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Kickboxing Provides Double Triple Threat

Last Updated on September 4, 2014.

Why settle on one workout benefit when you can have three with Kickboxing. Why settle for the new guy when you can have the industry leader. That’s what Tiger Schulmann’s in Rockville Centre members have . There are thousands of fitness options and with Kickboxing being all the rage for exercise their are plenty of new options teaching Kickboxing strictly for cardio.

Tiger Schulmann’s Rockville Centre is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year. While the closest alternative got their start in 2009, TSMMA has been the industry leader worldwide since the 1980’s.

Kickboxing teaches real self-defense while giving a great workout.
Kickboxing provides the best workout you’ve ever gotten in one hour.


Instead of using Kickboxing simply to get a great cardio workout, why not use it to build muscle tone and gain flexibility. That hits all three aspects of a great workout. You’ll get your first triple threat in each and ever class.

Kickboxing Builds Cardio, Strength and Flexibility

The second triple threat? A fun class where the hour flies by. A workout that engages your mind, not just your muscles. And to top it all off you will learn authentic Kickboxing, perfect for street self-defense. That means no more waiting for the clock to count down to the end of your workout, instead you’ll leave class feeling less stress and more confidence.

Kickboxing perfected over thirty years.
Learn authentic Kickboxing proven to get you in shape and keep you safe.


Having a world class instructor teaching you Kickboxing helps members stay engaged long after your local cardio class has grown stale. You will never run out of new techniques to master and the routine will never grow old as Tiger Schulmann’s curriculum continues to evolve.

Call TSMMA Rockville Centre today and try a free class for yourself to see why Tiger Schulmann’s has been Long Island’s Kickboxing leader for 30 years!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell