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Confidence from Kids Martial Arts Deters Bullying

Older Boy Bullying a Younger Boy outdoors

Introduce your Child to an Amazing Kids Martial Arts Program!  Put an end to Bullying Today. Animal or human predators alike both go after easy targets, not one that will fight back Did you ever watch one of those nature shows on TV where you see the lion going after the defenseless zebra or gazelle […]

The Best Activity for Preschoolers is Karate in Wayne NJ

Kids Kneeling on the Floor and listening to instructor at Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Most people aren’t sure what age is right to get their children involved in karate.  How young is too young?  At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, where karate has been the only thing being taught for over 30 years, the answer is simple.  3 and 4 years old, is the perfect age to start this preschool activity! Preschool […]