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Healthy, Happy Life Starts With Taking Care Of Yourself

Last Updated on November 11, 2014.

Go to a Wedding or New Year’s party and the last thing you will  hear is a toast to health and happiness. What makes us healthy and happy though.

The last decade has been great for information on eating healthy. In fact it may be too great. It can be confusing to keep up with caveman, gluten free, which fats are good fats and how to cook them. Even more difficult, having the strength to follow through with what you know.

More important than what you eat to how healthy and happy you are is your state of mind. That is what has makes kickboxing such a mainstay for adults. When martial arts came to the United States it was taught to adults. Watch old Bruce Lee documentaries and you do not see kids. In an effort to make a living martial arts schools opened up hours to children. Over time the perception of martial arts changed. Now adults bring their children before themselves.

Healthy & Happy
Joshu Alexander (far left) poses with Mike Levin (2nd from left) and two other students at Levin’s Black Belt Ceremony


Joshu Craig Alexander at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Feasterville makes sure those adults understand how it helps them too.

“A parent who trains is much more likely to keep their kids training,” the 2nd Degree Black Belt says. “It’s simple, they see the benefits for themselves and want that for their kids. Also they know how hard training is and have much more respect for what their kids are doing.”

It’s the strength of not only body, but mind that Alexander says is helps adults. Even in their thirties, forties and fifties adults build the discipline that helps them succeed in every day life.

Healthy & Happiness
His students don’t fight in the ring, but apply the same discipline to the daily fights their life brings.


“We are always working on our self-discipline,” says the successful instructor who doubles as a champion Mixed Martial Artist. “Every successful person has one trait in common. Self-Discipline. The ability to keep going when other people quit is what allows us to achieve any goal.”

Healthy More Mental Than Physical

Alexander loves to watch adults achieve goals in his Kickboxing classes. He talks about applying that mental strength to the other areas of life.

“Many adults don’t realize stress is the biggest cause of illness. By learning to be mentally strong and achieve at the various aspects of life, my students lower their stress levels. Also hitting a heavy bag for an hour while getting a great workout helps as well!”

As a professional fighter Alexander has also become an expert in nutrition. He knows how to make all the rules of healthy eating simple for you without having to spend thousands of dollars on special meals or a nutritionist. That extra knowledge is included for at no extra charge in the simple cost of taking Kickboxing.

If you have been looking for  Health and Happiness in your life call Tiger Schulmann’s in Feasterville today. You can also register online to set up your Free Trial Program. You can see why more than a hundred thousand adults have used Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program to make it a reality in their own lives!


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