluten-Free Brown Rice Pasta


  We’re off to the races with this year’s 90 Day Challenge! Last week we talked about grocery shopping and […] Read More

Chris + Maddy’s 90 Day Challenge


New Year’s resolutions are weak, and diets suck. These 8 words started it all. For the past 4 years, Chris […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Grocery Shopping For The 90 Day Challenge


  Welcome to our first video for this year’s 90 Day Challenge!  Our goal is to get better results this […] Read More

Sensei Julio Arce Receives Promotion

Current News, TSK

Congratulations to Sensei Julio Arce (TSMA Bayside) on his recent promotion to 3rd degree black belt!  Read More

Challenge of Champions 45 Team Champions Announced


Challenge of Champions 45 Team Champions Challenge of Champions Team Champions are separated into 4 groups based on student population […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Herb Roasted Turkey Breast Cutlets

Here’s a quick and easy holiday meal without all of the fuss! Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Purple Sweet Potato Pie

This week we are going to be taking advantage of one of the most beautiful root vegetables – the purple […] Read More

Joshu Danny Ramirez Promoted To Sensei

Congratulations to Joshu Danny Ramirez (TSMA Yonkers) on his recent promotion to Sensei!  Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Swedish Meatballs

So you’re heading to a party, you need to bring a dish –  look no further! We  have the perfect-for-every-event […] Read More

Born & Bred | Mike Trizano


Mike Trizano is an undefeated professional MMA champion who’s been leading the pack since his early amateur days. A fierce […] Read More

Born & Bred | Julio Arce


Julio Arce is the head instructor at Tiger Schulmann’s Bayside in Queens, and this second-degree black belt is no stranger […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Twice Baked Potatoes


  Baked potatoes can be very plain sometimes, so today I’m going to show you how to make them more […] Read More

Sensei Shane Baker Receives Promotion

Congratulations to Sensei Shane Baker (TSMA Cherry Hill) on his recent promotion to 3rd degree black belt!  Read More

Born & Bred | Lyman Good


  It’s not often that someone can be called a hometown hero. But Lyman Good, instructor at Tiger Schulmann’s Chelsea, […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Basil Pesto Crostini

Nothing beats the smell of fresh chopped basil & freshly baked bread! Two main ingredients in our recipe this week […] Read More

Born & Bred | Shane Burgos


What was it like growing up in the Bronx? Growing up in the Bronx was unique. It was one of […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Welcome back to cooking with Sensei. Today’s episode is all about finger food – perfect for a snack, an appetizer […] Read More

Joshu Brandon Cuttino Receives Promotion


Congratulations to Sensei Brandon Cuttino (TSMA East Brunswick) on his recent promotion to 2nd degree black belt!  Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Turkey Kielbasa

Happy Fall – this summer was just magical. Hopefully yours was filled with adventure and happy memories. With cooler days […] Read More

Sensei Jobin George Receives Promotion


Congratulations to Sensei Jobin George (TSMA Rockville Center) on his recent promotion to 2nd degree black belt!  Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Portobello Mushrooms

Why Portobello Mushrooms? The amount of things you can throw on the grill is really endless! Today we will be […] Read More

Beyond The Mat – Gramercy Instructor Jimmie Rivera


Jimmie Rivera’s initial martial art attraction came as a little kid, after watching the Karate Kid and Ninja Turtles. His […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Pico de Gallo

How To Make Fresh Pico De Gallo Get ready for a  fresh flavor explosion in your mouth!  This very special […] Read More

Sensei Sean Nolan & Sensei William Bonet Receive Promotions


Congratulations to Sensei Sean Nolan (TSMMA Midwood) & Sensei William Bonet (TSMA Hauppauge) on their recent promotion!  Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Grilled Shrimp

  Lets throw some shrimp on the barbie!  Grilled shrimp is one of my favorite things to do.  This method […] Read More

Martial Arts For Kids: How To Prepare For The First Class

With back to school season approaching, its important to find a program that can improve both self confidence and physical fitness […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Swordfish

  Its time to change it up a little with some grilled swordfish instead of the usual suspects like chicken […] Read More

Joshu Mike Trizano Promoted To Sensei

Congratulations to Mike Trizano for earning his promotion to Sensei!  Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Veggie Kabobs

How To Make Veggie Kabobs Summer time is always a great time to get out and grill something. Today we […] Read More

Nissim Levy & Lyman Good Promoted To 3rd-Degree Sensei

Congratulations to Sensei Levy & Good on earning their promotion!  Read More

Matt Castillo Earns Sensei Promotion

Congratulations to Matt Castillo on his promotion to Sensei!  Read More

Fight Like a Girl – A Short Film by Jillian Rivera

“Fight Like a Girl” is a short 5-minute documentary about how several women in the organization use martial arts as […] Read More

Cooking with Sensei – Shrimp Tacos


Let’s get excited because today we are making the most perfect warm weather dish, Healthy shrimp tacos with a little […] Read More

Cooking with Sensei – Black Bean Burger

Are you looking for a change up on the usually beef or turkey burger? Try this awesomely simple black bean […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Zucchini Burrito Boats

Get ready for a flavor packed burrito without all the extra carbs. This recipe combines a meatless option that is […] Read More

Cooking With Sensei – Turkey and Vegetarian Chili

Today we cooked up something are are going to love Chili and who doesn’t want to feel all warm and […] Read More

Cooking with Sensei – Tofu Nuggets

Looking for a snack or maybe a kids meal change up? You should try Tofu Nuggets! All we’re doing is […] Read More

Stay Connected with Tiger Schulmann’s on Social Media

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Tiger Schumann’s Organizational & Brand Profiles Follow our brand profiles to keep up to date with: organizational news & events, student […] Read More

Eye of the Tiger! Muscle & Fitness Magazine profiles Master Tiger Schulmann

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By Bob Guccione Jr. – Muscle & Fitness Magazine – January 2017 Edition Not just the name of a school, TIGER SCHULMANN […] Read More

Keep Your Fitness Resolution 2017

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RESOLUTION REALITY:   • 47% of Americans make a resolution to lose weight • By the second week of February, […] Read More

Tiger Schulmann’s 90 Day Challenge 2017 Kick Off


The Tiger Schulmann’s 90-day challenge is not a “diet.” It’s a lifestyle that you continue to practice long after your […] Read More

Tiger Schulmann’s Takes on Bullying with Free Bully Shield Event

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  October is national Bully Prevention Month. At Tiger Schulmann’s we are committed to stopping bullying in its tracks. We […] Read More

In Her Own Words, Sensei Munah Holland’s Response to Parkland School Shooting

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Current Parkland resident and long time Tiger Schulmann’s officer – Mike Sachs: “I fear that kids are becoming desensitized to […] Read More

Kickboxing is the Toughest Workout You’ll Ever Love

Adult Fitness, TSMMA Wayne

Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, learn self defense […] Read More

Joe Rogan Talks Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts

Competition News

  Renowned UFC Color Commentator and lifetime martial arts practitioner, Joe Rogan hosts a weekly podcast discussing and debating all […] Read More

Tiger Schulmann’s in Chelsea, NYC Hosts Happy Hearts Fund Kickboxing Fundraiser

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NEW YORK, New York (September 24, 2015) – Sensei Lyman Good, instructor at Tiger Schulmann’s in Chelsea, NYC, teamed up with […] Read More

Tiger Schulmann’s – Kids Martial Arts Commercial – Lights Out

This is the third installment in the “Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s” kids martial arts commercial series. This commercial focuses […] Read More

The Scary Truth About Obesity in the U.S.

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Obesity is a growing threat to the health and wellness of America. According to the C.D.C. 34.9% of the people […] Read More