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Mixed Martial Arts at Tiger Schulmann’s

Last Updated on July 29, 2015.

At Tiger Schulmann’s, we stand for all things self-defense and have made it a priority to deliver top-of-the-line instruction in various fighting styles to all of our students. That’s why Mixed Martial Arts is one of our specialties! Mixed Martial Arts, often abbreviated as MMA, refers to the combination of fighting styles used to face opponents in several situations. Be it while standing, on the ground, or confined to close-quarters, we focus on striking and grappling techniques to teach our students how to defend themselves in a number of ways.

Mixed Martial Arts at Tiger Schulmann'sWhen you participate in a Mixed Martial Arts class at one of our 48 locations, you’ll also receive an intense strength-building cardio workout; our classes are the perfect blend of fitness and self-defense. Using our expertise in Muay Thai, Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, we’ll have you feeling confident about your ability to defend yourself while in tip-top shape in no time.

How To Sign Up

To sign up for one of our Mixed Martial Arts classes, simply find a Tiger Schulmann’s near you by perusing the locations section of our website. Then, give us a call or visit us in person to inquire about the registration process specific to your school. The best part? We even offer new students the opportunity to visit and try out a class first so that you can learn what we’re all about. And remember, we offer classes for students of all skill sets and ages, including young children, so there is no need to feel intimidated about what you can and cannot do!

For more information about the Mixed Martial Arts classes offered at Tiger Schulmann’s, please click here. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!