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To Quit Does Not Exist In Mixed Martial Arts

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For thousands of years, the evolution of mixed martial arts has been continuously refined by those who have honed their skills and built on the foundation laid out by their predecessors. When man needed to learn to survive, mixed martial arts proved lethal in the right hands, and over time with modifications to attain precise technical proficiency, mixed martial arts have become more than a set of skills based on instinct and survival.

The pursuit of mixed martial arts is a lifelong journey toward self discovery. Even the highest ranking individuals are always learning and fortifying the essence of their physical and mental capacities. Anyone can be taught self defense and self discipline, but it is the resolute passion of an exceptional mixed martial arts practitioner that will achieve the title of “sempai” (senior student, meaning “older brother/sister”) or black belt.

 “Only the strong, courageous and persistent can attain it (black belt).

It is not in the pursuit of the belt, but in the pursuit of skill that a true martial artist reaps the rewards of training.”

Joshu Shane Burgos has studied for 9 years under Sensei Jose Montes, the owner/instructor of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) in Vails Gate, NY. Montes, a third degree black belt with 38 years of martial arts experience, has been teaching for about 20 years. (“Joshu” means assistant mixed martial arts instructor. “Sensei,” meaning “born before” is a title given to a senior mixed martial arts instructor.) Both Sensei Montes and Joshu Burgos have received direct instruction from Master Tiger Schulmann, and Burgos has become a prodigy of sorts within the organization. When he is not training, Joshu Burgos is also teaching at TSMMA Vails Gate. The weekly series taught in kickboxing and grappling classes for both adults and children builds on the basics of mixed martial arts he once learned from Sensei Montes.


Mixed martial arts is a passion and way of life for Joshu Shane Burgos

An objective view of Joshu Burgos is that of an exemplary role model with unrelenting perseverance through training and hard work, but his personal struggles are a considerable source of his success as a black belt mixed martial artist and a fighter. At the age of 16, Burgos was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that significantly impacted his health and mobility. Typically, curvatures less than 30 degrees are closely monitored, however with a curve at almost 50 degrees, Burgos was at high risk for dangerous postural changes that threatened his functional mobility and organ integrity. Surgery was required to prevent further progression, and Burgos had steel rods and screws inserted along his spine to provide correction. If closely observed, the visible effects of the scoliosis are still apparent today, however it does not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a prominent mixed martial artist. But surgery would not be the only obstacle in his way.

“When it gets really tough, most people quit. For Joshu Burgos, quitting is just not an option. For him, it just doesn’t exist.”

 Three years later, Burgos received his high brown belt, and the road to black belt appeared evident. Outside of TSMMA, many other disciplines of martial arts schools award the rank of black belt within as little as three years from starting as a white belt. Burgos had trained for four years consistently, but the high standards of the TSMMA’s belt system ensure that mixed martial arts students are proficient in the respective skills for kickboxing and grappling before each promotion. But both Sensei Montes and Master Tiger Schulmann expected more from Burgos. He excelled at grappling and was a talented striker with the prospect of becoming an asset to the Tiger Schulmann’s Fight Team. Burgos remained a high brown belt for three more years, with three failed attempts at the black belt test, one of those at the hand of Sensei Montes. “I was so angry after the third failure. I said I would never test again after that.” Although discouraged, Burgos continued to train and dominated against higher ranking students in tournaments such as Challenge of Champions and North American Grappling Association (NAGA). After a series of impressive wins as an amateur mixed martial arts fighter, an unattainable feat was finally satisfied when Burgos was the first student in years who had the honor of being presented a black belt by Master Tiger Schulmann at their headquarters facility. Today, Joshu Burgos continues to train at TSMMA headquarters with many reputable mixed martial arts fighters directly under Master Tiger Schulmann.


Shane Burgos defends his record with a win as a professional mixed martial arts fighter for CFFC.

The undefeated mixed martial arts champion has since conquered several professional venues including Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC), Ring of Combat (ROC) and Xtreme Caged Combat, and his achievements have earned him the respect and recognition of his fellow mixed martial arts instructors, peers and students. “Only the strong, courageous and persistent can attain it (black belt). It is not in the pursuit of the belt, but in the pursuit of skill that a true martial artist reaps the rewards of training,” says Sensei Montes. Montes continues to mentor his most senior student, and believes that Joshu Burgos will fulfill his dream of fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) someday. “I’ve had many people walk in and say ‘I want to be a mixed martial arts fighter.’ But none were willing to put in the work. I believe that Joshu Burgos came in with a different mindset- ‘I want to be the UFC World Champion!’ He has a warrior’s heart and spirit, and I think he can do it!” The merits of remaining goal driven and focused are an essential key toward success, but Montes credits Burgos for putting in the hard work and dedication that others are not willing to endure. “When it gets really tough, most people quit. For Joshu Burgos, quitting is just not an option. For him, it just doesn’t exist.”

Joshu Shane

Joshu Shane Burgos teaches what it means to have “non-quitting spirit” to all of his students learning mixed martial arts.

Joshu Burgos couldn’t agree more. “To Quit Does Not Exist.” He believes in this sentiment so much that it is tattooed across his chest, and Joshu Burgos has certainly lived up to those words. Many have witnessed complete resolve in the face of adversity, as his health, career and the heart and soul of his essence may have been compromised. He defines what it means to live by the code of Tiger Schulmann’s “non-quitting spirit,” and believes that anyone can make their dreams a reality. His passion for mixed martial arts drives him, and Joshu Burgos instills that same principle when he teaches mixed martial arts and refuses to let his students give up. “Believing you can is always the first step toward success.”

By Lauren Rose


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Vails Gate Students Inspired By Kickboxing

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There are several exercise routines available to the public and many people take advantage of the propaganda that they see on infomercials and via social media. Although few individuals may achieve results, a majority of people end up quitting after a while due to a plateau in their exercise program because they are no longer progressing, they lack motivation or there is a weakness in the information available beyond that exercise program. At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) of Vails Gate, students achieve results because it encompasses the total package of what a personal trainer, nutritionist, and motivational life coach would provide.


Studenst sharpen their skills during kickboxing class under instruction from Sensei Jose Montes

If you have had the pleasure of training with Sensei Jose Montes, then you are familiar with the inspirational and insightful speeches he delivers after his kickboxing classes. One of my favorites is his descriptive directions on how a samurai sword is made. An actual samurai sword is brought onto the mat and used as a prop to display the beauty of its appeal. “The steel is put through alternating temperatures of extreme heat and cold, and repeatedly beaten and folded into layers to mold the steel into the desired shape and design. The entire process is lengthy and arduous due to the constant repetitive nature of forging the steel.”  At first, one would imagine that Sensei Montes is simply showing off his handling skills of the magnificent weapon. But then he pauses for a moment and explains the significance of the artistry and journey that a simple block of steel must endure to become something so majestic and powerful.

Sensei Montes captivates the students in his kickboxing classes by explaining how we become stronger, sharpened human beings with a commanding presence such as that of a treasured samurai sword.


“We represent the block of steel,” says Montes. “It is the constant beating, extreme pressure and varying temperatures that represent our everyday struggles.” Sensei Montes captivates the students in his kickboxing classes by explaining how we become stronger, sharpened human beings with a commanding presence such as that of a treasured samurai sword. It is achieved by overcoming frequent adversity and allowing ourselves to work through life’s struggles to become profound, accomplished individuals.


Sensei Montes provides a variety of inspirational and insightful speeches to motivate his students during kickboxing class

At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Vails Gate, the students achieve results through an intense cardio exercise routine, nutritional guidance and personable training from an expert instructor. In addition, the motivation that Sensei Jose Montes provides in his kickboxing classes is an extra perk that is not available with other exercise programs. The kickboxing classes itself are enough to do the job and help shed pounds and tone up, but when an extra push is needed on those days when life takes its toll, Sensei Montes is available to his students to offer information, encouragement and guidance towards achieving and maintaining excellence.

By Lauren Rose

Come in a take a free trial class at TSMMA Vails Gate for a motivating and inspirational kickboxing class!!


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Wedding Day Workout: Effective Exercise Through Kickboxing

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So, you’ve popped the question, and she said “yes!” The hard part is over now, right? The excitement of planning a wedding may not impact your stress level since she will decide the flowers, DJ, and color scheme. But then you go to the tuxedo fitting and realize that perhaps you could’ve spent more time on the treadmill rather than tasting every sample of cake the baker had to offer. After all, your future wife has been extremely aware that she will be the center of attention the day you say “I do.” So why aren’t you? Many couples tend to pay more attention to their bodies and physical appearance before the big day, and an effective exercise routine will help to achieve results. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) in Vails Gate, NY has given many couples the opportunity to reach their fitness goals through kickboxing classes.


Dan and Lindsay Alvarez have continued to transform their bodies and minds through kickboxing.

Dan and Lindsay Alvarez became proactive with regard to health and wellness when they realized that they had begun to settle into a very sedentary lifestyle. “We joined TSMMA because we were tired of coming home and watching TV every night. We wanted something to do together, and we were looking to get in better shape for our wedding.” Despite his commute as a teacher in Bronx, NY, Dan has managed to stick to a consistent exercise routine with 3 to 5 kickboxing or close-range defense (grappling) classes per week. In the Fall of 2011, both Dan and Lindsay began their training at TSMMA Nanuet, NY after getting engaged that summer. Lindsay was looking for an opportunity to get fit as a couple, in an effort to motivate one another and accommodate their busy schedules. “Dan and I saw a commercial for Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts and signed up for a free class. I had been very stressed planning our wedding and looking for a job at the time I started training.” Lindsay has since found a position as a teacher in New Jersey, and the couple has relocated from their original school. However, that did not impact their training schedule, as they have found a home at TSMMA Vails Gate.

“The self defense piece of training has been very empowering. I’m more confident knowing how to defend myself regardless of a person’s size or gender because of the techniques that I have learned.”

Kickboxing classes have continued to be an essential part of their exercise routine.”I am stronger, I have more energy and endurance, I feel more confident in myself and my surroundings,” says Dan. The positive changes the couple has experienced have peaked an interest in the other classes TSMMA has to offer as well. In addition to kickboxing, Dan and Lindsay have become involved in the close-range defense classes (grappling) for added self defense. “Self defense is absolutely important and one of the main reasons we do this. I want to be able to defend myself and my wife,” says Dan. Lindsay also feels that she has benefited from participating in the variety of classes offered by TSMMA. “The self defense piece of training has been very empowering. I’m more confident knowing how to defend myself regardless of a person’s size or gender because of the techniques that I have learned.”

At the Vails Gate school, both Dan and Lindsay have found inspiration and motivation through their instructors, Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos. They have credited the exciting atmosphere and their improved physical fitness to the positive reinforcement and motivating dialogue during and after kickboxing classes. “Joshu pushes everyone through and will not allow the pace to drop.” Dan appreciates the fast pace of kickboxing class and stays fully engaged during the workout. “Sensei always has wise words for us at the end of class when we are cooling down. I consider him my “MMA Master Yoda” – he always finds a great way to close out class.”


A consistent exercise routine will help you achieve the results you want.

Sensei and Joshu teach their students how to be physically and mentally strong, and put the importance of training into perspective. Couples training at TSMMA have found that the  amazing atmosphere has allowed them to decrease stress and increase energy and given them an opportunity to motivate one another. “Coming to class during the week has been the “me” time I needed to get focused,” says Lindsay. “But training as a couple has been awesome because you have a built in support system.” Dan also appreciates the additional time he gets to spend with his wife, and looks forward to having a family someday that will follow the same path toward fitness that they have embraced. “We keep each other motivated. We are training partners on the bag, we go to UFC fights, watch them on TV and love spending the time together invested in the same goal. I married my best friend and I get to workout with her. You can’t beat that! When we are ready for kids, they will be on the mat too!”

TSMMA has become home to many couples who have found a compatible exercise routine that has enhanced their fitness level and their relationship. It has been a great way to share quality time together and experience the journey of transformation together. Call now and sign up for a free trial class at TSMMA Vails Gate.

By Lauren Rose

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Army Wives of West Point, NY Maintain Fitness Through Kickboxing

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The bank of the Hudson River holds rich history of vast gray granite buildings and monuments that adorn the beautifully landscaped central area of West Point, NY. The federal military reservation is one of the most recognized national landmarks in Orange County, NY, and home to the noblest of  military personnel and their families. Soldiers that have come through the academy are supported by individuals whose time and energy continue to honor the servicemen they are devoted to. These “Army Wives” have taken no oath, but continue to live by the pledge taken by their spouses.

In the neighboring hamlet of Vails Gate, NY (town of New Windsor, NY), Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) is a second home to those seeking escape from the demands of military living. Frequent, abrupt changes interfere with household tasks, work life, personal fitness and emotional and social stability. “Our husbands work a lot, deploy, go out of state to train and it’s hard to make time for ourselves” says Brittany Heflin. Brittany was always involved in sports, but dedicated more time to her family after having children. She commutes daily for work and had difficulty finding a fitness routine to accommodate her schedule. “By the time I got home from work and completed all of my ‘motherly’ duties, I was too tired to work out. I missed working out.” Brittany heard about TSMMA from her friend and fellow Army wife April Pixler, and decided to take a trial kickboxing class.

“I loved the opportunity to focus on my fitness and take time out for my health,” says April. ” I’m happier, more positive and I want my friends to try kickboxing. Army wives give a lot of time to our families and very little to ourselves.”

Iris Ayala, an Army wife and fitness enthusiast whose husband has been deployed six times, was also recruited by April Pixler. “I joined TSMMA because it is an intense cardio workout that builds strength, speed, technique, determination and power.” Although Iris appreciates the cardiovascular benefits of kickboxing, she is grateful for the program’s self defense curriculum as well. “Women should be able to protect themselves in any situation. I feel mentally and physically prepared in the event I ever have to face those circumstances.” Although she does not train to compete as a fighter, Iris enjoys challenging her intellect and physical capacities toward her own journey of “self perfection.”

April, a wife and mother of three, initially signed up her 7 year old daughter, Dakota for bully prevention (click HERE for Dakota’s story). Soon after, she signed up for kickboxing classes and trains consistently 2-3 times a week. “I loved the opportunity to focus on my fitness and take time out for my health,” says April. ” I’m happier, more positive and I want my friends to try kickboxing. Army wives give a lot of time to our families and very little to ourselves.” April competes with her husband’s unpredictable schedule, but does her best to maintain fitness with kickboxing as best she can. “It’s definitely worth the effort. I like being held accountable for working out.”

Army Wives

Left to right: Brittany Heflin, April Pixler and Iris Ayala take time from military living to work on fitness.

Instructors Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos hold their students to a high standard, and teach them to take responsibility for their own health by maintaining self-discipline. “Sensei and Joshu push us to be the best that we can and to work hard every minute of class. Being accountable to them makes me accountable to myself,” says Brittany. Kickboxing classes continue to distract from the stress of career and family, yet it has provided these Army Wives with the structure of a disciplined program that is familiar to military living. April enjoys the construct of kickboxing class and looks forward to the unique approach to training. “The atmosphere is very formal and intense. Fitness programs on base don’t push you as hard.” TSMMA has allowed April to feel more confident in her ability to protect herself, and notices positive body changes due to kickboxing classes.

Iris has also lost pounds and inches, and increased her strength and endurance. The experience at Vails Gate is enhanced by the enthusiasm provided by Sensei Montes and Joshu Burgos. “The most important element of kickboxing is fun! I have never enjoyed a workout like kickboxing at TSMMA. There are many ways to get into shape, but the one you will stay with the longest and benefit from the most is the one you enjoy. Joshu Burgos always pushes me harder every time I come to kickboxing class.” Iris is also grateful for the gracious demeanor of Sensei Montes, whose gentle reminders to remain patient have inspired her to strive toward her goals.

Army Wives 2

Left to right: Brittany, Iris and April have found a second home at Vails Gate, and are grateful for the friends and support they have when it comes to improving their physical fitness.

Although the Army wives have found camaraderie in the mutual bonds of military life, they have also found support among their “civilian” peers at TSMMA to assit them in achieving their fitness goals. “I believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement, as well as respect, honor, responsibility, and confidence. Those are things needed to succeed in life.” says Iris. “Do not miss this opportunity at TSMMA to get the training you need to help you achieve those qualities and pass them on to others.”

By Lauren Rose


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West Point, NY Family Fights Against Bullying

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On the playground at most schools, there is an abundance of children fighting for a spot on the swings, first down the slide, or who was called out in a game of tag. Most school officials are used to the occasional bickering over objects such as playground balls and jump ropes. Most may even pass off some of the aggressive physical contact as “kids being kids.”

Many adults overlook relevant bullying statistics, and attribute these behaviors to the fact that kids are still just as cruel as when they were growing up and the concept of bullying is acceptable to make children “stronger.” However, they are forgetting something much more important. Society has changed. And although it’s never been “ok” to allow bullying to happen in any era, we now live in a world where bullying doesn’t just happen in a remote location, observed by only a select group of individuals. Nowadays, an unfortunate event in the cafeteria is not limited to simply spoken rumors. Instead it is spread through written gossip via text messaging, videos on YouTube and on the constantly updated newsfeeds of Facebook and Twitter. What was once a time when children could hope to refute the nasty comments made in the locker room, has now become a stain on the image of any child who falls victim to bullying. The impact sustained from these events is extremely detrimental to a child’s self esteem that often is carried into adulthood.

Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.

1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time.

Physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school and declines in high school. Verbal abuse, on the other hand, remains constant.

Dakota is a vibrant, beautiful 7 year old girl who just entered third grade this fall. Her gorgeous crystal blue eyes and contagious smile convey the innocence and wonder of a typically happy child.  She confidently socializes with bystanders, is extremely well spoken and very bright. She is the type of child that engages with other adults who often find her petite frame and adorable conversations particularly “cute” and pleasant. One would never imagine that Dakota was a victim of bullying.

Smaller than what is age appropriate, Dakota requires growth hormones due to pituitary gland dysfunction. She receives daily injections to assist her body with age appropriate development that would match the mature personality of  typically developing seven year old, as her size is significantly different in comparison to her peers. Dakota is also very young for her grade. She moved to West Point with her family from a school where the cutoff dates were much different, thus advancing her into a grade level where she is almost an entire year younger than her peers.

Dakota has beat bullying through karate at TSMMA Vails Gate

Dakota has beat bullying through karate at TSMMA Vails Gate

Withdrawn and disappointed with her school experience, Dakota gave subtle clue’s that she did not enjoy learning or socializing during her school day. Her mother, April attributed the discontent to being the “new kid” and that soon enough, Dakota would make lots of friends and adjust to her new school. Dakota’s father, Ross is a active duty tactical (TAC) officer in the United States Army and an instructor at West Point Military Academy. With a list of prestigious credentials and a military background worthy of invaluable praise and admiration, no amount of training could prevent the hurt that his daughter endured daily during each school day.

April found out that her daughter was being tormented daily during a casual conference with her teacher. The upsetting news that Dakota was not only the victim of verbal abuse, but physical taunts on the playground came as a shock. But April’s anger was amplified by the lack of concern expressed by the teacher. It was passed off as casual everyday occurrences that were a natural rite of passage for smaller children. Dakota was pushed, stomped and crushed by aggressors much larger and stronger than her. April and Ross took action, as there is absolutely nothing natural about a child being persecuted because of her size, and bullying would not be tolerated.

Dakota was signed up to take a trial class at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) in Vails Gate, NY and has since been training for almost six months. Under the instruction of Sensei Jose Montes, Dakota has found the positive atmosphere and camaraderie on the mat to be a place of warmth and acceptance. She exudes self confidence and boasts that despite her tiny frame and the threat of bullying, she can stand up for herself without fear of consequence. “I was on the bus and I stood up against a boy for bullying my little brother.” April and Ross have also noticed the immense improvement in Dakota’s sense of security. “She knows that she can defend herself now and we are happy to see how self-confident she has become.” says April. Sensei Jose Montes has seen Dakota’s transformation flourish since she has been training. “She is focused, determined and such a delight to have in my class. She is always willing to learn and I am confident in her ability to protect herself against bullying.”

Ross and April Pixler take to time to join their daughter, Dakota in the fight against bullying.

Ross and April Pixler take to time to join their daughter, Dakota in the fight against bullying.

It is unfortunate that bullying is still so prevalent in our school systems, and especially that the educators we trust to teach our kids let bullying go unnoticed at times. Programs like TSMMA at Vails Gate, NY continue to teach children the skills needed to defend themselves in the event they are bullied, as well as the proper strategies to confront situations and handle them passively before they become physical. Children who have been the victims of bullying also learn how to cope with the situation should it arise, as bullying in any form can be a stressful and scary experience.

April and Ross have since taken Sensei Montes’ Mother’s Day and Father’s Day classes at the Vails Gate school and now join the ranks within the adult classes on a weekly basis. They have come to appreciate the martial arts experience and share the benefits that their daughter has received through training. As they continue to develop their skills, they will also develop a family tradition of sharing the gift of security, confidence, and improved health……a gift that is absolutely priceless.

By Lauren Rose



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Single Parent Families Learn Self-Discipline Through Kickboxing

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In the lobby of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) at Vails Gate, NY, a large group of parents look on as their children complete the remainder of kickboxing class. Jewel Alvarado begins gathering bags and gear from the cubby beneath her as she hurries her kids out the door. Homework, school activities, dinner and training routines must be adjusted to accommodate a new school year and being a single mom with children can be challenging. It is important that children learn self-discipline to become increasingly independent as they get older, and kickboxing classes are a great way to implement the structure needed to teach kids how to manage their own daily tasks.


Jewel Alvarado and her children, Rhett and Alexza.

As a mother of five, Jewel has been part of the TSMMA family for almost 9 years. Her youngest and only son, Rhett is now 8 years old and has benefited greatly from the structure of the TSMMA program by learning how to achieve and maintain self-discipline. Initially, Rhett was signed on as part of tradition to follow in the footsteps of siblings and cousins that trained before him. With four older sisters, Jewel realized that in addition to the discipline and self defense Rhett was learning, he had also gained a male role model in both of his instructors. Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos have provided several children with support and structure on the mat that has carried over into the homes of each family. In certain situations, they do not replace an absent parent, but Sensei and Joshu have helped reinforce the standards of self-discipline expected by single parents. Jewel’s youngest daughter Alexza, a special needs child, also takes the kickboxing classes at TSMMA.


Rhett demonstrates a round kick during kickboxing class. He has displayed continued self-discipline both on and off the mat.

Although the frequency of training does not match that of her brother, who trains almost every day, Jewel is pleased with Alexza’s improved focus and discipline at home and school. “My kids love coming to kickboxing. Rhett especially enjoys learning new things and wants to imitate every move. I am grateful that Sensei and Joshu are there to offer my kids support when they get down on themselves. They have been wonderful role models and I couldn’t be happier that I have found strong, caring men that have served as a ‘father figure’ in their lives.” Jewel continues to manage the crazy schedule of transporting her kids to school, cheerleading, football and wrestling outside of kickboxing classes with TSMMA. Her dedication to training has become an important part of her weekly routine that allows her kids to maintain their fitness and have fun, but more importantly, secure the fundamentals of learning self defense, self-discipline and obtain the perks of instructors that serve as an ancillary support system for her kids.

By Lauren Rose

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What’s your excuse? Top 5 reasons kickboxing is the best exercise routine

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1) “I just don’t have the time.”

If you want something bad enough, you’ll make time for it. Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos of Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts (TSMMA) at Vails Gate, NY believe that exercise through kickboxing is essential to reach your goals of weight loss, self discipline, or self defense. Everyone has the same amount of time each day….24 hours. What you do with it is up to you. The Vails Gate instructors stress prioritizing exercise for a healthy lifestyle in order to complete daily tasks,  go to work and take care of your family. There is only one YOU, and the body you have is a precious commodity. Kickboxing is great exercise, and will help you defend yourself in the event you or your family is compromised. And that is something worth making time for.

2) “It’s too expensive”

How is last year’s New Year’s gym membership working out? On average, at least $40 a month is wasted on exercise that never occurs. There is a peak in individuals joining gyms around late December every year and 70 percent do not stay committed.

What about that personal trainer you hired? The cost is between $30 and $60 per exercise session, or nearly $300 a month for only 12 exercise sessions.

How about that nutrition plan you saw on a late night infomercial? Many of the programs out there can run between $300 to $500 a month with minimal information on exercise protocols to supplement dietary changes.   

With kickboxing classes at TSMMA, you will receive the benefits of exercise through kickboxing combined with nutritional support.  The program offers the possibility of unlimited training up to six days a week. The perks of a gym, trainer and nutrition program all rolled up into one with access to a variable weekly strength and conditioning and heavybag routines. In addition you will learn how to defend yourself. All of the benefits you need to maintain your health and safety. You can’t put a price on that.



Exercise through kickboxing is a fun and effective way to achieve fitness results that last!

3) “I am too old for kickboxing”

There is no reason you should stop exercising at any age. Many of the excuses Sensei Montes and Joshu Shane hear are that people feel they are too old, weak and stiff to participate in kickboxing. The good news is, kickboxing classes go at your own pace. There is never pressure to exercise at a more advanced level.

Studies show that people suffering from general malaise and muscle stiffness actually benefit from physical exercise. Individuals that participate in a regular exercise routine, such as kickboxing, have better mental clarity, increased energy and less aches and pains.


4) “I get bored easily with exercise”

A spin class, a zumba class, and simply weight training can sometimes become redundant. Kickboxing at TSMMA offers a changing exercise curriculum every week including shadow boxing, heavybag workouts and strength and conditioning routines that are always different.  Even a change in atmosphere, fresh training partners or a different perspective on teaching methods is available to you at other Tiger Schulmann’s schools! TSMMA at Vails Gate often collaborates with neighboring schools in Nanuet, Ramsey and Paramus to name a few.

Weight Loss

Kickboxing burns up to 800 calories in just one hour! An exercise routine through kickboxing is the most beneficial way to start losing weight no matter what your fitness level is.

5) “I have to get in shape first….then I will join”

This is one of my all time favorites because of how ridiculous it sounds! The whole reason behind starting a kickboxing class IS to get in shape. Sensei Montes and Joshu Shane pride themselves on seeing students achieve drastic results from start to finish, and all over again. The friendly and judgment free zone at the Vails Gate school has invited students with open arms, encouragement and kindness. There is no other exercise program that promotes weight loss and improved health at such a rapid rate.

Kickboxing classes at TSMMA Vails Gate have become an enjoyable, daily exercise routine that accommodates all age groups and fitness levels. The total package that kickboxing at TSMMA offers does not compare to any other exercise program on the market. The combined available resources that come with starting a kickboxing program cannot be attained through any other medium. Ditch the excuses and make an appointment to start your free trial class today!


By Lauren Rose

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Kickboxing Into Shape With Mixed Martial Arts Champion

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Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts is a guaranteed way to boost your workout’s intensity. Why walk on a boring treadmill for an hour when you can actually enjoy your workout. Learn Self-Defense and get in amazing shape!

For Newburgh residents you can not only get a great workout but learn the most effective self-defense on the planet while doing it.

Tiger Schulmann’s has been teaching Kickboxing for 30 years and their Vail’s Gate location boasts an undefeated Mixed Martial Art’s fighter as your instructor. Shane Burgos has been training for nearly a decade and has amassed a 4-0 record as a professional to go along with 7 wins as an amateur.

Use the same workout and nutrition plan Shane Burgos has used to get yourself in great shape!

Use the same Kickboxing and nutrition plan Shane Burgos has used to get yourself in great shape!


You won’t be training to fight like Burgos. Instead he will share his expertise to maximize your workout results. Get every single muscle in your body toned while burning more than 800 calories in a single class. All while learning the same techniques he uses in the cage. Proven self-defense will help you look and feel better.

Kickboxing Perfect Workout For You

As an extra benefit you can forget about the latest fad diet or weight loss pill you hoped would get you the results you are looking for. Burgos will help you tailor a nutrition program that you can stick with for the long term.

Kickboxing is a fun way to shed fat and feel healthy!

Kickboxing is a fun way to shed fat and feel healthy!


The secret to a great physical conditioning program is consistency. By helping you enjoy your workout and the food you eat, TSMMA helps Newburgh members see the long lasting results we all set out to obtain when we begin a workout. The only difference is this time it will actually work.

Call TSMMA Vails Gate today and see why so many Newburgh residents are turning to Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing to give their workout a kick!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

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Kickboxing Benefits Back To School Dual Athletes

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“Eyes up! Body low! Reach!” Sensei Jose Montes shouts to 15 year old Malik Jones during sidesquats of the strength training portion of his kickboxing workout. At six foot, three inches, and weighing 220 pounds, no one would ever imagine that Malik is starting his junior year of high school. He stands physically taller than the majority of the students at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) at Vails Gate, but measures equally in discipline, motivation and non-quitting spirit.


Kickboxing classes have improved Malik’s strength and endurance for football camp now that he is back to school

Malik is among the masses of students in Orange County, NY getting ready to head back to school this fall. As a multi-sport athlete, kickboxing classes at TSMMA have become an important part of supplementing physical fitness and academics to become a well rounded, successful student athlete. Malik credits his 2 years with the TSMMA program for improving his ability to become a better football player now that practice has started for the school year. “I feel stronger and more focused when I play, and Tiger Schulmann’s has helped me prepare for football camp.” As defensive end, Malik is responsible for ensuring that speed and power are his ally on the field. Sensei Montes understands how important it is to push his students, especially those who partake in other sports. “I am here to motivate my students to raise the bar for themselves. I teach them how to listen to their bodies and respond. Your body will tell you when you need a break, and when you should push through the pain.”


Instructors Sensei Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos are extremely vocal during each kickboxing class to increase the positive vibe in the room and create a pumped up atmosphere filled with adrenaline and excitement. ” When your lungs burn and your heart feels like it will pop out of your chest, that is how you know you are pushing yourself! I want them to hit you and not realize what happened because you are a tank! I want them to look at you and see that you don’t know how to quit!” Malik responds to Montes’ words as he begins to breathe heavier and his skin begins to glisten during kickboxing. By the end of the workout, Malik is clearly exhausted as he bends forward resting his hands on his thighs, but he is visibly inspired by the enthusiastic coaching during kickboxing class.

Several student-athletes like Malik have benefited from kickboxing classes with TSMMA under the direction of Sensei Montes. In addition to what the program itself offers, Sensei Montes has been a source of motivation, education and authority on making sure all of his students are getting the most out of their kickboxing workout.


By Lauren Rose

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Effective Weight Loss Through Kickboxing

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As a consumer, we are drawn to different weight loss programs that are conducive to fit our lifestyle. Convenient. Fun. Satisfying. We want fast, lasting results. We want the total package of diet, exercise and personal training. Ultimately, individuals often fail at committing to their weight loss programs because they become dissatisfied or disappointed with their lack of progress.

After being diagnosed with type II Diabetes and weighing over 230 lbs, ERIC HAFFA decided it was time to make a change. Eric had fallen victim to the vicious cycle of trialing weight loss programs that had not yielded results. After entering the doors of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) at Vails Gate, that finally changed. For almost a year, Eric has attended adult kickboxing  classes under the instruction of Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos. He has since developed a passion for the sport in addition to achieving successful, significant weight loss results.

A one hour kickboxing class is designed to burn up to 800 calories! But TSMMA offers much more than just weight loss. It is also an effective way to improve your overall health and conditioning, mental focus and learn self defense. The combination of proper diet and exercise ensures adequate weight loss results for its patrons. “I am healthier and more confident. Sensei Montes and Joshu Shane push me to challenge myself physically, mentally and to work harder than I did the last time I trained.” Eric has lost over 30 pounds and continues to stay motivated during each kickboxing class. He has learned to develop his training and dietary choices beyond weight loss for everyday healthy living. “I am more conscious of what I eat now, not just because of my diabetes, but because I would like set a standard for myself and take my lifestyle changes and training to the next level.”

Eric Weight Loss Story

Eric has contemplated the possibility of competing one day. He knows that competition requires self- discipline to control and maintain his weight, and that support from his peers and the guidance of his instructors will help him achieve his goal. “I still look and the mirror and feel I have a long way to go, but I come back every week because of the continuous, lasting results and the amazing bond I have with my friends at TSMMA. They have become my second family.”

Eric believes that TSMMA has offered him much more than what traditional weight loss programs can supply. Kickboxing classes are fun and variable, the instructors are highly motivating and supportive, and supplementary nutrition and healthy living information are available to every student. He is passionate about promoting kickboxing classes at TSMMA and receives continuous recognition for his weight loss transformation. “Friends and family tell me I look great and ask ‘how did you do it?’. TSMMA has given me a reason to keep pushing because I can see and feel a difference. I just want people to experience how empowering it is. Try one class and your life will never be the same. This stuff is life changing.”


By Lauren Rose