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Where do kids learn the Confidence and Focus they need to Achieve at School?

Children kickboxers practitcing kicking bags at Tiger Schulmann's

A child lacking Confidence can be very disheartening to a parent.  The symptoms start out as simple shyness.  As many children continue along life with this lack of confidence it may become so much more.  Such as a lack of willingness to participate in activities or sports, being a target of bullies, or even becoming […]

Give Your Kid the Gift of Confidence Though Mixed Martial Arts

Children exercising Punching with instructor at Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Most kids are always looking for something exciting and new to participate in.  What could be more exciting than something that helps you get stronger, teaches you self defense standing and ground skills, and is just plain fun?   Mixed Martial Arts!!! Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts to be specific.   Training in a safe environment, where […]

Hyper Activity, ADHD, How Schools are Harming Our Sons and MMA Can Help!

Children Punching red bags at Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

When My son entered the school system I was broached with the topic that I should have him tested for ADHD.   It was explained to me that he fidgeted, that he hummed, and that while he could complete all of his work and was exceptionally bright he had problems focusing.   As a mother […]

Kids Learn Improved Focus Through Kickboxing

Boy with Glasses Training kicking at Tiger Schulmann's Vails Gate

The Art of Imitation: Discipline and Focus Through Kickboxing They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then the instructors of the Tiger Schulmann’s  MMA of Vails Gate should be delighted that their students emulate their every move. The very precise and calculated techniques that each student learns during […]

Bethlehem Karate Expert Changes With Times

Children standing on karate class at Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts gym

To Everything There Is A Season! Whether you are listening The Byrds hit 1965 song or reading from Ecclesiastes there has never been a truer statement. Simply look what your kids are playing with these days compared to when you were a child. The world of martial arts is no different as the Karate we […]